NetBSD/pkgsrc UOmEuaBgraphics/MesaLib Makefile

   MesaLib: strip out -Werror=return-type

   Mesa has some switch statements that do assert(0) for the default case
   and return on all the other cases. Some versions of GCC count these
   functions as not terminating with the right return value and are erroring.

   reported by wilbury.
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc qyUK4Vhgraphics/MesaLib distinfo, graphics/MesaLib/patches patch-src_intel_perf_gen__perf.c

   MesaLib: resolve a build failure on SunOS, reported by wilbury

NetBSD/pkgsrc lWf5HbBgraphics/MesaLib

   MesaLib: disable egl/gbm on SunOS for now. failure reported by wilbury
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 19bPA2Itextproc/py-xapian PLIST Makefile

   Try to fix bulk-build PLIST problems I can't reproduce.

NetBSD/pkgsrc 3Bm4hPHdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Added security/doas version 6.1
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc T07qdRBsecurity/doas Makefile

   security/doas: change license to add bsd-3 and isc.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc zNnD6OSprint/ja-a2ps Makefile distinfo, print/ja-a2ps/patches patch-ac

   1. adapt perl 5.22 or later, 2. silence pkglint 3. MAINTAINER conversion

   1. add patch-ac, to adapt perl-5.22 or later change
      Can't use 'defined(@array)' (Maybe you should just omit the defined()?)
      Sorry separated patch for one file,
   2. Add DEPENDS= nkf to process Japanese document
   3. move LICENSE= line to meet pkglint rule
   4. convert MAINTAINER to pkgsrc-users

NetBSD/pkgsrc E230eYzdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated www/ocsigen to 2.15.0
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc jQAg6wuwww/ocsigen distinfo PLIST, www/ocsigen/patches patch-src_baselib_Makefile

   Updated www/ocsigen to version 2.15.0.

   This adds support for OCaml 4.08, plus some other minor fixes and changes.

NetBSD/pkgsrc sq7uG5Adoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated security/ocaml-ssl to 0.5.9
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc RZCFkI4security/ocaml-ssl distinfo

   Updated security/ocaml-ssl to version 0.5.9.

   This includes API changes to add support for hostname validation and
   APLN support, as well as some minor changes.

NetBSD/pkgsrc 3zWEUIBwww/eliom Makefile

   Revbump for www/eliom.
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc OWVS9x2www/eliom PLIST, www/eliom/patches patch-pkg_META

   Changes to www/eliom for ocaml 4.08

   This includes patches already upstream (but not yet released), as well as
   removing the dependency on ocaml-deriving-ocsigen.

NetBSD/pkgsrc g7flgjCdoc TODO CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated lang/ocaml to 4.08.1
+3-32 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc bwKhQOOlang/ocaml PLIST Makefile.common, lang/ocaml/patches patch-configure patch-runtime_Makefile

   Updated lang/ocaml to 4.08.1.

   4.08.1 is a bugfix release, fixing compilation failures in presence of the
   -pack option, and dynlinking failures.

   Highlights in 4.08.0 are:
   * Binding operators (let*, let+, and*, etc). They can be used to
     streamline monadic code.
   * open now applies to arbitrary module expression in structures and to
     applicative paths in signatures.
   * A new notion of (user-defined) "alerts" generalizes the deprecated
   * New modules in the standard library: Fun, Bool, Int, Option, Result.
   * A significant number of new functions in Float, including FMA support,
     and a new Float.Array submodule.
   * Source highlighting for errors and warnings in batch mode.
   * Many error messages were improved.
   * Improved AFL instrumentation for objects and lazy values.

NetBSD/pkgsrc n2mcHLbx11 Makefile

   x11: +modular-xorg-xwayland... oops
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 6QjEaYedoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated textproc/py-sphinx to 1.8.5nb2
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc qgTQ5letextproc/py-sphinx Makefile

   Revert wrong workaround and require py-packaging>=19.1nb1 explicitly

   From wiz@, thank you.
+3-41 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc TPfN1wbdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated www/php-nextcloud to 16.0.4
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc uIierXvwww/php-nextcloud PLIST distinfo

   Update to 16.0.4

       Always set the display name for user shares (server#16254)
       Prevent undefined offset 0 in findByUserIdOrMail (server#16325)
       Use HTTP1.1 to read S3 objects (server#16330)
       Bump lodash.mergewith from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 (server#16338)
       Bump lodash.merge from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 (server#16341)
       Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.13 (server#16352)
       Addsubtag should push to array (server#16405)
       Add catch for RuntimeException (server#16414)
       Only prevent disabling encrytion via the API (server#16425)
       Do not keep searching for recent (server#16432)
       Update operationprogressbar.js (server#16437)
       Fix File#putContents(string) on ObjectStorage (server#16444)
       Pass $configargs to openssl_pkey_export (server#16500)
       Nested recursion breaking max nested level for parent comment calculation 
       Allow hidden smb shares (server#16527)
       Allow to provide supported calendar component set internally as a string 
       Lock SCSS so we only run 1 job at a time (server#16541)
       Fix max contrast retrieval to limit minimum color for relative time (server#16543)
       Supresses disclosing the userid for LDAP users in the welcome mail (server#16561)

    [79 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc L5ezlgGsecurity Makefile, security/doas Makefile DESCR

   security/doas: Add version 6.1 (from wip)

   doas is a port of OpenBSD's doas which runs on FreeBSD, Linux and

   The doas utility is a program originally written for OpenBSD which
   allows a user to run a command as though they were another
   user. Typically doas is used to allow non-privleged users to run
   commands as though they were the root user. The doas program acts as
   an alternative to sudo, which is a popular method in the Linux
   community for granting admin access to specific users.

