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LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/CodeGen/SelectionDAG LegalizeFloatTypes.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AArch64 f16-instructions.ll

[CodeGen] Round [SU]INT_TO_FP result when promoting from f16.

If we don't, values that aren't precisely representable in f16 could
be used as-is in a promoted f32 operation, which would produce
incorrect results.

AArch64 had the correct behavior; add a focused test.

Fixes http://llvm.org/PR26871

LLVM — lld/trunk/ELF OutputSections.cpp

Use the new type for StringTableBuilder::getMap.
Delta File
+2 -2 lld/trunk/ELF/OutputSections.cpp
+2 -2 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/MC StringTableBuilder.h, llvm/trunk/lib/MC StringTableBuilder.cpp

Make StringTableBuilder to cache hash values.

This change seems to speed up LLD a bit if it has a lot of mergeable
sections. The number is below. It's not too bad for a small patch.

Time to link Clang (debug build):

w/o patch 6.3696 seconds
w/patch   6.2746 seconds (-1.5%)

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19933

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Object MachOObjectFile.cpp

Object: Fix two -Wpessimizing-move warnings after r268694

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Object MachOObjectFile.cpp

Fix window bots failures due to r268694 - Cleanup and refactor of malformedError() in 
lib/Object/MachOObjectFile.cpp .

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis LoopAccessAnalysis.cpp

[LAA] Fix confusing debug message

This message used to be correct, when all we cared about was whether the
dependence was safe (i.e. NoDep) or unsafe.  With the current more
precise characterization, this is a forward dep.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Object MachOObjectFile.cpp

Cleanup and refactor of malformedError() in lib/Object/MachOObjectFile.cpp .

No functional change.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/docs ReleaseNotes.rst, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/CodeGen SelectionDAGISel.h

SDAG: Rename Select->SelectImpl and repurpose Select as returning void

This is a step towards removing the rampant undefined behaviour in
SelectionDAG, which is a part of llvm.org/PR26808.

We rename SelectionDAGISel::Select to SelectImpl and update targets to
match, and then change Select to return void and consolidate the
sketchy behaviour we're trying to get away from there.

Next, we'll update backends to implement `void Select(...)` instead of
SelectImpl and eventually drop the base Select implementation.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/CodeGen SelectionDAGISel.h, llvm/trunk/lib/CodeGen/SelectionDAG SelectionDAGISel.cpp

SDAG: Remove OPC_MarkGlueResults and associated logic. NFC

This opcode never happens in practice, and yet the logic we have in
place to handle it would be undefined behaviour if we ever executed
it. Remove it rather than trying to refactor code that's never

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/Hexagon HexagonInstrInfo.cpp HexagonCFGOptimizer.cpp

[scan-build] fix warnings emitted on LLVM Hexagon code base

Patch by Apelete Seketeli.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19968

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/Hexagon HexagonInstrInfo.cpp

[Hexagon] Fix the offset ranges for vector memory instructions

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/ADT BitVector.h, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/ExecutionEngine/Orc RPCChannel.h

Fix some Clang-tidy readability-simplify-boolean-expr and Include What You Use warnings.

Differential revision: reviews.llvm.org/D19946

LLVM — lld/trunk/ELF Writer.cpp, lld/trunk/test/ELF copy-rel-pie-error.s

Don't produce a relocation to read only memory.

This is hopefully last case where we would produce a relocation to a
read only section.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Analysis BlockFrequencyInfo.h, llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis BlockFrequencyInfo.cpp

[PM] port Branch Frequency Analaysis pass to new PM

LLVM — lldb/trunk/include/lldb/Target LanguageRuntime.h, lldb/trunk/source/Core ValueObjectDynamicValue.cpp

Revert r268591

"Allow LanguageRuntimes to return an error if they fail in the course of dynamic type 

This is not meant to report that a value doesn't have a dynamic type - it is only meant as 
a mechanism to propagate actual type discovery issues (e.g. malformed type metadata for 
languages that have such a notion)

This information is used by ValueObjectDynamic to set its own m_error, which is a fairly 
sharp and heavyweight tool to begin with

For the time being, this is an architectural improvement but a practical no-op as no 
existing runtimes are actually setting errors"

I need to think about what I want to do in this space more carefully - this attempt might 
be too heavy of a hammer for the nail I am trying to fix, and I don't want to leave it in 
while I ponder

LLVM — cfe/trunk/cmake/caches 3-stage-base.cmake Apple-stage2.cmake

[CMake] Removing LLVM_ENABLE_TIMESTAMPS from the cache files

Since the option was removed in r268670, the cache scripts should stop referring to it.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm InitializePasses.h, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Transforms/IPO SCCP.h

[PM] Port Interprocedural SCCP to the new pass manager.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/DebugInfo/CodeView TypeRecord.h, llvm/trunk/lib/DebugInfo/CodeView TypeDumper.cpp

[codeview] Improve some comments

This FIXME was already fixed, and these LF_* enum names were

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AArch64 AArch64ConditionalCompares.cpp

[AArch64] Remove unused MBP headers/dependency. NFC.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/LTO LTOCodeGenerator.cpp

Revert "LTOCodeGenerator: handle correctly "unnamed" symbol"

This reverts commit r268658.

