OpenBSD/ports qBCREqysecurity/keybase Makefile distinfo, security/keybase/files run_keybase

   Bump keybase to 4.3.2.

   - Fix readme.
   - Add 'run_keybase' for easy startup.

OpenBSD/ports RjATgs1lang/compcert Makefile, lang/compcert/patches patch-configure

   Patch to configure against coq 8.10+beta2

   ok daniel@

OpenBSD/ports hYRz3yMlang/ocaml-camlp5 Makefile distinfo, lang/ocaml-camlp5/patches patch-configure patch-etc_Makefile

   Upgrade and take maintainership

   ok bcallah@

OpenBSD/ports i9WIOfywww/chromium Makefile

   add build dependency on libnotify
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports jLe44phwww/chromium/patches epatch-third_party_electron_node_BUILD_gn

   unbreak build by not searching for libcares with pkg-config

OpenBSD/ports ABlTnf4www/chromium Makefile, www/chromium/patches patch-base_base_paths_posix_cc

   unbreak by not calling kvm becuase pledge does not allow it

OpenBSD/ports 7TI3P3Wmultimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-good Makefile, multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-good/pkg PLIST-main

   Disable the mpg123 MP3 decoder. FFmpeg provides a better decoder
   Also remove the theora / vorbis WANTLIB that no longer are used by
   this GSt module

   from Brad

OpenBSD/ports 23pE1t2multimedia/gstreamer1, multimedia/gstreamer1/core Makefile

   Remove the MODGCC4_ARCHS bit. PowerPC already uses ports-gcc even without it.
   It is redundant.
   Remove base-gcc from COMPILER.
   from Brad

   Bump to be on the safe side.

OpenBSD/ports g2yqi5tdevel/py-tz Makefile distinfo

   update to py-tz-2019.2, from wen heping
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports 9XiJIiSwww/chromium Makefile

   fix sqlports
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/ports jh1e5XSdatabases/sqlitebrowser Makefile distinfo

   Update sqlitebrowser to 3.11.2
   from Caspar Schutijser (maintainer) with tweaks by me

OpenBSD/ports Bq5e4E4fonts/font-awesome Makefile distinfo

   Update font-awesome to 5.10.2

OpenBSD/ports OL2Fx9Gnet/bitcoin Makefile distinfo, net/bitcoin/patches patch-configure_ac

OpenBSD/ports SJUeyj4net/nmap Makefile, net/nmap/patches patch-libnetutil_netutil_cc patch-zenmap_setup_py

   Update to version 7.80
   from David Carlier (maintainer) with tweaks by me

OpenBSD/ports 9FOUJQ1cad/qcad Makefile, cad/qcad/patches patch-src_3rdparty_opennurbs_opennurbs_zlib_cpp patch-src_3rdparty_opennurbs_opennurbs_zlib_h

   Fix build on sparc64

   OK kmos@

OpenBSD/ports ArSu8njaudio/picard Makefile, audio/py-acoustid Makefile

   Bump consumers REVISIONs following the audio/chromaprint update.

   Hints and OK sthen@
+4-32 files

OpenBSD/ports OODJyIysysutils/freeipmi Makefile, sysutils/freeipmi/patches patch-libfreeipmi_Makefile_in patch-libfreeipmi_driver_ipmi-kcs-driver_c

   update to freeipmi-1.6.4

OpenBSD/ports InpLNPcaudio/chromaprint Makefile distinfo, audio/chromaprint/patches patch-tests_CMakeLists_txt patch-tests_test_utils_cpp

   chromaprint: update to 1.4.3, enable all tests again

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports SGK3gthdevel/ocaml-biniou Makefile, devel/ocaml-yojson Makefile

   Add correct RUN_DEPENDencies to devel/ocaml-{yojson,biniou}

OpenBSD/ports DJFFxs8benchmarks/speedtest-cli Makefile distinfo

   update to speedtest-cli-2.1.2

OpenBSD/ports 4PxorMnwww Makefile

   hook electron up to the builds
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports zzDCwZIx11/i3 Makefile, x11/i3/patches patch-Makefile_in patch-etc_config_keycodes

   update to i3-4.17

OpenBSD/ports U7nmjvddevel/got Makefile distinfo

   update to got-0.11
   - add 'got tag' command
   - add 'got cat' command
   - support quick cancellation in 'tog blame' view
   - fix search prompt location in split-screen tog views
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports J4WgOmKsysutils/terraform/provider-alicloud distinfo Makefile, sysutils/terraform/provider-aws Makefile distinfo

   Update terraform providers.

OpenBSD/ports CvLCYd8sysutils/consul distinfo Makefile

   Update to consul-1.5.3.

OpenBSD/ports 1Sxk1jjsecurity/vault Makefile

+3-21 files

OpenBSD/ports 3hiyzIjsysutils/nomad Makefile distinfo

   Update to nomad-0.9.5.