   The doas program offers two benefits over sudo: its configuration file
   has a simple syntax and it is smaller, requiring less effort to audit
   the code. This makes it harder for both admins and coders to make
   mistakes that potentially open security holes in the system.

NetBSD/pkgsrc 51mN18Ldoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated net/gallery-dl to 1.10.2
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 7rkTK0wnet/gallery-dl distinfo Makefile

   gallery-dl: Update to 1.10.2

   ### Additions
    - Support for `instagram` stories and IGTV (#371, #373)
    - Support for individual `imgbb` images (#363)
    - `deviantart.quality` option to set the JPEG compression quality for newer
      images (#369)
    - `enumerate` option for `extractor.skip` (#306)
    - `adjust-extensions` option to control filename extension adjustments
    - `path-remove` option to remove control characters etc. from filesystem

   ### Changes
    - Rename `restrict-filenames` to `path-restrict`
    - Adjust `pixiv` metadata and default filename format (#366)
      - Set `filename` to `"{category}_{user[id]}_{id}{suffix}.{extension}"` to
        restore the old default
    - Improve and optimize directory and filename generation

   ### Fixes
    - Allow the `classify` post-processor to handle files with unknown filename
      extension (#138)

    [6 lines not shown]
+7-72 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc IoWI63zgraphics/MesaLib

   MesaLib: bump llvm requirement to one with RTTI
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 3dasRk9lang/openjdk8 Makefile

   openjdk8: put back MASTER_SITE_LOCAL in the list

   So the bootstrap kits can be found. Oops.
+3-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc hoFxXUjsysutils/libnotify Makefile

   libnotify: Move the meson argument to disable doc to `doc' option

   Disabling the docbook_docs belong to `doc' option, move MESON_ARGS directly
   there. While here also make xmlto a tool dependency. (NFCI)

NetBSD/pkgsrc hCU6qcsdoc CHANGES-2019

   Note addition of devel/libcbor version 0.5.0
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc iAFi6ptdevel Makefile, devel/libcbor PLIST Makefile

   Add libcbor version 0.5.0 to the packages collection

        libcbor is a C library for parsing and generating CBOR, the
        general-purpose schema-less binary data format.


        RFC 7049 Concise Binary Object Representation

        "The Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) is a data format
        whose design goals include the possibility of extremely small code
        size, fairly small message size, and extensibility without the need
        for version negotiation."

NetBSD/pkgsrc ItJ1iHCdevel/py-meson

   py-meson: Make ninja respect MAKE_JOBS.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc TpOIAL0devel/py-meson distinfo Makefile, devel/py-meson/patches

   py-meson: Support NetBSD aarch64 and earm.

   Thanks Robert Swindells for testing this.

NetBSD/pkgsrc s7Rx38bpkgtools/x11-links Makefile, pkgtools/x11-links/files xorg.libxshmfence

   x11-links-1.29: Add libxshmfence.

NetBSD/pkgsrc TzKc65Xchat/ircd-hybrid Makefile

   ircd-hybrid: Adds missing USE_LIBTOOL.

   Noticed via pkglint(1).
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc SqzUEwyx11/libxshmfence

+7-01 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc aATlYoLdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated x11/xfce4-settings to 4.14.1
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc pKohJbix11/xfce4-settings distinfo Makefile

   xfce4-settings: update to 4.14.1

   Change log:

   - display: Fix profile matching in xfsettingsd
   - display: Assure correct gchar** (Bug #15816)
   - color: Conditionally hide info button in add-profile dialog
   - color: Add tooltip to profile info buttons
   - keyboard: Add mnemonics to add-command dialog (Bug #10495)
   - keyboard: Improve layout of add-command dialog
   - Translation Updates:
     Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (China), Dutch, French, Galician, German,
     Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian

NetBSD/pkgsrc W7fvPCQdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated lang/newlisp to 10.7.5
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc QO7NwVElang/newlisp PLIST Makefile, lang/newlisp/patches patch-guiserver_guiserver.lsp

   Update to 10.7.5

   * GUI in Java was removed in 10.7.2 release.
   * Fix build error related to readline with devel/readline. PR pkg/54484

      Fixing out-of-sink of file positions when mixing 'search' and 'seek'
      with 'read-line' on IO-streams introduced a new errror making
      the newlisp-10.x.x/examples/upload.cgi script fail.

      Supress loading of startup init.lsp when -h option is present. Before
      only the -n and -x options supressed init.lsp.

      Change in modules/gsl.lsp to make it work on locales using comma separator.