I incorrectly diagnose this as the source of an assertion during an
LTO bootstrap of clang.

From: Mehdi Amini <mehdi.amini at apple.com>

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/WebAssembly WebAssemblyFrameLowering.cpp WebAssemblyRegNumbering.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/WebAssembly reg-stackify.ll

[WebAssembly] Don't emit epilogue code in the middle of stackified code.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/DebugInfo/CodeView TypeDumper.cpp

Fix CVTypeDumperImpl formatting after class rename

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Analysis BlockFrequencyInfoImpl.h

Remove unnecessary anonymous namespace from a header

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU SIISelLowering.cpp

AMDGPU: Simplify control flow / conditions

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Transforms/Scalar SimplifyCFG.h, llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Scalar SimplifyCFGPass.cpp

Simplify CFG before assigning discriminator.

Summary: We need to clean up CFG before assigning discriminator to minimize the impact of 
optimization on debug info.

Reviewers: davidxl, dblaikie, dnovillo

Subscribers: dnovillo, danielcdh, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19926

LLVM — cfe/trunk/include/clang/Lex Token.h, cfe/trunk/include/clang/Sema ParsedTemplate.h

Fix some Clang-tidy readability-simplify-boolean-expr and Include What You Use warnings.

Differential revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19947

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Instrumentation MemorySanitizer.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/Instrumentation/MemorySanitizer/Mips vararg-mips64.ll vararg-mips64el.ll

[MSan] [MIPS64] Fix vararg helper for >1 fixed argument.

This fixes http://llvm.org/PR27646 on Mips64.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19989

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/LTO LTOCodeGenerator.h, llvm/trunk/lib/LTO LTOCodeGenerator.cpp

Degrade assertions to a warning in LTOCodeGenerator for preserved linkonce

The assertions were assuming that the linker will not ask to preserve
a global that is internal or available_externally, as it does not
really make sense. In practice this break the bootstrap of clang,
I degrade to a warning for now.

From: Mehdi Amini <mehdi.amini at apple.com>

LLVM — llvm/trunk CMakeLists.txt, llvm/trunk/cmake/modules HandleLLVMOptions.cmake


As per the discussion on LLVM-dev this patch proposes removing LLVM_ENABLE_TIMESTAMPS.

The only complicated bit of this patch is the Windows support. On windows we used to log 
an error if /INCREMENTAL was passed to the linker when timestamps were disabled.

With this change since timestamps in code are always disabled we will always compile on 
windows with /Brepro unless /INCREMENTAL is specified, and we will log a warning when 
/INCREMENTAL is specified to notify the user that the build will be non-deterministic.

See: http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2016-May/098990.html

Reviewers: bogner, silvas, rnk

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19892

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/ProfileData ProfileSummary.cpp

Add a note about the "entry count" used the profile summary

Thanks to David Li for the clarification.

LLVM — lld/trunk/ELF Writer.cpp Symbols.cpp, lld/trunk/test/ELF copy-rel-pie.s mips-got-and-copy.s

Fix copy relocations in pie.

We were creating the copy relocations just fine, but then thinking that
the .bss position could be preempted and creating a dynamic relocation
to it, which would crash at runtime since that memory is read only.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/ProfileData InstrProfReader.h, llvm/trunk/lib/ProfileData InstrProfReader.cpp

[profile] Remove unneeded field in raw profile reader

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19956

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/Hexagon CMakeLists.txt

Touch Hexagon/CMakeLists.txt to regenerate build files, since r268641 complains of missing 
HexagonAlias.td on ninja.

FIXME: TableGen.cmake globs *.td(s) with wildcards for deps. It is not good.

LLVM — cfe/trunk/test/CXX/dcl.dcl/basic.namespace/namespace.udecl p7.cpp

Add forgotten test from r268594.

LLVM — cfe/trunk/include/clang/Basic DiagnosticSemaKinds.td, cfe/trunk/lib/Sema SemaDeclCXX.cpp

Add a FixItHint for the new diagnostic for a non-class-scope using-declaration that names 
a class-scope enumerator.

LLVM — cfe/trunk/docs ReleaseNotes.rst

Some release note updates for C++ language acceptance changes since Clang 3.8.
Delta File
+52 -2 cfe/trunk/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
+52 -2 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/ARM ARMConstantPoolValue.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/ARM litpool-licm.ll

ARM: don't attempt to merge litpools referencing different PC-anchors.

