NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip ac519b8. Makefile

Makefile: +gcc9snapshot
+1-01 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 6cf8909gcc9snapshot Makefile, gcc9snapshot/patches patch-libphobos_libdruntime_core_sys_netbsd_execinfo.d

Add gcc9snapshot.

gcc-d is only buildable if you use GNU install.

LLVM/llvm 351796llvm/trunk/docs LangRef.rst, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/IR Instructions.h

Revert r351778: IR: Add fp operations to atomicrmw

This broke the RISCV build, and even with that fixed, one of the RISCV
tests behaves surprisingly differently with asserts than without,
leaving there no clear test pattern to use. Generally it seems bad for
hte IR to differ substantially due to asserts (as in, an alloca is used
with asserts that isn't needed without!) and nothing I did simply would
fix it so I'm reverting back to green.

This also required reverting the RISCV build fix in r351782.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 77894fadoxygen TODO COMMIT_MSG

doxygen: Add test target

FreeBSD/ports 490935head/misc Makefile kookbook, head/misc/kookbook Makefile pkg-plist

New port: misc/kookbook

This is the spiritual successor to KRecipes, a simple Qt-based recipe
manager. New in kookbook is managing the recipes as a bunch of Markdown
documents, which makes it easier to build further tooling around them.

LLVM/llvm 351795llvm/trunk/docs/CommandGuide llvm-symbolizer.rst, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/DebugInfo/Symbolize DIPrinter.h

[llvm-symbolizer] Add support for --basenames/-s

This fixes

--basenames is a GNU addr2line switch which strips the directory names
from the file path in the output.

Reviewed by: ruiu

Differential Revision:

OPNSense/src c4ec367sys/dev/mmc mmc.c

MMC, HS200/HS400 support seems to break mmc legacy support, clock probing seems to have 

Original source

This commit resets mmc_calculate_clock() to it's original behaviour.
+29-1181 files

FreeBSD/ports 490934head/security/mbedtls distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.16.0.

LLVM/llvm 351794llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Scalar LoopPredication.cpp

[NFC] Factor out some reusable logic

LLVM/llvm 351793clang-tools-extra/trunk/clangd ClangdUnit.cpp Compiler.cpp

[clangd] NFC: Use buildCompilerInvocation in CodeComplete

Reviewers: ilya-biryukov, sammccall

Reviewed By: sammccall

Subscribers: ioeric, MaskRay, jkorous, arphaman, cfe-commits

Differential Revision:

NetBSD/pkgsrc 4O9SobJdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated print/py-reportlab, www/py-django-filter, www/py-django-admin-sortable2, 
+5-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc S0uh9i7devel/py-more-itertools distinfo Makefile

   py-more-itertools: updated 5.0.0

   * New itertools:
       * :func:split_into
       * :func:unzip
       * :func:substrings

   * Changes to existing itertools:
       * :func:ilen was optimized a bit
       * :func:first_true now returns None by default. This is the reason for the major 
version bump - see below.

   * Other changes:
      * Some code for old Python versions was removed
      * Some documentation mistakes were corrected
      * Tests now run properly on 32-bit versions of Python
      * Newer versions of CPython and PyPy are now tested against

NetBSD/pkgsrc G6uAwn3www/py-django-admin-sortable2 distinfo Makefile

   py-django-admin-sortable2: updated to 0.7

   Unknown changes

LLVM/llvm 351792clang-tools-extra/trunk/clangd ClangdUnit.cpp ClangdServer.h, clang-tools-extra/trunk/clangd/tool ClangdMain.cpp

[clangd] Support clang-tidy configuration in clangd.

This patch adds some basic supports for clang-tidy configurations in clangd:
      - clangd will respect .clang-tidy configurations for each file
      - we don't aim to support all clang-tidy options in clangd, only a
        small subset of condfigurations (options related to which checks will be
        enabled) are supported.
      - add a `clang-tidy-checks` CLI option that can override options from
        .clang-tidy file

Reviewers: ilya-biryukov, sammccall

Reviewed By: sammccall

Subscribers: javed.absar, ioeric, MaskRay, jkorous, arphaman, kadircet, cfe-commits

Differential Revision:

NetBSD/pkgsrc Uk0C0Oqwww/py-django-filter distinfo Makefile

   py-django-filter: updated to 2.1.0

   Version 2.1:

   * Fixed a regression in FilterView introduced in 2.0. An empty QuerySet was
     incorrectly used whenever the FilterSet was unbound (i.e. when there were
     no GET parameters).  The correct, pre-2.0 behaviour is now restored.

