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XigmaNAS/svn 6663branches/ setting_toolbox.php, trunk/etc/inc/services/sshd setting_toolbox.php

wrong script name

NetBSD/src in6Vy4xsys/arch/hppa/gsc harmony.c harmonyvar.h

   Adapt to audio2.
+43-1632 files

OPNSense/core 3dc5f71src/opnsense/scripts/filter/lib

Filter, alias. calculate uniqueid() using all of its contents +minor cleanup (this alias 
is always in _known_aliases). closes

LLVM/llvm 358845llvm/trunk/lib/Target/ARM ARMISelLowering.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/Analysis/CostModel/ARM gep.ll

[ARM] Rewrite isLegalT2AddressImmediate

This does two main things, firstly adding some at least basic addressing modes
for i64 types, and secondly treats floats and doubles sensibly when there is no
fpu. The floating point change can help codesize in some cases, especially with

Most backends seems to not consider the exact VT in isLegalAddressingMode,
instead switching on type size. That is now what this does when the target does
not have an fpu (as the float data will be loaded using LDR's). i64's currently
use the address range of an LDRD (even though they may be legalised and loaded
with an LDR). This is at least better than marking them all as illegal
addressing modes.

I have not attempted to do much with vectors yet. That will need changing once
MVE is added.

Differential Revision:

NetBSD/src tIJPVffsys/arch/hpcmips/vr vraiu.c

   Adapt to audio2.
+33-4821 files

FreeBSD/ports 499531head/databases/mantis distinfo pkg-plist

NetBSD/src yUdn8u8sys/arch/amiga/dev repulse.c

   Adapt to audio2.
+47-3651 files

NetBSD/src FybTj5Asys/arch/amiga/dev aucc.c

   Adapt to audio2.
   - Remove its own mulaw converter.
   - XXX I'm not sure about 3,4ch mode vs 8/14bit mode.
+63-5061 files

FreeBSD/ports 499530head/x11/xcb-util-cursor pkg-descr Makefile

- Update WWW

Approved by:    portmgr blanket

FreeBSD/src 346485stable 11, stable/11/libexec/rtld-elf debug.h Makefile

MFC r346216: make LD_DEBUG always functional.

NetBSD/src 8Ksn2Ycsys/arch/arm/iomd vidcaudio.c

   Adapt to audio2.
+67-1341 files

OpenBSD/ports 1ZmDUtGsysutils/awscli Makefile distinfo, sysutils/awscli/pkg PLIST

   Update to awscli-1.16.144.

OpenBSD/ports nfW6BVgnet/py-botocore distinfo Makefile

   Update to py-botocore-1.12.134.
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports WrHklgknet/py-boto3 Makefile distinfo

   Update to py-boto3-1.9.134.
+4-42 files

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd b87244clibexec/rtld-elf debug.h Makefile

MFC r346216: make LD_DEBUG always functional.

FreeBSD/src 346484stable 12, stable/12/libexec/rtld-elf debug.h Makefile

MFC r346216: make LD_DEBUG always functional.

OpenBSD/ports oqppQDjsysutils/google-cloud-sdk Makefile distinfo, sysutils/google-cloud-sdk/pkg PLIST

   Update to google-cloud-sdk-242.0.0.

OpenBSD/ports bHPtoSSsysutils/amazon-ssm-agent Makefile distinfo

   Update to amazon-ssm-agent-2.3.542.0.

OpenBSD/ports wPypRthgraphics/py-cairo Makefile distinfo

   Update to py-cairo-1.18.1.

FreeBSD/ports 499529head/sysutils/doinkd Makefile pkg-descr

- Update WWW

Approved by:    portmgr blanket

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip fec3b0fdocbook2mdoc Makefile distinfo, docbook2mdoc/patches patch-Makefile

docbook2mdoc: Import as wip/docbook2mdoc.

Update to 1.0.0 release.

$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.1 2019/04/17 18:50:38 schwarze Exp $

2019-04-17 18:45  tag VERSION_1_0_0

2019-04-17 18:45  schwarze

               index.xml (1.14)
               NEWS (1.1)
               Makefile (1.25), "Exp", lines: +10 -11

        release 1.0.0

2019-04-16 21:21  schwarze

               docbook2mdoc.c (1.131), "Exp", lines: +2 -1
               node.c (1.22), "Exp", lines: +2 -1

    [1349 lines not shown]

OpenBSD/ports 7LisK5nmultimedia/qt-gstreamer Makefile, multimedia/qt-gstreamer/patches patch-src_QGst_caps_cpp

   Unbreak build with new Gstreamer.

OpenBSD/ports 5uBAEKRmultimedia/gstreamer1/py-gstreamer Makefile distinfo, multimedia/gstreamer1/py-gstreamer/pkg PLIST

   Update to py3-gstreamer1-1.16.0.

OpenBSD/ports F4vIalUmultimedia/gstreamer1/mm Makefile

   Regen WANTLIB and use the x11/gnome MODULE.
+19-201 files

OpenBSD/ports yiGmSbFmultimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-libav Makefile distinfo, multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-libav/patches patch-gst-libs_ext_libav_configure patch-ext_libav_Makefile_in

   Update to gstreamer1-plugins-libav-1.16.0.