Given something like:

    ldr r0, .LCPI0_0 (== pc-rel var)
    add r0, pc

    ldr r1, .LCPI0_1 (== pc-rel var)
    add r1, pc

we cannot combine the 2 ldr instructions and litpools because they get added to
a different pc to form the correct address. I think the original logic came
from a time when we fused the LDRpci/PICADD instructions into one
pseudo-instruction so the PC was always immediately at-hand. That's no longer
the case.

Should fix general-dynamic TLS access on Linux, and quite possibly other -fPIC
code that relies on litpools (e.g. v6m and -Oz compilations) though trivial
tweaks of the .ll test didn't provoke anything.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/Hexagon HexagonInstrAlias.td, llvm/trunk/test/MC/Hexagon v60-misc.s

[Hexagon] Add aliases for vector loads/stores with no explicit offset

The mem(r0) instructions are treated as mem(r0+#0).

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Bitcode ReaderWriter.h, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/LTO ThinLTOCodeGenerator.h

Revert "[ThinLTO] Emit individual index files for distributed backends"

MemorySanitizer: use-of-uninitialized-value in lib/Bitcode/Writer/BitcodeWriter.cpp:364:70

This reverts commit 0c4a898ea550699d1b2f4fe3767251c8f9a48d52.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/LTO LTOCodeGenerator.cpp

LTOCodeGenerator: handle correctly "unnamed" symbol

This should fix the assertions in a clang LTO bootstrap we're seeing.

From: Mehdi Amini <mehdi.amini at apple.com>

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/CodeGen MachineBasicBlock.h MachineFunction.h, llvm/trunk/lib/CodeGen MachineBasicBlock.cpp MachineFunction.cpp

MachineFunction: Add a const modifier to print() parameter

LLVM — llvm/trunk/docs LibFuzzer.rst

[libFuzzer] better docs for coverage
Delta File
+8 -5 llvm/trunk/docs/LibFuzzer.rst
+8 -5 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Vectorize LoopVectorize.cpp

Remove dead include. NFC.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Scalar LoopInterchange.cpp

Remove dead include. NFC.

LLVM — lldb/trunk/packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/python_api/event TestEvents.py

Fix TestEvents.py on OS X

This change addresses a hang/segfault in TestEvents.py. The threads that
run the listener loops now do an SBListener.Clear() before they wrap up
their work. This prevents the test from trying to clean up the
SBListener too late.

There is a separate issue here which is that we should prevent this
clean-up time lock-up, but that is out of scope for this particular
change. I'd like to get these tests back and running the normal flow
rather than skipping them.

This addresses:
llvm.org/pr25924 (at least, the OS X side, although I suspect this will
also address Linux)

reviewed by: Jim Ingham

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Object Error.h, llvm/trunk/lib/Object MachOObjectFile.cpp Error.cpp

Clean up the specific error message for a malformed Mach-O files with bad segment
load commands.

The existing test case in test/Object/macho-invalid.test for
macho-invalid-too-small-segment-load-command has a cmdsize of 55, while
being too small also it is not a multiple of 4.  So when that check is added
this test case will produce a different error. So I constructed a new test case
that will trigger the intended error.

I also changed the error message to be consistent with the other malformed Mach-O
file error messages which prints the load command index.  I also removed both
object_error::macho_load_segment_too_small and
object_error::macho_load_segment_too_many_sections from Object/Error.h
as they are not needed and can just use object_error::parse_failed and let the
error message string distinguish the specific error.
Delta File
+12 -10 llvm/trunk/lib/Object/MachOObjectFile.cpp
+8 -4 llvm/trunk/test/Object/macho-invalid.test
+0 -4 llvm/trunk/lib/Object/Error.cpp
+2 -2 llvm/trunk/tools/llvm-objdump/llvm-objdump.cpp
+0 -2 llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Object/Error.h
+0 -0 llvm/trunk/test/Object/Inputs/macho-invalid-too-small-segment-load-command.1
+22 -22 6 files

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis ValueTracking.cpp

[ValueTracking] Early exit when further analysis won't be fruitful.

This should have NFC in the context of codegen, but may have positive
implications on compile-time.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU SIISelLowering.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU uniform-branch-intrinsic-cond.ll

AMDGPU: Uniform branch conditions can originate with intrinsics

Discovered by Dave Airlie, fixes an assertion in Khronos OpenGL CTS

In this particular case, the buffer load intrinsic fed into a uniform
conditional branch, and led the brcond lowering down the wrong path.

Reviewers: tstellarAMD, arsenm

Subscribers: arsenm, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D19931