NextBSD/src 9fb5a19kern subr_gtaskqueue.c, net iflib.c

preinitialize admin task

NextBSD/src 51ec841kern subr_gtaskqueue.c

remove duplicate unlock

NextBSD/src d585ba7dev/netmap if_ptnet.c, dev/rtwn if_rtwn.c if_rtwnreg.h


NextBSD/src d26b09fdev/netmap if_ptnet.c, dev/rtwn if_rtwn.c if_rtwnreg.h

Merge branch 'master' of

NextBSD/src 1215a75net iflib.c

don't specify irq affinity for admin task
+1-01 files

NextBSD/src 3dd8bfdkern subr_gtaskqueue.c

don't bind threads / irqs when there is only one queue in the group

NextBSD/src 1245cf0mk

Force MK_GDB to no if MK_BINUTILS == no

This is currently encoded in conditional blocks in gnu/lib/Makefile and
gnu/usr.bin/Makefile. Set it via to make GDB's dependency
on binutils more clear.
+4-01 files

NextBSD/src 742dabavm vnode_pager.c

Fix incorrect assertion that could miss overflows.

Reviewed by:    kib
+1-11 files

NextBSD/src 8f6db70kern kern_mib.c kern_exec.c, x86/x86 identcpu.c

Mark a bunch of mpsafe sysctls as such.

This gives me a sysctl Giant-free buildworld.

NextBSD/src 329b6e1lib Makefile

Switch gnu/lib/Makefile to SUBDIR.${MK_*} optional subdir style

Compound conditions are left unchanged
+3-121 files

NextBSD/src 9810356dev/sound/usb uaudio.c

Add support for adjusting the hardware buffering delay for USB audio.

Requested by:   Goran Mekic <meka at>
MFC after:      1 week

NextBSD/src 689aef6kern vfs_cache.c

cache: split negative entry LRU into multiple lists

This splits the ncneg_mtx lock while preserving the hit ratio at least
during buildworld.

Create N dedicated lists for new negative entries.

Entries with at least one hit get promoted to the hot list, where they
get requeued every M hits.

Shrinking demotes one hot entry and performs a round-robin shrinking of
regular lists.

Reviewed by:    kib
+245-641 files

NextBSD/src c3f5e53dev/e1000 if_lem.c

Partial workaround for Intel PCI adapters reading past the end of the
host-programmed DMA regions.  This change seemingly fixes the
descriptor fetches, but the packet memory accesses are left

Reviewed by:    emaste, erj, sbruno
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      2 weeks
Differential revision:
+15-41 files

NextBSD/src d568e6b. Makefile.inc1

Fix MK_SHAREDOCS test from r306864

Groff is needed only if MK_GROFF and MK_SHAREDOCS are both true.
+1-11 files

NextBSD/src f19da3c. UPDATING

After deeper software archaeology, reports that 10.3R was affected
turned out to be mistaken. Adjust the entry and fix a few typos.
+10-91 files

NextBSD/src de409e3printenv printenv.c

Chase a cornercase in printenv and sync its behaviour with builtin's

The cornercase is when printenv is passed a parameter in the form VAR=val,
where VAR=val exists in the environment. In this case, printenv would print a
spurious newline and returns 0.

Approved by:           cognet
MFC after:                    1 week

NextBSD/src 0394d4farm/nvidia/tegra124 tegra124_cpufreq.c

TEGRA: Raise minimum voltage for CPU, original 0.9 V was too optimistic.
While I'm in, remove duplicated line from CPU frequency table.

MFC after: 2 weeks

NextBSD/src a2159d1. UPDATING

Document the unique requirements for upgrading more
prominently. Unlike in the past (dating back to the 4.x branch point),
you cannot upgrade from any point on the past couple of stable
branches to -current. Due to a bug in clang that existed before
r286035 in stable/9 or r286033 in stable/10, we cannot compile llvm
that's in 11.x or -current. Unfortunately, these revisions are after
9.3R and 10.3R on their respective branches. stable/11 and 11.0R are
not affected.

This also affects the upgrade path to 11 (including 11.0R) from
stable/9 and stable/10 (which would otherwise work, were it not for
this bug).

We also need to amend the 11.0R release notes.

