NetBSD/pkgsrc JQzjZKnmath/R Makefile

   R: drop maintainership
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc A3vFzv5doc CHANGES-2019

   texstudio update
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 2gd5Fareditors/texstudio distinfo Makefile

   texstudio: update to 2.12.16

   This is mainly a bug fix release. Most notably change is flickerfree update
   of pdf.

NetBSD/pkgsrc gTrFb9hprint/poppler distinfo, print/poppler-qt5 Makefile

   poppler-qt5: dont build splash backend as per other bits of poppler.

NetBSD/pkgsrc ESzXCyIpkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg_test.R R2pkg.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: remove unused code

NetBSD/pkgsrc zbXhyEVpkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg.R R2pkg_test.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: refactoring

NetBSD/pkgsrc ejuhd6mlang/gcc8 distinfo, lang/gcc8/patches patch-fixincludes_fixincl.x patch-fixincludes_inclhack.def

   lang/gcc8: Make this build on macOS Catalina

   A patch from Homebrew:

NetBSD/pkgsrc 99NtK6jpkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg.R R2pkg_test.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: refactoring, tests

NetBSD/pkgsrc 8I6shnVgames/xonotic Makefile

   xonotic: apparently needs alsa on linux
+5-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc W26TKUPdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated net/youtube-dl to 20191016
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc MI7XX2Gnet/youtube-dl distinfo PLIST

   youtube-dl: Update to 20191016

   version 2019.10.16

   * [extractor/common] Make _is_valid_url more relaxed

   * [vimeo] Improve album videos id extraction (#22599)
   + [globo] Extract subtitles (#22713)
   * [bokecc] Improve player params extraction (#22638)
   * [nexx] Handle result list (#22666)
   * [vimeo] Fix VHX embed extraction
   * [nbc] Switch to graphql API (#18581, #22693, #22701)
   - [vessel] Remove extractor
   - [promptfile] Remove extractor (#6239)
   * [kaltura] Fix service URL extraction (#22658)
   * [kaltura] Fix embed info strip (#22658)
   * [globo] Fix format extraction (#20319)
   * [redtube] Improve metadata extraction (#22492, #22615)
   * [pornhub:uservideos:upload] Fix extraction (#22619)
   + [telequebec:squat] Add support for (#18503)
   - [wimp] Remove extractor (#22088, #22091)
   + [gfycat] Extend URL regular expression (#22225)

    [12 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc UeG2xT6pkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg_test.R R2pkg.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: make license handling code simpler

NetBSD/pkgsrc HmtiyEVpkgtools/R2pkg/files

   pkgtools/R2pkg: create fewer temporary files
+1-141 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc raRGk8Opkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg.R R2pkg_test.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: code cleanup, use fewer temporary files

NetBSD/pkgsrc sdc4n4asysutils/u-boot Makefile

+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc oxQL2E9pkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg.R R2pkg_test.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: make USE_LANGUAGES code simpler

NetBSD/pkgsrc 260Vn4cpkgtools/R2pkg/files

   pkgtools/R2pkg: clean up shell program
+105-1361 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc A3k4xbYdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated devel/py-traitlets, devel/py-anytree
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc PR9Epytdevel/py-anytree distinfo Makefile

   py-anytree: updated to 2.7.2

   Improve Documentation

   Improve Coverage

   Speed improvements
   Add trick multidim
   Clarify use of get_attr
   Fix iterator protocol
   Extend documentation
   Remove slots
   Fix escape issue
   Fix issue with non-strings in node names
   Add UniqueDotExporter
   Fix typos
   Speed up searching with optional fastcache
   Remove python 2.6 testing
   Add python 3.7 testing

NetBSD/pkgsrc s5VgpaWdevel/py-traitlets Makefile distinfo

   py-traitlets: updated to 4.3.3

   4.3.3 backports some small bugfixes and improvements:
   - Adds :attr:`Application.loaded_config_files` property for accessing config files that 
have been loaded
     and makes the property idempotent on multiple loads.