     A workaround was to set strict=False on the FilterSet. This is no
     longer necessary, so you may restore strict behaviour as desired.

   * Added IsoDateTimeFromToRangeFilter. Allows From-To filtering using
     ISO-8601 formatted dates.

LLVM/llvm 351791llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Analysis GuardUtils.h, llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis GuardUtils.cpp

[NFC] Add detector for guards expressed as branch by widenable conditions

This patch adds a function to detect guards expressed in explicit control
flow form as branch by `and` with widenable condition intrinsic call:

    %wc = call i1 @llvm.experimental.widenable.condition()
    %guard_cond = and i1, %some_cond, %wc
    br i1 %guard_cond, label %guarded, label %deopt

    <maybe some non-side-effecting instructions>

This form can be used as alternative to implicit control flow guard
representation expressed by `experimental_guard` intrinsic.

Differential Revision:
Reviewed By: reames

NetBSD/pkgsrc gJETLO7print/py-reportlab distinfo Makefile

   py-reportlab: updated to 3.5.13

   RELEASE 3.5.13:
   * added rl_setting.reserveTTFNotdef inspired by e3office at bitbucket

LLVM/llvm 351790lld/trunk/test/ELF as-needed-weak.s icf-symbol-type.s, lld/trunk/test/ELF/linkerscript provide-shared2.s

[LLD][ELF]Fix tests for D56910

r351789 changes the output of llvm-readelf --dyn-symbols. This causes 3
LLD tests to break. This patch fixes them.

Reviewed by: ruiu

Differential Revision:

LLVM/llvm 351789llvm/trunk/test/tools/llvm-readobj gnu-hash-symbols.test gnu-symbols.test, llvm/trunk/tools/llvm-readobj ELFDumper.cpp llvm-readobj.cpp

[llvm-readelf]Revert --dyn-symbols behaviour to make it GNU compatible, and add new 
--hash-symbols switch for old behaviour

In r287786, the behaviour of --dyn-symbols in llvm-readelf (but not
llvm-readobj) was changed to print the dynamic symbols as derived from
the hash table, rather than to print the dynamic symbol table contents
directly. The original change was initially submitted without review,
and some comments were made on the commit mailing list implying that the
new behavious is GNU compatible. I argue that it is not:

  1) It does not include a null symbol.
  2) It prints the symbols based on an order derived from the hash
  3) It prints an extra column indicating which bucket it came from.
     This could break parsers that expect a fixed number of columns,
     with the first column being the symbol index.
  4) If the input happens to have both .hash and .gnu.hash section, it
     prints interpretations of them both, resulting in most symbols
     being printed twice.
  5) There is no way of just printing the raw dynamic symbol table,
     because --symbols also prints the static symbol table.

This patch reverts the --dyn-symbols behaviour back to its old behaviour
of just printing the contents of the dynamic symbol table, similar to
what is printed by --symbols. As the hashed interpretation is still

    [16 lines not shown]

FreeBSD/ports 490933head/lang/julia07 pkg-descr

- Update WWW

Approved by:    portmgr blanket

NetBSD/pkgsrc LcUOfJxdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated devel/py-uvloop, security/py-OpenSSL, fonts/py-fonttools, security/py-asyncssh
+5-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc xKnwCYgsecurity/py-asyncssh distinfo Makefile

   py-asyncssh: updated to 1.15.1

   Release 1.15.1:
   Added callback-based host validation in SSHClient, allowing callers to decide 
programmatically whether to trust server host keys and certificates rather than having to 
provide a list of trusted values in advance.
   Changed SSH client code to only load the default known hosts file if if exists. 
Previously an error was returned if a known_hosts value wasn’t specified and the default 
known_hosts file didn’t exist. For host validate to work in this case, verification 
callbacks must be implemented or other forms of validation such as X.509 trusted CAs or 
GSS-based key exchange must be used.
   Fixed known hosts validation to completely disable certificate checks when known_hosts 
is set to None. Previously, key checking was disabled in this case but other checks for 
certificate expiration and hostname mismatch were still performed, causing connections to 
fail even when checking was supposed to be disabled.
   Switched curve25519 key exchange to use the PyCA implementation, avoiding a dependency 
on libnacl/libsodium. For now, support for Ed25519 keys still requires these libraries, 
but once that support appears in PyCA, it may be possible to remove this dependency 
   Added get_fingerprint() method to return a fingerprint of an SSHKey.