MFC After: 3 days
+26-61 files

NextBSD/src d7d4326pkill/tests

Increase timeouts so tests have more chances to succeed
on MIPS64EB in QEMU.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5

NextBSD/src ca21fbanetpfil/ipfw ip_fw_table.c

Fix `ipfw table lookup` handler to return entry value, but not its index.

Submitted by:   loos
MFC after:      1 week

NextBSD/src 23dcf48ufs/ffs ffs_vnops.c

Add FFS pager, which uses buffer cache read operation to validate pages.
See the comments for more detailed description of the algorithm.

The pager is used unconditionally when the block size of the
underlying device is larger than the machine page size, since local
vnode pager cannot handle the configuration [1].  Otherwise, the
vfs.ffs.use_buf_pager sysctl allows to switch to the local pager.

Measurements demonstrated no regression in the ever-important
buildworld benchmark, and small (~5%) throughput improvements in the
special microbenchmark configuration for dbench over swap-backed

Code can be generalized and reused for other filesystems which use
buffer cache.

Reported by:    Anton Yuzhaninov <citrin at> [1]
Tested by:      pho
Benchmarked by: mjg, pho
Reviewed by:    alc, markj, mckusick (previous version)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      2 weeks
Differential revision:
+168-41 files

NextBSD/src 5579c41sys/geom/class/uzip 1_endian_little.img.uzip.uue test-1.img.uzip.uue

Add big-endian uzip file system and choose right file system
to proceed tests with.

Reviewed by:    jmmv, ngie
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5
Differential Revision:

NextBSD/src b4afcf1dev/hyperv/include vmbus.h, dev/hyperv/vmbus vmbus_chan.c

hyperv/vmbus: Expose channel management taskqueue for driver to use.

MFC after:      3 days
Sponsored by:   Microsoft

NextBSD/src 38255c1tools/nanobsd/embedded rpi3.cfg

RPI3 is retired in preference to GENERIC-UP. Use that instead.

NextBSD/src fcbea8earm/conf PANDABOARD


Submitted by: Oleksandr Tymoshenko

NextBSD/src 8c4ba2cnet80211 ieee80211_scan_sw.c ieee80211_var.h

[net80211] Initial full-offload scan support.

This is a very simple addition to the net80211 scan support.

It doesn't implement a replacement scan interface - it just disables
the pieces that we should disable to make this lifecycle a bit
more managable.

There's more work to come before full scan offload support is available
but it should be good enough for driver work.

* add a flag to say "full offload"
* don't do probe requests when scanning full-offload - firmware can do that
* don't do powersave transitions and buffering - firmware can do that


* iwm(4) - STA mode
* ath10k port (local, not in freebsd-head yet)

Reviewed by:    avos
Differential Revision:

NextBSD/src c430547net if_var.h

Fix typo in comment.
+1-11 files

NextBSD/src 7088187powerpc/fpu fpu_emu.c

Un-static two local variables in the FPU emulator

Static variables aren't MP-safe, and this was causing bizarre segfaults on a
dual-core e500v2 system (P1022).

Still left is one static variable, which should be moved into the pcb instead,
but as illegal instructions haven't been hit yet, it's lower priority.

MFC after:      1 week

NextBSD/src 3f40ad6arm64/conf GENERIC-UP GENERIC

Move SOC_BRCM_BCM2837 to GENERIC-UP since does not support SMP

NextBSD/src 80ecadfconf files.arm64

bcm2835_bsc.c should be compiled only if SOC_BRCM_BCM2837 is enabled
+1-11 files

NextBSD/src 2f351dfarm64/conf RPI3 GENERIC-UP

Retire RPI3 kernel config in favour of GENERIC-UP

Policy for FreeBSD/arm64 kernel config is the same one as for x86
architectures: provide GENERIC kernel bootable on as many systems
as possible. Since there is no SMP support for RPi 3 yet new kernel
config was introduced: GENERIC-UP, which is effectively GENERIC with
SMP option disabled

NextBSD/src 1bd8919crypto/aesni aesni.h, crypto/sha2 sha512t.h

Fix C++ includability of crypto headers with static array sizes

C99 allows array function parameters to use the static keyword for their
sizes. This tells the compiler that the parameter will have at least the
specified size, and calling code will fail to compile if that guarantee is
not met. However, this syntax is not legal in C++.

