HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd a906febsys/vm vm_unix.c

HBSD: Resolve merge conflict

Signed-off-by:  Shawn Webb <shawn.webb at hardenedbsd.org>
+0-51 files

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 887d9e4lib/libcasper/services/cap_sysctl cap_sysctl.c cap_sysctl.3, lib/libcasper/services/cap_sysctl/tests sysctl_test.c

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master

        sys/vm/vm_unix.c (unresolved)

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 6357299sys/amd64/linux Makefile, sys/compat/freebsd32 capabilities.conf

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/12-stable/master' into 

        sys/i386/ibcs2/ibcs2_proto.h (deleted)
        sys/i386/ibcs2/ibcs2_syscall.h (deleted)
        sys/i386/ibcs2/ibcs2_sysent.c (deleted)

FreeBSD/ports 514879head/devel/py-libvirt distinfo Makefile

devel/py-libvirt: update to 5.8.0

FreeBSD/ports 514878head/devel/libvirt pkg-plist distinfo

devel/libvirt: update to 5.8.0

FreeBSD/ports 514877head/lang/gcc8-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to the 20191018 snapshot of GCC 8.3.1.

This brings a fix for register allocation and some changes for powerpc.

FreeBSD/ports 514876head/lang/python37 pkg-plist

- Replace 37 with %%XY%% in pkg-plist

LLVM/llvm 375353zorg/trunk/zorg/buildbot/builders ClangLTOBuilder.py

Handle is_legacy_mode in ClangLTOBuilder. Refactored to simplify the code.

FreeBSD/ports 514875head/devel/flatbuffers distinfo Makefile

devel/flatbuffers: Update 1.11.0 -> 1.11.0-128-ge93c8c4

OpenBSD/src 6SW0NlQlibexec/ld.so boot.c Makefile, libexec/ld.so/hppa boot_md.c Makefile.inc

   For more archs, ld.so itself only needs/uses the arch's "just add load offset"
   'relative' relocation.  Take advantage of that to simplify ld.so's self-reloc
    * give the exceptional archs (hppa and mips64) copies of the current boot.c
      as boot_md.c
    * teach the Makefile to use boot_md.c when present
    * reduce boot.c down to the minimum necessary to handle just relative reloc
    * teach the Makefile to fail if the built ld.so has other types of relocs

   ok visa@ kettenis@

XigmaNAS/svn 7020branches/ databases_ldb15-options, trunk/build/ports/options/files databases_ldb15-options

update port option files

NetBSD/pkgsrc JQzjZKnmath/R Makefile

   R: drop maintainership
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc A3vFzv5doc CHANGES-2019

   texstudio update
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 2gd5Fareditors/texstudio distinfo Makefile

   texstudio: update to 2.12.16

   This is mainly a bug fix release. Most notably change is flickerfree update
   of pdf.

NetBSD/pkgsrc gTrFb9hprint/poppler distinfo, print/poppler-qt5 Makefile

   poppler-qt5: dont build splash backend as per other bits of poppler.

FreeBSD/ports 514874head/devel/f18 pkg-plist Makefile

devel/f18: Update to latest upstream revision.

FreeBSD/ports 514873head/x11/wmutils-core Makefile distinfo, head/x11/wmutils-core/files patch-Makefile patch-config.mk

x11/wmutils-core: Update to 1.5

- Pet portclippy while here

Changes:        https://github.com/wmutils/core/compare/v1.4...v1.5

Approved by:    araujo (mentor)
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22058

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 55dfee9share/mk bsd.dep.mk, sys/net debugnet.c

Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master

* freebsd/current/master:
  Fix spelling of DPSRCS.
  Fix compile issues when building a kernel without the VIMAGE option. Thanks to cem@ for 
discussing the issue which resulted in this patch.
  Add the fstat -s option to display socket information.
  Remove IS_INADDR_ANY().

FreeBSD/ports 514872head/security/tfhe Makefile

security/tfhe: Only for amd64

FreeBSD/src 353772projects/nfsv42/sys/fs/nfsserver nfs_nfsdserv.c

Replace the two sysctls with one to enable a Linux compatible NFSv4.2 server.

To be compatible with the NFSv4.2 client shipping in the 5.n Linux kernel,
two changes in behaviour are currently required. Replace the two sysctls
that enable these with the single sysctl vfs.nfsd.linux42server to minimize
confusion over what needs to be done to be Linux compatible.
There may also be more of these behaviour changes that have not yet been
found during interoperability testing with Linux.

FreeBSD/ports 514871head/multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-svt-av1 Makefile

multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-svt-av1: rebuild after r514868

FreeBSD/ports 514870head/lang/rust-nightly distinfo Makefile

lang/rust-nightly: update to

Changes:        https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/compare/0e8a4b441c5d...c23a7aa778b0

FreeBSD/ports 514869head/multimedia/aom distinfo Makefile, head/multimedia/aom/files patch-aom_src_aom__encoder.c

multimedia/aom: update to

Changes:        https://aomedia.googlesource.com/aom/+log/ce7d07ee6..7e56b507f

FreeBSD/ports 514868head/multimedia/ffmpeg Makefile, head/multimedia/svt-av1 distinfo Makefile

multimedia/svt-av1: update to

Changes:        https://github.com/OpenVisualCloud/SVT-AV1/compare/6ded424b...5fc46892

FreeBSD/ports 514867head/multimedia/rav1e distinfo Makefile

multimedia/rav1e: update to s20191019

Changes:        https://github.com/xiph/rav1e/compare/aee3410f...b560e114

FreeBSD/ports 514866head/emulators/yuzu distinfo Makefile

emulators/yuzu: update to s20191019

Changes:        https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu/compare/e00b529a8...dd2e96b36