OpenBSD/ports ojGpHMSsysutils/terraform/terraform Makefile distinfo

   Update to terraform-0.12.7.

OpenBSD/ports WWMmJr0security/vault Makefile distinfo

   Update to vault-1.2.2.
+4-52 files

OpenBSD/ports BdedopGprint/cups-filters Makefile distinfo

   Update to cups-filters-1.25.3.

OpenBSD/ports YekeW03devel/harfbuzz Makefile distinfo

   Update to harfbuzz-2.6.1.
+8-82 files

OpenBSD/ports cPk1CIEsysutils/ruby-r10k distinfo Makefile, sysutils/ruby-r10k/pkg PLIST

   simple update 3.3.0 -> 3.3.1

OpenBSD/ports xAfR5S0devel/ruby-puppet_forge Makefile distinfo, devel/ruby-puppet_forge/pkg PLIST

   simple update 2.2.9 -> 2.3.0

OpenBSD/ports WVJ5DxZdevel/ruby-gettext-setup distinfo Makefile

   simple update 0.30 -> 0.31

OpenBSD/ports UUQhIJqsysutils/facter Makefile distinfo, sysutils/facter/patches patch-lib_CMakeLists_txt

   simple update 3.14.1 -> 3.14.2

OpenBSD/ports x4ahfxjdevel/leatherman Makefile distinfo

   simple update 1.7.0 -> 1.7.1

OpenBSD/ports CBAghuTsecurity/wpscan Makefile distinfo

   bugfix update 3.6.0 -> 3.6.3

OpenBSD/ports wY6zvSxsecurity/ruby-cms_scanner Makefile distinfo

   Update 0.5.4 -> 0.5.7

OpenBSD/ports TpTBxqpdevel/ruby-opt_parse_validator Makefile distinfo

   simple update 1.7.3 -> 1.7.4

OpenBSD/ports kV0a01pnet/ruby-msgpack Makefile distinfo

   update  1.3.0 -> 1.3.1

OpenBSD/ports NEyCoxWsysutils/ruby-puppet/5 Makefile, sysutils/ruby-puppet/5/patches patch-lib_puppet_provider_package_openbsd_rb

   fix package installation for real

OpenBSD/ports FFeR7oKgraphics/libansilove Makefile distinfo

   Update libansilove to 1.1.3.

OpenBSD/ports jPdyKoTmisc/m17n/lib Makefile

   Missing BDEP on devel/gettext,-tools (xgettext).
+5-31 files

OpenBSD/ports AL4kJPnmultimedia/streamlink Makefile distinfo, multimedia/streamlink/pkg PLIST

   Update to streamlink-1.2.0

OpenBSD/ports NSqbJMmsysutils/ruby-puppet/5 Makefile, sysutils/ruby-puppet/5/patches patch-lib_puppet_provider_package_openbsd_rb

   Seems with update to 5.5.16 I broke package installation with ensure -> present
   or installed, basically the default.

   Since package providers now can be "targetable", they provide a command
   function, so conflicting with the legacy command()

OpenBSD/ports 5K2nqDtmath/plplot Makefile

   Remove BROKEN-powerpc

   Looks like our cmake update fix the issue. Reported by Martin Reindl,
   confirmed and OK by cwen@ Thanks!
+1-31 files

OpenBSD/ports nAJqMW7www/chromium Makefile, www/chromium/patches epatch-third_party_electron_node_deps_cares_config_linux_ares_config_h epatch-electron_spec-main_api-app-spec_ts

   add an electronjs ( port;

   the electronjs port is going to live inside the chromium port,
   as a separate flavor, which is called electron (obviously)
   because it requires all of our chromium patches as well and
   this way we can avoid having to maintain another subdirectory
   with hundreds of patches; this is mostly unconventional but
   for me this is the best solution (maintainence-wise)

   a couple of patches for the actual electron source are shamelessly
   stolen from freebsd

   this commit also adds a --no-sandbox flag because electron
   cannot use unveil and pledge just yet, i will work on that
   in the future

   basic stuff works, but don't expect anything fancy yet


   initial versoin of electron-6.0.3:
   Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

   It's easier than you think.

    [4 lines not shown]

OpenBSD/ports IpswaCTmail/kopano/core Makefile, mail/kopano/core/pkg PLIST-main

   add missing dependency on rrdtool to enable kopano-statsd instead
   of randomly picking up the rrd library in the pkg builds

   found by sthen@

OpenBSD/ports S9S0i0vsecurity/letsencrypt, security/letsencrypt/client distinfo

   update to py-acme/certbot 0.37.2

OpenBSD/ports VOzgOu4security/clamav distinfo Makefile, security/clamav/patches patch-etc_clamd_conf_sample

   update to clamav 0.101.4,
   - out of bounds write in NSIS bzip2 library
   - improvements to the zip bomb mitigations added in 0.101.3, there is now
   a maximum scan time limit, defaulting to 2 minutes