NetBSD/pkgsrc CdOfuiOpkgtools/R2pkg/files

   pkgtools/R2pkg: clean up shell program
+50-571 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc c7tni4Rdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated pkgtools/R2pkg to 0.6.3
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc yViLCiVpkgtools/R2pkg Makefile, pkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg_test.R RELEASE

   pkgtools/R2pkg: update to 0.6.3

   Changes since 0.6.1:

   * Fix comparison of articles (a, an) in comments.

NetBSD/pkgsrc vmTbKSUpkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg_test.R R2pkg.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: refactoring, tests

NetBSD/pkgsrc 3VTbeRkprint/poppler-cpp DESCR

   poppler-cpp: Fix DESCR
+1-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc MUZBMKYdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated textproc/py-jsonschema, databases/py-apsw, sysutils/py-structlog, 
+5-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc vF0pWjvdevel/py-fakefs distinfo Makefile

   py-fakefs: updated to 3.6.1

   Version 3.6.1
   * avoid rare side effect during module iteration in test setup
   * make sure real OS tests are not executed by default

NetBSD/pkgsrc cC4J7eBsysutils/py-structlog distinfo Makefile

   py-structlog: updated to 19.2.0


   Backward-incompatible changes:
   - Python 3.4 is not supported anymore.
     It has been unsupported by the Python core team for a while now and its PyPI 
downloads are negligible.
     It's very unlikely that ``structlog`` will break under 3.4 anytime soon, but we don't 
test it anymore.

   - Full Python 3.8 support for ``structlog.stdlib``.
   - Added more pass-through properties to ``structlog.stdlib.BoundLogger``.
     To makes it easier to use it as a drop-in replacement for ``logging.Logger``.
   - ``structlog.stdlib.ProcessorFormatter`` now takes a logger object as an optional 
keyword argument.
     This makes ``ProcessorFormatter`` work properly with 
   - ```` now uses no colors by default, if ``colorama`` is 
not available.
   - ```` now initializes ``colorama`` lazily, to prevent 
accidental side-effects just by importing ``structlog``.
   - Added new processor ```` that will set ``exc_info=True`` 
if the method's name is `exception` and ``exc_info`` isn't set at all.

    [17 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc vW0ftcItextproc/aspell-de DESCR

   aspell-de: swiss was removed as an alias
+0-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc Wg4ukQidatabases/py-apsw distinfo Makefile

   py-apsw: updated to 3.29.0

   Added constants:
   Updated Connection.config() with all current SQLITE_DBCONFIG constants. Also fixes APSW 
issue 249

NetBSD/pkgsrc logGJ10textproc/py-jsonschema distinfo PLIST

   py-jsonschema: updated to 3.1.1

   * Regular expressions throughout schemas now respect the ECMA 262 dialect, as
     recommended by the specification.

NetBSD/pkgsrc AWQz8tOdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated math/py-asteval, devel/py-pyrsistent
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc wH0jPLpdevel/py-pyrsistent distinfo Makefile

   py-pyrsistent: updated to 0.15.4

    * Fix a GC traversal bug in pvector evolver C extension.
    * Fix pytest 5 compatibility, this is a quick fix, some more work is needed to get 
coverage working etc.

    * Fix catch all exceptions during extension build to reduce chance of corner cases 
that prevents installation.
    * Fix in PVector equality comparison don's assume that other object has a length, 
check before calling len.
    * Fix write warning about failing build of C extension directly to stderr to avoid 
that pip silences it.
    * Fix update PMapEvolver type stub to better reflect implementation.

    * Propagate 'ignore_extra' param in hierarchy.
    * Fix thaw typing.
    * Fix not possible to insert empty pmap as leaf node with transform.

    * Fix installation broken on Python 2.


    [4 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc hakFyeRmath/py-asteval distinfo Makefile

   py-asteval: updated to 0.9.15

   some doc improvements

NetBSD/pkgsrc JnGqeCEdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated devel/py-llvmlite, net/py-ipaddress, math/py-numba, textproc/py-xlsxwriter
+5-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc hIQb05Utextproc/py-xlsxwriter distinfo Makefile

   py-xlsxwriter: updated to 1.2.2

   Release 1.2.2:
   * Fixed Python 3.8.0 warnings.

