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FreeBSD — head/sys/kern kern_umtx.c, head/sys/sys umtx.h

Add missing const keyword to function parameter.

The umtx_key_get() function does not dereference the address off the
userspace object. The pointer can safely be const.

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/squirrelmail-email_footer-plugin pkg-plist

- Drop @dirrm* from plist

FreeBSD Ports — head/www/apache22/files patch-modules__ssl__ssl_engine_rand.c patch-modules__ssl__ssl_util_ssl.c

- re add libressl patches (lost by last cleanup commit)
- no version bump, libressl is not the default ssl

with hat: apache

PR:                        202047
Submitted by:                mcdouga9 _at_ egr.msu.edu
Patch Provided by:        phil.stone _at_ gmx.com

FreeBSD Ports — head/net-p2p/twister distinfo Makefile

Upgrade to 0.9.30 (random listening port).

Version notes at <http://twister.net.co/?p=531>.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/AsmParser LLParser.cpp

Fix with a bit more care. (but only a bit)

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/squirrelmail-vlogin-plugin pkg-plist

- Drop @dirrm* from plist

LLVM — lldb/trunk/source/Commands CommandObjectMemory.cpp

Jim suggested to use eArgTypeAddressOrExpression for the addresses that 'memory find' 

FreeBSD — head/sys/kern sched_4bsd.c sched_ule.c

kgdb uses td_oncpu to determine if a thread is running and should use
a pcb from stoppcbs[] rather than the thread's PCB.  However, exited threads
retained td_oncpu from the last time they ran, and newborn threads had their
CPU fields cleared to zero during fork and thread creation since they are
in the set of fields zeroed when threads are setup.  To fix, explicitly
update the CPU fields for exiting threads in sched_throw() to reflect the
switch out and reset the CPU fields for new threads in sched_fork_thread()

Reviewed by:        kib
MFC after:        1 week
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3193

LLVM — cfe/trunk/docs UsersManual.rst

Grammar: Don't imply that a program wouldn't want a person as its output.

(Because, hey, who wouldn't?)
Delta File
+2 -2 cfe/trunk/docs/UsersManual.rst
+2 -2 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Scalar LoopUnrollPass.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/Transforms/LoopUnroll full-unroll-heuristics-phi-prop.ll

[Unroll] Improve the brute force loop unroll estimate by propagating
through PHI nodes across iterations.

This patch teaches the new advanced loop unrolling heuristics to propagate
constants into the loop from the preheader and around the backedge after
simulating each iteration. This lets us brute force solve simple recurrances
that aren't modeled effectively by SCEV. It also makes it more clear why we
need to process the loop in-order rather than bottom-up which might otherwise
make much more sense (for example, for DCE).

This came out of an attempt I'm making to develop a principled way to account
for dead code in the unroll estimation. When I implemented
a forward-propagating version of that it produced incorrect results due to
failing to propagate *cost* between loop iterations through the PHI nodes, and
it occured to me we really should at least propagate simplifications across
those edges, and it is quite easy thanks to the loop being in canonical and
LCSSA form.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D11706

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/AsmParser LLParser.h LLParser.cpp

Try to fix the build for C++ standard libraries missing std::map::emplace

FreeBSD — head/sys/vm vm_fault.c

Refinements to r281079's sequential access optimization: Prefetched pages,
which constitute the majority of the pages that are processed by
vm_fault_dontneed(), are already near the tail of the inactive queue.  Only
the pages at faulting virtual addresses are actually moved by
vm_page_advise(..., MADV_DONTNEED).  However, vm_page_advise(...,
MADV_DONTNEED) is simultaneously too aggressive and passive for the moved
pages.  It makes most of these pages too easily reclaimable, and at the same
time it leaves enough pages in the active queue to trigger pageouts by the
page daemon.  Instead, with this change, the pages at faulting virtual
addresses are moved to the tail of the inactive queue, where they are
relatively close to the pages prefetched by the same page fault.

Discussed with:        jeff
Sponsored by:        EMC / Isilon Storage Division
Delta File
+12 -2 head/sys/vm/vm_fault.c
+12 -2 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/utils/release test-release.sh

[Release Script] Check for correct symlink name

While checking for the existence of the clang-tools-extra directory,
the script was not checking for its destination name, "extra", and
the script was failing when re-running without checking out new

FreeBSD Ports — head MOVED, head/devel Makefile java-util-concurrent

Remove expired ports:
2015-08-03 devel/java-util-concurrent: Included in all current JDKs by default
2015-08-03 devel/py-pyparsing15: Not used in the ports tree anymore
Delta File
+2 -0 head/MOVED
+0 -2 head/devel/Makefile
+0 -0 head/devel/java-util-concurrent/
+0 -0 head/devel/py-pyparsing15/
+2 -2 4 files

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/CodeGen/AsmPrinter ByteStreamer.h

-Wdeprecated-clean: Fix cases of violating the rule of 5 in ways that are deprecated in 

Some functions return concrete ByteStreamers by value - explicitly
support that in the base class. (dtor can be virtual, no one seems to be
polymorphically owning/destroying them)

FreeBSD Ports — head/multimedia/dvbcut Makefile, head/multimedia/dvbcut/files patch-src.pro patch-index.h

Update to the port's dependencies and minor changes to the port's patches.
No functional changes.