      Ability to use 'open', 'rename-file', 'delete-file', 'make-dir' and
      'remove-dir' with UTF16 filenames in UTF8 versions on Windows when
      using the UTF8 version of newLISP. The functions 'file-info', 'file?',
      'change-dir' and 'dir? already worked on UTF16 filenames when using the UTF8
      version of newLISP on Windows.

      Thanks to Michael Sabin who started the work a few years back writing the
      win-path.c file with functions translating between UTF8 and UTF16.

    [48 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc M1zHV35chat/inspircd Makefile, chat/inspircd3 Makefile

   inspircd*: Update COMMENT
+4-42 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc VVdyESgdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated textproc/py-sphinx to 1.8.5nb1
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc iUhGkIOtextproc/py-sphinx Makefile

   Fix runtime error when building docs in mail/notmuch, bump PKGREVISION
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 5IgwEkjdatabases/p5-DBD-postgresql distinfo Makefile

   p5-DBD-postgresql: updated to 3.9.1

   Version 3.9.1:
   Bugfix for pg_error_field: make sure we do not feed null to newSVpv,
   handle older versions of Postgres better.

   Version 3.9.0:
   - ShowErrorStatement works for "quickexec" do() calls
   - Add :pg_limits to add constants such as PG_MAX_SMALLINT
   - Add $dbh->pg_error_field() function
   - Fix failing tests due to incorrect 'initdb' check

   Version 3.8.1:
   - Fix encoding of SQL_VARBINARY type in $dbh->quote() function
   - Fix encoding in $dbh->do() function
   - Fix E'' string escape handling on architectures with unsigned chars
   - Minor fix to allow DBD::Pg to connect to PGbouncer's internal 'pgbouncer' database.
   - Fix so table_info test works on non-empty databases

   Version 3.8.0:
   - Increase minimum supported PostgreSQL version to 8.0
   - Add support for foreign tables in table_info() and column_info()
   - Return the current database name as TABLE_CAT in info methods
   - Handle backslash-escaped quotes in E'' strings
   - Fix typo in Makefile.PL

    [9 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc jZBqVpYdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated emulators/gxemul to 0.6.2
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc U9U7rfIemulators/gxemul PLIST distinfo, emulators/gxemul/patches patch-src_include_components_MIPS__CPUComponent.h

   Update to 0.6.2

   * All pkgsrc patches are included by upstream or target files are removed.

   The most important changes between release 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 are:

       When writing to mirrored RAM ranges, any dyntrans translations made in either the 
mirror or the mirrored ranges are now invalidated. This means that an emulated SGI O2 can 
now be used with up to 1 GB of RAM when running OpenBSD/sgi as a guest OS. Previously, 256 
MB was the maximum amount of emulated RAM possible for the SGI O2.

       A fix 2018-06-13 (between and for translation invalidation when 
using larger than 4 KB pages, which made HelenOS/malta run further, caused a regression 
which broke NetBSD/hpcmips (on VR4121 CPUs, which have 1 KB native page size). A bit of 
cleanup seems to have fixed this, so that both NetBSD/hpcmips and HelenOS/malta work now.

       Cleanup: The MIPS processor emulation implemented in the "new framework", and the 
corresponding MIPS machine modes in the new framework, have been removed. (All meaningful 
MIPS emulation is in the old framework anyway.)

       Documentation updates:
           Each emulated machine now has a page of its own with the guest OSes or other 
software that may run in that mode, rather than just having a long unsorted list of guest 
OS installation instructions.

    [5 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc eBBMb4kdoc TODO

   doc/TODO: Change needed gramps version to 5.0.2
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc FgxVJKedoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated cad/verilator to 4.016
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 62etGXLcad/verilator distinfo Makefile

   Update to 4.016

   * Verilator 4.016 2016-06-16

   ***   Add --quiet-exit, bug1436. [Todd Strader]

   ****  Error continuation lines no longer have %Error prefix.

   ****  Support logical equivalence operator <->.

   ****  Support VerilatedFstC set_time_unit, bug1433. [Pieter Kapsenberg]

   ****  Support deferred assertions, bug1449. [Charles Eddleston]

   ****  Mark infrequently called functions with GCC cold attribute.

   ****  Fix sign-compare warning in verilated.cpp, bug1437. [Sergey Kvachonok]

   ****  Fix fault on $realtime with %t, bug1443. [Julien Margetts]

   ****  Fix $display with string without %s, bug1441. [Denis Rystsov]

   ****  Fix parameter function string returns, bug1441. [Denis Rystsov]

    [40 lines not shown]
+7-82 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc Kb4snImdevel/py-ruamel-yaml Makefile

   devel/py-ruamel-yaml: Reset MAINTAINER

   (Email to $MAINTAINER did not succeed.)
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 5cuoFpUdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated www/p5-Template-Toolkit
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc r9IE0Lgwww/p5-Template-Toolkit distinfo Makefile

   p5-Template-Toolkit: updated to 2.29

   Version 2.29:
   * G. Flohr fixed multiple weaken cyclic reference

NetBSD/pkgsrc iFveboydoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated devel/p5-Scalar-List-Utils
+2-11 files