OpenBSD/ports sYhW24swww/bozohttpd Makefile distinfo

   Update to bozohttpd-20190228.
+5-52 files

OpenBSD/ports QQBjY9Csysutils/random_run Makefile distinfo

   minor update

OpenBSD/ports PqHlIeRgraphics/aspect-crop Makefile distinfo

   minor update

OpenBSD/ports cX4QsvYsecurity/polarssl Makefile distinfo, security/polarssl/patches patch-CMakeLists_txt

   Update to mbedtls-2.16.2.

   Maintenance release. Release notes can be found at

   Bump minor of libmbedx509 as symbols have been added.

OpenBSD/ports ubapP2mnet/bgpq3 Makefile distinfo

   update to bgpq3-0.1.35

   amongst other things this converts queries that use asdot format
   to asplain, newer IRRd doesn't support asdot
+6-112 files

OpenBSD/ports 2Bue7Rwlang/lucee Makefile

+3-21 files

OpenBSD/ports HsyQLH6devel/py-atomicwrites Makefile distinfo

   Updated devel/py-atomicwrite 1.1.5 -> 1.3.0

   Converted to PERMIT_PACKAGE and added MODPY_PYTEST

   ok sthen@

OpenBSD/ports JEFsdYuwww/chromium/patches patch-media_capture_video_linux_video_capture_device_factory_linux_cc patch-media_capture_video_linux_v4l2_capture_delegate_cc

   unbreak video(4) support by using the proper type for ioctl(2)'s request
   argument and add the necessary pledge to the main process and unveil /dev/video

OpenBSD/ports cVR4K7snet/powerdns Makefile distinfo

   MFC update to powerdns-4.1.10
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports cAMU0htemulators/stella Makefile distinfo, emulators/stella/pkg PLIST

   Update to stella-6.0.1.
   from Tom Murphy, thanks

OpenBSD/ports PJZLQnbnet/py-dnspython Makefile

   Remove py-typing from python3 flavor of py-dnspython as it does nothing
   for python3.

   tweak and OK sthen@
+8-51 files

OpenBSD/ports dRWdusqdevel/git Makefile distinfo, devel/git/patches patch-gitweb_gitweb_perl patch-config_mak_uname

   Update git to 2.22.0

   Fixes, polishing, rewrites under the hood, nothing breaking.

   OK benoit

OpenBSD/ports VWj34aBwww/chromium Makefile, www/chromium/files sndio_input.h

   Add support for audio recording using sndio.

   ok and (a lot) of help from robert.

OpenBSD/ports oIx2YCcsysutils/cloud-agent Makefile distinfo

   Update cloud-agent to v0.9 and adjust WANTLIB.

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports rKZS3UJwww/buku Makefile distinfo, www/buku/pkg PLIST

   Update to buku 4.2.2
+20-233 files

OpenBSD/ports 1DjU3tCnet/dhcpcd Makefile distinfo, net/dhcpcd/patches patch-src_if-bsd_c

   update to dhcpcd-7.2.3

OpenBSD/ports DnbOC71graphics Makefile

+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports COyeXrngraphics/aspect-crop Makefile distinfo, graphics/aspect-crop/pkg DESCR PLIST

   Initial revision

OpenBSD/ports 9kxqk8Ysecurity/burpsuite Makefile

   garbage-collect MODJAVA_JRERUN
+1-21 files

OpenBSD/ports QbK4Y6Mnet/unifi/stable distinfo Makefile

   update to unifi-5.10.25

OpenBSD/ports qrTNLmInet/unifi

   garbage-collect MODJAVA_JRERUN
+1-21 files

OpenBSD/ports YlUxcu7games/gzdoom Makefile, games/gzdoom/patches patch-src_textures_animations_cpp

   Forgot to delete a patch
   revision bump in case

OpenBSD/ports QaxlFUkgames/gzdoom Makefile distinfo, games/gzdoom/patches patch-src_gamedata_textures_animations_cpp patch-src_scripting_vm_vmframe_cpp

   Update to gzdoom-4.1.2

   Diff from maintainer Timo Myyra
   This version is not compatible with old game saves.

OpenBSD/ports ZHYBNIPtextproc/zathura/plugins/mupdf Makefile

   bump REVISION; mupdf was updated and this statically links the library

OpenBSD/ports 29NS4kctextproc/mupdf Makefile, textproc/mupdf/patches patch-platform_x11_pdfapp_c patch-platform_x11_x11_main_c

   update to mupdf-1.15.0

OpenBSD/ports BSRkAPAinputmethods/fcitx Makefile, lang/rust Makefile

   bump REVISION in a bunch of ports known or likely to use struct kinfo_proc,
   there may be some missing as my unpacked ports source is a little out of date
   but this should catch the main things people might run into

   the struct was reordered a second time in sysctl.h r1.192 to improve
   compatibility but amd64 snapshot packages made it out before that happened
   so the bumps are still needed

OpenBSD/ports F0d19Otgraphics/ansilove Makefile distinfo

   Update ansilove to 4.0.1.

OpenBSD/ports fuyXVFNmisc/openbabel Makefile, misc/openbabel/patches patch-src_formats_yasaraformat_cpp patch-src_formats_pngformat_cpp

   openbabel: fix narrowing errors on archs where char is unsigned
   by default (ppc, arm).

   While here, move to PERMIT_PACKAGE.