Submitted by:        Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios at gmail.com>
Approved by:        antoine

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/squirrelmail Makefile bsd.squirrelmail.mk

- Add NO_ARCH for main/squirrelmail and all its plugins

PR:                202065
Submitted by:        amdmi3
Approved by:        adamw (maintainer)

FreeBSD Ports — head/audio/xmms2-scrobbler Makefile

- Strip binary

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/AsmParser LLParser.cpp LLParser.h

Recommit r243824: -Wdeprecated-clean: Fix cases of violating the rule of 5 in ways that 
are deprecated in C++11

This reverts commit r243888, recommitting r243824.

This broke the Windows build due to a difference in the C++ standard
library implementation. Using emplace/forward_as_tuple should ensure
there's no need to copy ValIDs.

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/squirrelmail-websearch-plugin pkg-plist

- Drop @dirrm* from plist

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/squirrelmail-wetteronline-plugin pkg-plist

- Drop @dirrm* from plist

FreeBSD Ports — head/textproc/apache-solr pkg-plist Makefile

textproc/apache-solr: fixing the port, providing missing files

- Provide missing files like bin/solr and bin/post
- still open: provide a working startup script and some instructions
  on how to configure

PR:                201455
Submitted by:        idefix at fechner.net, elferdo at gmail.com

SmartOS — src manifest Makefile, src/node_modules linestream.js

OS-4542 create and use node sysevent library
Reviewed by: Joshua M. Clulow <jmc at joyent.com>
Reviewed by: Josh Wilsdon <jwilsdon at joyent.com>

FreeBSD Ports — head/multimedia/camserv Makefile, head/multimedia/camserv/files patch-Makefile.in patch-Makefile.am

- Switch to USES=autoreconf

FreeNAS — gui/middleware notifier.py, src/freenas/etc/ix.rc.d ix-passwd

passwd is not generated by etcd

Ticket:        #10660

FreeBSD Ports — head/deskutils/charmap Makefile

- Strip binary
Delta File
+4 -1 head/deskutils/charmap/Makefile
+4 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/gcc-arm-embedded Makefile pkg-plist, head/devel/gcc-arm-embedded/files extra-patch-gcc-isl-0.15-compatibility extra-patch-gcc-isl-0.13-compatibility

 (1) Update to latest version.
 (2) Add support for latest isl and cloog.

FreeNAS — gui/account forms.py

Remove constraints added to middleware

Ticket:        #10660
Delta File
+9 -35 gui/account/forms.py
+9 -35 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/math/cloog distinfo Makefile

- Update to 0.18.4

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/isl pkg-plist distinfo

- Update to 0.15

FreeBSD Ports — head/math/armadillo distinfo pkg-plist

- Update to 5.300.4

FreeBSD — stable/10/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Add a 'First rev' marker, indicating the releng/ branch point
of the most recent release.

Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

OPNsense — src/www foot.inc system_usermanager_import_ldap.php, src/www/javascript bootstrap-select.min.js bootstrap.min.js

Merge pull request #291 from fabianfrz/translation_p2

the changeset of the other 4% of #285
∈ Ad Schellevis - fe1791de - 2015-08-03 19:08:43
(legacy/theme) remove duplicate script files

FreeBSD — releng/10.2/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Remove another stray empty section.

Approved by:        re (implicit)
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — releng/10.2/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Add a ports-versions section.
Document a few interesting package versions for 10.2-RELEASE.

Approved by:        re (implicit)
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — releng/10.2/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Document r283990, mpr(4) updated to version

Approved by:        re (implicit)
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — releng/10.2/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Document r284935, hptnr(4) updated to version 1.1.4.

Approved by:        re (implicit)
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — releng/10.2/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Document r284879, htp27xx(4) updated to version 1.2.7.

Approved by:        re (implicit)
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — releng/10.2/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Document r281963, snd_hda(4) support for ThinkPad X1 20BS model.

Approved by:        re (implicit)
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — releng/10.2/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes article.xml

Document r278407, r279924, uart(4) updates for ThinkPad AMT
serial devices.

Approved by:        re (implicit)
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD Ports — head/x11/lumina Makefile distinfo, head/x11/lumina-i18n distinfo Makefile

- Update to 0.8.6
- Update WWW: to new website url

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AArch64 AArch64ISelLowering.cpp AArch64ConditionalCompares.cpp

Convert some AArch64 code to foreach loops.  NFC.

Also converted a cast<> to dyn_cast while i was working on the same
line of code.

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/squirrelmail-squirrel_logger-plugin pkg-plist

- Drop @dirrm* from plist

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/squirrelmail-timeout_user-plugin Makefile pkg-plist

- Drop @dirrm* from plist

OPNsense — lang de_DE.po

language fix
Delta File
+1 -1 lang/de_DE.po
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/security/gnome-keyring-sharp Makefile

- Strip library

LLVM — lldb/trunk/source/Commands CommandObjectMemory.cpp

Fix the memory find command such that it can actually take an expression

FreeBSD — head/usr.bin/vgrind vgrindefs.c

Remove never used file

Obtained from:        DragonFlyBSD
Delta File
+0 -322 head/usr.bin/vgrind/vgrindefs.c
+0 -322 1 file

FreeNAS — gui/account forms.py

Properly handle auxiliary user groups with new middleware

Ticket:        #10660
Delta File
+3 -17 gui/account/forms.py
+3 -17 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — usr.bin/vgrind vgrindefs.c

vgrind(1): Remove unused file.
Delta File
+0 -318 usr.bin/vgrind/vgrindefs.c
+0 -318 1 file