This commit reverts r300824, which worked around the problem for
sys/sys/md5.h only, and introduces a new macro: min_size(). min_size(x) can
be used in headers as a static array size, but will still compile in C++

Reviewed by:    cem, ed
MFC after:      4 weeks
Sponsored by:   Spectra Logic Corp
Differential Revision:

NextBSD/src 3d8bdcbnetbsd-tests/lib/libpthread t_swapcontext.c

Skip test on FreeBSD only. So test can be upstreamed to NetBSD.

Requested by:   ngie
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5

NextBSD/src 1151203tools/nanobsd/embedded common

Announce where we've put the image too

NextBSD/src 0ec2d2dtools/nanobsd/embedded beaglebone.cfg


NextBSD/src 0347290dev/bxe bxe.c bxe_stats.h

1.  Use taskqueue_create() instead of taskqueue_create_fast() for both
    fastpath and slowpath taskqueues.
2. Service all transmits in taskqueue threads.
3. additional stats counters for  keeping track of
        - bd availability
        - tx buf ring not emptied in the fp task queue.
          These are drained via timeout taskqueue.
        - tx attempts during link down.

MFC after: 5 days

NextBSD/src 0a0798bdev/rtwn/usb rtwn_usb_rx.c rtwn_usb_tx.c

rtwn(4): fix build with 'options IEEE80211_SUPPORT_SUPERG'

NextBSD/src 9750eb8dev/netmap netmap_pt.c netmap_generic.c, net netmap_virt.h

remove stale and unused code from various files
fix build on 32 bit platforms
simplify logic in netmap_virt.h

The commands (in net/netmap.h) to configure communication with the
hypervisor may be revised soon.
At the moment they are unused so this will not be a change of API.

NextBSD/src 0cf1b34dev/e1000 if_lem.c

remove conditional code for an obsolete feature. if_ptnet now does better.
+0-1561 files

NextBSD/src e29e560dev/netmap netmap_monitor.c if_vtnet_netmap.h, net netmap_user.h

remove trailing whitespace. No code changes.

NextBSD/src e8a29a7man/man4 netmap.4

fix a stale sentence in the manpage
+3-31 files

NextBSD/src 095c3cdipfw ipv6.c ipfw.8

Add support for non-contiguous IPv6 masks in ipfw(8) rules.

For example fe::640:0:0/ffff::ffff:ffff:0:0 will match
addresses fe:*:*:*:0:640:*:*

Submitted by:   Eugene Mamchits <mamchits at yandex-team dot ru>
Obtained from:  Yandex LLC
MFC after:      2 weeks
Sponsored by:   Yandex LLC
+45-212 files

NextBSD/src ba8cf84dev/netmap netmap_kern.h

Restore svn r306772 that was overwritten by netmap import at svn r307394

#include <sys/selinfo.h> should be here as all drivers that support
netmap need to use this file regardless.

NextBSD/src 2ffc085net iflib.c

Set default capabilities at attach.


Submitted by:   mmacy at
+7-21 files

NextBSD/src b6f4bcekern subr_gtaskqueue.c

Assert that we're assigning a non-null taskqueue.

Fix cpu assignment by assuring stride is non-zero, assert that all tasks
have a valid taskqueue.

Start cpu assignment from zero.

Submitted by:   mmacy at

NextBSD/src 24a0c0fkern subr_gtaskqueue.c

Ensure that tasks with a specific cpu set prior to smp starting get
re-attached to a thread running on that cpu.


Submitted by:   mmacy at
+85-431 files

NextBSD/src bd90949arm64/arm64 machdep.c trap.c, arm64/include pcb.h

Add PCB_FP_USERMASK so we can mask off floating point flags that should
not be sent to userspace, for example the future flag to tell when we are
using floating point in the kernel.

Obtained from:  ABT Systems Ltd
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

NextBSD/src 4ebbce4mdocml mandocdb.c

makewhatis: avoid skipping another page after one with no mlinks

Submitted by:   Ingo Schwarze
MFC after:      3 weeks
MFC with:       r307003
+1-31 files

NextBSD/src 3e56e9bnet iflib.c

When deciding whether or not to call tqg_attach_cpu(), reference rid


Submitted by:   mmacy at
+1-31 files

NextBSD/src 95c982dnet iflib.c

Toggle v4/v6 rxcsum together

Only re-init if driver is running


Submitted by:   mmacy at
+4-41 files