FreeBSD/ports 514865head/emulators/rpcs3 distinfo Makefile, head/emulators/rpcs3/files extra-patch-revert-db7042b986ab

emulators/rpcs3: update to

Changes:        https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/compare/cb362b408...0ef7ad129

FreeBSD/ports 514864head/graphics/waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan Makefile, head/science/ncnn Makefile

science/ncnn: enable Vulkan support

Required by graphics/waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan

PR:            241114
Approved by:    yuri (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 514863head/science/py-GPy distinfo Makefile

science/py-GPy: Update 1.9.8 -> 1.9.9

Reported by:    portscout

ZFS on Linux/src 8b2d097cmd/zdb zdb.c, cmd/ztest ztest.c

Remove gratuitous Linux only include in ztest & zdb

We don't need to include stdio_ext.h

Reviewed-by: Igor Kozhukhov <igor at dilos.org>
Reviewed-by: Brian Behlendorf <behlendorf1 at llnl.gov>
Signed-off-by: Matt Macy <mmacy at FreeBSD.org>
Closes #9483 

FreeBSD/ports 514862head/devel/gdcm distinfo Makefile, head/graphics/opencv Makefile

- Update devel/gdcm to 3.0.4.
- Bump portrevision of dependent ports.

OpenBSD/ports gh55IWTemulators/ppsspp distinfo Makefile, emulators/ppsspp/patches patch-CMakeLists_txt patch-UI_NativeApp_cpp

   Update to ppsspp-1.9.3.

   Release notes:

FreeBSD/ports 514861head/www/gobuffalo distinfo Makefile

www/gobuffalo: Update to 0.14.11

- Pet portclippy while here

Changes:        https://github.com/gobuffalo/buffalo/compare/v0.14.10...v0.14.11

Approved by:    araujo (mentor)
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22078

FreeBSD/ports 514860head/databases/pspg distinfo Makefile

databases/pspg: Update to 2.1.8


 - freeze 2 cols by default on PostgreSQL versions where oid col is visible

Approved by:    araujo (mentor)
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22079

FreeBSD/ports 514859head/lang/go-devel distinfo Makefile

lang/go-devel: Update to g20191017 (go1.13.3)

Changes:        https://golang.org/doc/devel/release.html#go1.13.minor

Approved by:    araujo (mentor)
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22080

FreeBSD/ports 514858head MOVED, head/math Makefile octave-forge-econometrics

- Resurrect math/octave-forge-econometrics.
- Update to 1.1.2.
- Change default of ECONOMETRICS in math/octave-forge to on.
- Bump port revision for math/octave-forge.

FreeBSD/ports 514857head/sysutils/lmon Makefile

sysutils/lmon : Update MAINTAINER and MASTER_SITES

- Unbreak by updating MASTER_SITES to the new upstream
- Pass maintainership to the submitter

PR:            241283
Submitted by:   Chris Hutchinson <portmaster at bsdforge.com>
Approved by:    tz (mentor)
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22049

FreeBSD/ports 514856head/www/sfnt2woff Makefile

www/sfnt2woff : Update MAINTAINER and MASTER_SITES

- Unbreak by updating MASTER_SITES to the new upstream
- Pass maintainership to the submitter

PR:            241284
Submitted by:   Chris Hutchinson <portmaster at bsdforge.com>
Approved by:    tz (mentor)
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22048

FreeBSD/ports 514855head/print/utopia Makefile

print/utopia : Update MAINTAINER, MASTER_SITES

- Unbreak by updating MASTER_SITES to the new upstream
- Pass maintainership to the submitter

PR:            241278
Submitted by:   Chris Hutchinson <portmaster at bsdforge.com>
Approved by:    tz (mentor)
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22046

FreeBSD/ports 514854head/math/curv distinfo Makefile

math/curv: Update 0.4-127 -> 0.4-333

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 4bffcbbusr.bin/clang/lld Makefile

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hardened/11-stable/master' into 

* origin/hardened/11-stable/master:
  MFC r353655:

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 74f7817usr.bin/clang/lld Makefile

Merge branch 'freebsd/11-stable/master' into hardened/11-stable/master

* freebsd/11-stable/master:
  MFC r353655:

FreeBSD/ports 514853head/devel/py-monty distinfo Makefile

devel/py-monty: Update 1.0.6 -> 3.0.2

NetBSD/pkgsrc ESzXCyIpkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg_test.R R2pkg.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: remove unused code

FreeBSD/ports 514852head/cad/verilator Makefile distinfo

cad/verilator: Update 4.008 -> 4.020

PR:            241346
Approved by:    kevinz5000 at gmail.com (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 514851head/graphics/oidn distinfo Makefile

graphics/oidn: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0

Reported by:    portscout

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd ad46cfbusr.bin/clang/lld Makefile

Merge branch 'freebsd/12-stable/master' into hardened/12-stable/master

* freebsd/12-stable/master:
  MFC r353655:

FreeBSD/ports 514850head/editors/o distinfo Makefile

editors/o: Update 2.4.7 -> 2.4.9

Reported by:    portscout

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 62cc8b8share/mk bsd.dep.mk

Fix spelling of DPSRCS.

Submitted by:   vangyzen
Sponsored by:   DellEMC
MFC after:      2 weeks

FreeBSD/src 353771head/share/mk bsd.dep.mk

Fix spelling of DPSRCS.

Submitted by:   vangyzen
Sponsored by:   DellEMC
MFC after:      2 weeks