A Few Updates

A quick rollup of changes since the new server a few months ago:

Support for HTTP/3

The web server has been advertising HTTP/3 support to clients for months now, but because port 443 was only opened for TCP connections by my firewall configuration, it didn’t actually work.

I’ve rectified this, and will keep and eye on whether it’s actually getting used. There’s currently a roughly 60:40 split between HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 requests, respectively.

Diff line numbers disabled on small displays

Line numbers take up quite a significant chunk of space on mobile devices, so they are now suppressed on displays of less than 800 pixels. If you’re on your phone and need them back, flip it to landscape mode.

Thanks to Mina Galić for requesting this feature.

Titles now include a commit summary

When a single commit is being viewed, the first line of the commit message is now added to the page title to make it more useful for remote link summaries.

Commit IDs are also shortened to the first 7 characters so long Git commit IDs are a bit less overwhelming.

This was also requested by Mina Galić.

You can now link to git commits by shortened hashes. i.e. instead of:


You can provide a link with just the first 5 or more characters:


This is an alias to a prefix search query:


Which is what you’ll see in the URL bar after the page loads. Perhaps not entirely ideal?

Thanks to Daniel Ebdrup for requesting this improvement.

My contact details are at the bottom of every page, so if you have any requests of your own please do get in touch.