NetBSD/pkgsrc vuNaRdnfonts/py-fonttools distinfo Makefile

   py-fonttools: updated to 3.36.0

   - [ttx] Added --no-recalc-timestamp option to keep the original font's
     head.modified timestamp.
   - [ttx/psCharStrings] Fixed issues while dumping and round-tripping CFF2 table
     with ttx.
   - [voltLib] Fixed check for duplicate anchors. Don't try to read past
     the END operator in .vtp file.
   - [varLib] Use sentinel value -0x8000 (-32768) to ignore post.underlineThickness
     and post.underlinePosition when generating MVAR deltas.
   - [subset] Added --retain-gids option to subset font without modifying the
     current glyph indices.
   - [ufoLib] Replace deprecated calls to getbytes and setbytes with new
     equivalent readbytes and writebytes calls. fs >= 2.2 no required.
   - [varLib] Allow loading masters from TTX files as well

NetBSD/pkgsrc p2AQcwElang/rust Makefile distinfo, lang/rust/patches

   rust: Put back SunOS fix lost in previous update.

NetBSD/pkgsrc wVEKSBfsecurity/py-OpenSSL distinfo Makefile

   py-OpenSSL: updated to 19.0.0


   Backward-incompatible changes:
   - X509Store.add_cert no longer raises an error if you add a duplicate cert.

   - pyOpenSSL now works with OpenSSL 1.1.1.
   - pyOpenSSL now handles NUL bytes in X509Name.get_components()

LLVM/llvm 351788clang-tools-extra/trunk/clangd GlobalCompilationDatabase.cpp ClangdServer.cpp, clang-tools-extra/trunk/clangd/index Background.cpp

[clangd] Filter out plugin related flags and move all commandline manipulations into 

Some projects make use of clang plugins when building, but clangd is
not aware of those plugins therefore can't work with the same compile command

There were multiple places clangd performed commandline manipulations,
 this one also moves them all into OverlayCDB.

Reviewers: ilya-biryukov

Subscribers: klimek, sammccall, ioeric, MaskRay, jkorous, arphaman, cfe-commits

Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 490932head/archivers/gzip Makefile pkg-plist

- Update `archivers/gzip' to version 1.10
- Switch to smaller .tar.xz distfile
- Drop custom DOC_FILES variable in favor of PORTDOCS
- Use option-helper target for installing docfiles

NetBSD/pkgsrc IjFaZUUdevel/py-uvloop distinfo Makefile

   py-uvloop: updated to 0.12.0

   New Features
   - New SSL implementation. The new implementation is faster and
     and more complete, and will become the default SSL implementation
     in asyncio 3.8. This is a significant change that warrants a release
     candidate to make sure it is tested properly.
   - New uvloop.install() helper function.

   Bug Fixes
   - All bug fixes from 0.11.0—0.11.3 are included in
   this release.
   - ssl.CertificateError is no longer logged as it's delivered to
   the Protocol.connection_lost() anyways.
   - Don't use non-existent UDPTransport._address attribute.

   - Improve UDPTransport.sendto() performance.

OpenBSD/ports aNkllvcgeo/qgis Makefile distinfo, geo/qgis/patches patch-src_app_qgisapp_cpp

   Update to QGIS 3.4.4.

LLVM/llvm 351787zorg/trunk/zorg/buildbot/builders

[Fuchsia] Always clean-up the SDK directory

Avoid previous stale versions, use unzip with override.

NetBSD/src aQh99KEsys/arch/evbarm/zynq zynq_machdep.c

   Fix indentation whitespace

FreeBSD/ports 490931branches 2019Q1, branches/2019Q1/games/ags distinfo Makefile

MFH: r490927

games/ags: Update to

PR:            229622 (not reported by Portscout)

Approved by:    ports-secteam (miwi)

NetBSD/src VxmUWrUsys/dev vnd.c, sys/dev/raidframe rf_netbsdkintf.c

   Convert the MODULE_{,VOID_}HOOK_CALL macros to do everything in-line
   rather than defining an intermediate hook##call function.  Almost
   all of the hooks are called only once, and although we lose the
   ability of doing things like

        if (MODULE_HOOK_CALL(...) == 0) ...

   we simplify things quite a bit.  With this change, we no longer need
   to have both declaration and definition macros, and the definition
   no longer needs to have both prototype argument list and a "real"
   argument list.