NetBSD/pkgsrc T60x4csmath/py-numba PLIST distinfo

   py-numba: updated to 0.46.0

   Version 0.46.0

   This release significantly reworked one of the main parts of Numba, the compiler
   pipeline, to make it more extensible and easier to use. The purpose of this was
   to continue enhancing Numba's ability for use as a compiler toolkit. In a
   similar vein, Numba now has an extension registration mechanism to allow other
   Numba-using projects to automatically have their Numba JIT compilable functions
   discovered. There were also a number of other related compiler toolkit
   enhancement added along with some more NumPy features and a lot of bug fixes.

   This release has updated the CUDA Array Interface specification to version 2,
   which clarifies the `strides` attribute for C-contiguous arrays and specifies
   the treatment for zero-size arrays. The implementation in Numba has been
   changed and may affect downstream packages relying on the old behavior

   General Enhancements:

   * Add rewrite for semantic constants.
   * Add np.cross support
   * Make IR comparable and legalize it.
   * R&D inlining, jitted and overloaded.
   * Automatic JIT of called functions
   * Inspection tool to check what numba supports

    [79 lines not shown]
+116-233 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc OeLRkJjnet/py-ipaddress distinfo Makefile

   py-ipaddress: updated to 1.0.23

   Unknown changes

NetBSD/pkgsrc W8Q7vdudoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated editors/hnb to 1.9.18
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc Pihdaa4editors/hnb distinfo Makefile, editors/hnb/patches patch-ac patch-src_expanded.c

   editors/hnb: Update to 1.9.18

   - Removes obsolete patches.
   - Updates the source code upstream to github.

   Changes since 1.9.17:

        fixes crashes when trying to run in amd64 systems

   ok maya@

NetBSD/pkgsrc 4IQ7EEEdevel/py-llvmlite distinfo Makefile, devel/py-llvmlite/patches

   py-llvmlite: updated to 0.30.0

   This release adds support for half-precision float and schedules the
   deprecation of memset/memcpy accepting 5 arguments (cf. LLVM change).
   * Fix use of -fPIC flag in wheels
   * Remove restriction on sphinx version from Anaconda distro
   * fix for block labels which contain "interesting" characters
   * Deprecate the use of memset/memcpy with alias
   * Add fp16 Intrinsics
   * Add Half-Precision Type
   * Add -fPIC flag for manylinux1 wheel building
   * Fix incorrect hierarchy in the documentation for ir.Constant.
   * Update docs
   * Fix leak on string returning APIs.

NetBSD/pkgsrc nTfM479doc CHANGES-2019

   Updated lang/llvm, lang/compiler-rt, lang/clang, lang/clang-static-analyzer, 
lang/clang-tools-extra, lang/libcxx, lang/libcxxabi, lang/libunwind, devel/polly, 
devel/lld, devel/lldb, parallel/openmp
+13-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc atcrPEYdevel/lld/patches patch-ELF_Writer.cpp patch-docs_ld.lld.1

   lld: remove unused patches

NetBSD/pkgsrc PUWUrQsdevel/lld distinfo, devel/lldb PLIST distinfo

   lld: updated to 9.0.0

   Non-comprehensive list of changes in this release

   ELF Improvements

   ld.lld now has typo suggestions for flags: $ ld.lld --call-shared now prints unknown 
argument '--call-shared', did you mean '--call_shared'.

   --allow-shlib-undefined and --no-allow-shlib-undefined options are added. 
--no-allow-shlib-undefined is the default for executables.

   -nmagic and -omagic options are fully supported.

   Segment layout has changed. PT_GNU_RELRO, which was previously placed in the middle of 
readable/writable PT_LOAD segments, is now placed at the beginning of them. This change 
permits lld-produced ELF files to be read correctly by GNU strip older than 2.31, which 
has a bug to discard a PT_GNU_RELRO in the former layout.

   -z common-page-size is supported.