OpenBSD/ports 9RnSW6zmultimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-bad Makefile distinfo, multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-bad/patches patch-common_m4_gst-dowhile_m4 patch-configure_ac

   Update to gstreamer1-plugins-bad-1.16.0.

OpenBSD/ports jmu5qj1multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-ugly Makefile distinfo, multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-ugly/pkg PLIST

   Update to gstreamer1-plugins-ugly-1.16.0.

OpenBSD/ports 02XLgFmmultimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-good Makefile distinfo, multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-good/patches patch-ext_vpx_gstvpxdec_c patch-common_m4_gst-dowhile_m4

   Update to gstreamer1-plugins-good-1.16.0.

OpenBSD/ports d4wSjIrmultimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-base Makefile, multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-base/files sndiosrc.c

   Update to gstreamer1-plugins-base-1.16.0.

OpenBSD/ports wk4vNpomultimedia/gstreamer1/core Makefile distinfo, multimedia/gstreamer1/core/pkg PLIST

   Update to gstreamer1-1.16.0.

OpenBSD/ports GJnNgSmmultimedia/gstreamer1

   Bump the gstreamer1 stack to 1.16.0 and refactor to use meson(1).
+18-451 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 54a36a3usr.sbin/manctl manctl.8

Sync manctl(8) with FreeBSD.

Basically, don't mention the unimplemented purge command anymore.

OpenBSD/src JRyzEKMsys/net if_media.c

   Interpret ENETRESET from ifm_change() as success in ifmedia_ioctl().

   Drivers will return ENETREST if the hardware needs to be reinitialized
   after successfully switching to the new media mode; it's not an error.

   This change fixes unreliable 'ifconfig mode' with some wireless drivers.

   ok phessler@ jmatthew@
+2-21 files

DragonFlyBSD/src aefcce8etc/periodic/weekly 330.catman, libexec/makewhatis.local makewhatis.local.8

Remove catman(1) since it is no longer needed in modern times.

It was used to bulk format manual pages for faster displaying.

su(1)'s EXAMPLES section was taken from FreeBSD.

Our man(1) command still stores and utilizes manual pages in
/usr/share/man/cat* after this commit.

FreeBSD/ports 499528head/devel/dragon distinfo Makefile

devel/dragon: upgrade 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2

- Small code cleanup for clean compile -Wall.
- Changed to code generation with virtual destructor

Submitted by:   Bjoern Lemke <lemke at>

NetBSD/src EodElIzsys/arch/arm/broadcom bcm2835_vcaudio.c

   Adapt to audio2.
+34-831 files

OpenBSD/src pDSariKlib/libcrypto/x509v3 v3_akey.c

   fix some style nits to reduce noise in an upcoming diff
+8-91 files

NetBSD/src KoWBe9Psys/dev/pci emuxki.c

   Make it compilable (on this branch).
   flags here is F(READ|WRITE), not AUOPEN_(READ|WRITE).
+5-41 files

NetBSD/src v917c0wsys/dev/pci eap.c

   Adapt to audio2.
   - Drop INDEPENDENT property from es1370 which has only one clock.
+17-1161 files

NetBSD/src 5vsGgo6usr.sbin/sysinst partman.c

   Use FOREACH_SAFE when removing devices from our internal list.
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src zpFwvdvsys/dev/pci cs4280.c cs4281.c

   Adapt cs428x families to audio2.
   - recording on cs4280 seems to have its own conversion.
     I will see it later but first make it compilable.
+66-3404 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 6cb299busr.bin/man man.1 man.conf.5

usr.bin/man: Some local adjustments, also bump .Dd.

DragonFlyBSD/src cde00b5usr.bin/man man.1

Add FreeBSD's man(1) command unchanged but don't hook in just yet.

It will use mandoc if the manual page is supported by it (all our
base manual pages are). If unsupported, as could be the case for
ports manual pages, it will fall back to groff. If groff isn't
found, it will advise to install the groff package.

LLVM/llvm 358844llvm/trunk/lib/Target/X86, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/X86 avx512-fma-intrinsics.ll avx512-intrinsics-fast-isel.ll

[X86] Add the rounding control operand to the printing for some scalar FMA instructions.

NetBSD/src 12Uiarwsys/dev/ic arcofi.c

   Oops, add accidentally dropped chunks.
+6-11 files

NetBSD/src 0xAkAyrsys/arch/hp300/dev arcofi_dio.c, sys/dev/ic arcofi.c arcofivar.h

   Adapt to audio2.
   - Use mulaw as default format.  HW supports slinear_be:16 actually
     but it's hard to use due to several hardware restrictions.
   - Improve data transfer and interrupt.
   Tested by tsutsui@ (a few months ago).  Thank you.
+111-1953 files

NetBSD/src DA8mQzSdoc TODO.nvmm

+3-21 files


   Note removal of COMPAT_OSF1.
+2-11 files

FreeBSD/ports 499527head/security/py-ecdsa Makefile

security/py-ecdsa: Take maintainership

PR:            237402
Approved by:    <kyuupichan gmail com> (maintainer, drop maintainership)