   FWIW, the above if now needs to written as

        int ret;

        MODULE_HOOK_CALL(..., ret);
        if (ret == 0) ...

   with appropriate use of braces {}.
+64-23729 files not shown
+215-58535 files

FreeBSD/ports 490930head/archivers/urbackup-server Makefile

This port links to cryptopp, which is compiled with GCC 8 on GCC-based
architectures, thus it also needs USES=compiler:c++11-lang.

PR:            234966
Submitted by:   Piotr Kubaj
Approved by:    portmgr (tier-2 blanket)

LLVM/llvm 351786llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Support type_traits.h

Revert "Remove static_assert(value == std::is_trivially_copyable<T>::value)"

Upgraded the bot as workaround.

This reverts commit r351784.

LLVM/llvm 351785llvm/trunk/lib/Target/RISCV RISCVISelDAGToDAG.cpp

[RISCV][NFC] Add break to case statement in RISCVDAGToDAGISel::Select

The break isn't strictly needed yet as there is no subsequent entry in the
case. But adding to prevent mistakes further down the road.

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 0a5aee3sbin/pfctl pfctl_altq.c pfctl_parser.c, sys/compat/ndis kern_windrv.c

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hardened/current/master' into 

* origin/hardened/current/master:
  Add missing dependency to vmxnet3 Makefile and clean it up a bit otherwise.
  [ndis] Fix unregistered use of FPU by NDIS in kernel on amd64
  pf tests: Check size validation in DIOCGETSRCNODES
  Remove unused function gsc_destroy()
  pf: Validate psn_len in DIOCGETSRCNODES
  iwn(4): drop i_seq field initialization for A-MPDU frames.
  onvert vmx(4) to being an iflib driver.
  Fix various resource leaks that can occur in the error paths of iflib_device_register() 
and iflib_pseudo_register().
  Reduce pf.conf parsing cost for configs that define N queues from O(N^2) to O(N)

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 008749fsbin/pfctl pfctl_altq.c pfctl_parser.c, sys/compat/ndis kern_windrv.c

Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master

* freebsd/current/master:
  Add missing dependency to vmxnet3 Makefile and clean it up a bit otherwise.
  [ndis] Fix unregistered use of FPU by NDIS in kernel on amd64
  pf tests: Check size validation in DIOCGETSRCNODES
  Remove unused function gsc_destroy()
  pf: Validate psn_len in DIOCGETSRCNODES
  iwn(4): drop i_seq field initialization for A-MPDU frames.
  onvert vmx(4) to being an iflib driver.
  Fix various resource leaks that can occur in the error paths of iflib_device_register() 
and iflib_pseudo_register().
  Reduce pf.conf parsing cost for configs that define N queues from O(N^2) to O(N)

OpenBSD/src TcDzYQWusr.bin/ssh scp.1 sftp.1

   tweak previous;
+6-62 files

OpenBSD/src EnjTfrnbin/date date.1

   -p got changed to -f;
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/src qh63J55lib/libc/stdlib qsort.3

   sort sections, and add a missing verb to the EXAMPLES text;
+25-251 files

NetBSD/src KcD3MSKsys/dev/usb uark.c if_run.c


FreeBSD/ports 490929head/textproc/ml-aspell distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.04-1

NetBSD/src vd1w2SOsys/dev/usb umass_isdata.c umass_scsipi.c


OpenBSD/src 0eFTAPllib/libc/stdlib qsort.3

   Wrap long line
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/ports YTBCDtomath/suitesparse Makefile, math/suitesparse/patches patch-SuiteSparse_config_SuiteSparse_config_mk

   zap -03 compiler flag

   OK kn@

NetBSD/src damkjUOsys/dev/usb uhci.c xhci.c, sys/external/bsd/dwc2 dwc2.c

   Add a KASSERT

FreeBSD/ports 490928head/textproc/it-aspell Makefile distinfo

Update to 20070901

NetBSD/src IQBbbFTsys/dev/usb umass.c

   Update a comment
+4-41 files

OpenBSD/ports qAaLrRWgraphics/inkscape Makefile distinfo, graphics/inkscape/patches patch-src_extension_internal_pdfinput_pdf-parser_h patch-src_extension_internal_pdfinput_poppler-transition-api_h

   Update inkscape to 0.92.4

   All poppler patches merged upstream.
   Feedback and tweaks by Raphael Graf. Thanks!