   Diagnostics messages have improved. A new flag --vs-diagnostics alters the format of 
diagnostic output to enable source hyperlinks in Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

    [107 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc X4F9DRNlang/libcxx distinfo PLIST, lang/libcxxabi distinfo Makefile

   libcxx: updated to 9.0.0

   Libc++ 9.0.0


   Minor fixes to std::chrono operators.
   libc++ now correctly handles Objective-C++ ARC qualifiers in std::is_pointer.
   std::span general updates and fixes.
   Updates to the std::abs implementation.
   std::to_chars now adds leading zeros.
   Ensure std::tuple is trivially constructible.
   std::aligned_union now works in C++03.
   Output of nullptr to std::basic_ostream is formatted properly.


   Implemented P0608: sane variant converting constructor.
   Added ssize function.
   Added front and back methods in std::span.
   std::is_unbounded_array and std::is_bounded_array added to type traits.
   std::atomic now includes many new features and specialization including improved 
Freestanding support.
   Added std::midpoint and std::lerp math functions.
   Added the function std::is_constant_evaluated.

    [10 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc nNYshfYlang/clang-tools-extra distinfo Makefile

   clang-tools-extra: updated to 9.0.0

   Improvements to clangd
   * Background indexing is on by default
   When using clangd, it will build an index of your code base (all files listed in your 
compile database). This index enables go-to-definition, find-references, and even code 
completion to find symbols across your project.
   This feature can consume a lot of CPU. It can be disabled using the 
--background-index=false flag, and respects -j to use fewer threads. The index is written 
to .clangd/index in the project root.

   * Contextual code actions
   Extract variable, expand auto, expand macro, convert string to raw string. More to come 
in the future!

   * Clang-tidy warnings are available
   These will be produced for projects that have a .clang-tidy file in their source tree, 
as described in the clang-tidy documentation.

   * Improved diagnostics
   Errors from headers are now shown (on the #including line). The message now indicates 
if fixes are available. Navigation between errors and associated notes is improved (for 
editors that support Diagnostic.relatedInformation).

    [85 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc Qz2gQpVdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated devel/p5-IO-Pager to 1.01
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 969fGbLdevel/p5-IO-Pager distinfo Makefile

   (devel/p5-IO-Pager) Updated 0.40 to 1.01

   1.01 Tue Oct 08 2019
        Add to MANIFEST

        Fix interactive test 16

   1.00 Mon Oct 07 2019
        Fork Term::Pager to IO::Pager::Perl, with many new features.
        NOTE: This is a breaking change from 0.43 & 0.44. What was
        IO::Pager::Perl in those versions is now IO::Pager::less i.e;
        a shim for pager-less systems to use the pure perl pager
        implementation in IO::Pager::Perl.

        Update bloody version number transclusions. RT#130643

   0.44 Mon Sep 30 2019
        Remove debugging calls mistakenly left in code. RT#130595

        Skip testing on dumb "terminal" setups. RT#130596

        Add (unexposed) code for less -J search line highlighting,
        and more form feed break to tp (IO::Pager::Perl).

   0.43 Sun Sep 29 2019

    [13 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc iA565tmpkgtools/R2pkg/files R2pkg.R R2pkg_test.R

   pkgtools/R2pkg: code cleanup

NetBSD/pkgsrc hNpp818lang/clang PLIST distinfo, lang/clang/patches patch-lib_Driver_ToolChains_Solaris.cpp patch-lib_Basic_Targets_OSTargets.h

   clang: updated to 9.0.0

   Major New Features
   * Experimental support for C++ for OpenCL has been added.

   Non-comprehensive list of changes in this release
   * The __VERSION__ macro has been updated. Previously this macro contained the string 
‘4.2.1 Compatible’ to achieve compatibility with GCC 4.2.1, but that should no longer be 
necessary. However, to retrieve Clang’s version, please favor the one of the macro defined 
in clang namespaced version macros.

   New Compiler Flags
   * -ftime-trace and ftime-trace-granularity=N Emits flame chart style compilation time 
report in chrome://tracing and compatible format. A trace .json file is 
written next to the compiled object file, containing hierarchical time information about 
frontend activities (file parsing, template instantiation) and backend activities (modules 
and functions being optimized, optimization passes).

   Modified Compiler Flags
   * clang -dumpversion now returns the version of Clang itself.

   Windows Support
   * clang-cl now treats non-existent files as possible typos for flags, clang-cl 
/diagnostic:caret /c for example now produces clang: error: no such file or 

    [8 lines not shown]