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports JQaeeMCsecurity/nss Makefile distinfo, security/nss/patches patch-nss_lib_freebl_crypto_primitives_c

   Update to nss 3.44.1, required by upcoming gecko 68.


OpenBSD/ports gQzDthQsecurity Makefile

   hook up sn0int
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports 8G0lsCRsecurity/sn0int distinfo Makefile, security/sn0int/pkg PLIST DESCR

   import sn0int

   sn0int is a semi-automatic OSINT framework and package manager. It was built
   for IT security professionals and bug hunters to gather intelligence about a
   given target or about yourself. sn0int is enumerating attack surface by
   semi-automatically processing public information and mapping the results in a
   unified format for followup investigations.

   port from kpcyrd at rxv cc

   OK gonzalo@, bentley@

OpenBSD/ports nTihQGndevel/py-html5lib/patches patch-html5lib_tests_test_stream_py

   Enable tests for py-html5lib

   From and OK kmos@

OpenBSD/ports UARl0mhdevel/py-html5lib Makefile distinfo

   Update to py-html5lib 1.0.1

   Tweaks and OK kmos@

OpenBSD/ports tWvTjqzsysutils/ruby-r10k Makefile distinfo, sysutils/ruby-r10k/pkg PLIST

   simple update 3.2.0 -> 3.3.0
   locking dependency to cri to 2.15.6 due to issues with newer version
   upstream seems to be aware

OpenBSD/ports eA6Fot2devel/ruby-cri Makefile distinfo

   simple update 2.15.6 -> 2.15.6, not updating to the latest, due to
   issues with r10k

OpenBSD/ports 5s1xLHzmisc/mc Makefile distinfo, misc/mc/patches patch-configure

   Update to mc-4.8.23.
    - update license marker
   OK robert@ (maintainer)

OpenBSD/ports 2e9qxLDdevel/py-gobject3 Makefile distinfo

   Update to py-gobject3-3.32.2.

OpenBSD/ports 7GFyUEPdatabases/skytools Makefile, databases/skytools/patches patch-sql_txid_Makefile

   hardcode around a broken Makefile fragment

   pg83 = $(shell test $(PGVER) "<" "8.3" && echo "false" || echo "true")
   pg82 = $(shell test $(PGVER) "<" "8.2" && echo "false" || echo "true")

   which matters now that src/bin/ksh/c_test.c r1.26 fixed "<".

   note, this port is rather outdated (5 versions behind), though newer ones
   don't fix this either

OpenBSD/ports h4Veqtvgames/depotdownloader Makefile, games/depotdownloader/files

   replace sed(1) delimiter to not conflict with commas in game name; don't replace -app 
argument to allow using Steam AppId; both bugs reported by Joe (AT j AT mathstodon DOT 

OpenBSD/ports jAP8zZnnet/rabbitmq Makefile

   Seems with last update I kind of missed to re-enable MODPY_ADJ_FILES
   with correct file paths and broke rabbitmqadmin

   Fix that, while there switch to PERMIT_PACKAGE
+5-41 files

OpenBSD/ports Fab8FHIsecurity/exploitdb Makefile distinfo, security/exploitdb/patches patch-searchsploit

   Update to 2019-06-22

OpenBSD/ports 43YaDXjgraphics/pstoedit distinfo Makefile

   maintenance update to 3.74

OpenBSD/ports SQyWlzqsecurity/gpgme Makefile, x11/qt5/qt3d Makefile

   bump REVISION for ports using x11/qt5 MODULES and containing .la files in
   their PLIST, following the addition of patch-qmake_generators_unix_unixmake2_cpp
   to x11/qt5/qtbase/patches which adds a missing newline.

OpenBSD/ports HyS7wPGx11/qt5/qtbase Makefile, x11/qt5/qtbase/patches patch-qmake_generators_unix_unixmake2_cpp

   Fix .la files generated by qt5's qmake, there was a missing newline before
   a comment resulting in libtool scripts not being able to parse the line
   correctly. Problem reported by Vadim Penzin. Use of 'endl' rather than
   '\n' requested by rsadowski.

   Bumps to follow for other ports using the qt5 module and including .la files.

OpenBSD/ports W2yRJgmgames Makefile

+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports KZURycBgames/depotdownloader Makefile distinfo, games/depotdownloader/files

   import depotdownloader, ok solene@

   Steam depot downloader utilizing the SteamKit2 library. Supports
   .NET Core 2.0. Client to download apps and Workshop items from

OpenBSD/ports aXVD77clang/flang/driver Makefile distinfo, lang/flang/driver/patches patch-lib_Analysis_CallGraph_cpp

   Update to latest flang code. Note the major bump to libflangrti, as several
   symbols were removed.

OpenBSD/ports XnodNHngames/julius Makefile distinfo

   Update to julius-1.1.0, notified by upstream.
+14-82 files

OpenBSD/ports 0N8GCDFarchivers/bzip2 Makefile, archivers/bzip2/patches patch-decompress_c

   MFC bzip2 security fix:

   fix out of bounds access in BZ2_decompress(), CVE-2019-12900
   set HOMEPAGE while there

   based on a diff from Henry Jensen

OpenBSD/ports jXGbCIlarchivers/bzip2 Makefile, archivers/bzip2/patches patch-decompress_c

   fix out of bounds access in BZ2_decompress(), CVE-2019-12900
   set HOMEPAGE while there

   based on a diff from Henry Jensen