FreeBSD/poudriere 4702d1esrc/share/poudriere

bulk: Reduce shlib warning noise
+1-11 files

FreeBSD/poudriere b11dfdesrc/share/poudriere

image-firmware: Fix syntax error
+1-11 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 7dfd84bsrc/man poudriere-bulk.8

poudriere-bulk.8: -S was removed.
Issue #822
+4-41 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 8a64dc6src/share/poudriere, src/share/poudriere/include

Recheck all packages for missing shlibs

The new PKG_NO_VERSION_FOR_DEPS algorithm can miss rebuilding
some packages if no PORTREVISION chase is done, or when
switching quarterly branches.
+771-3340 files not shown
+1,351-3646 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 6c8c538src/share/poudriere, test

bulk: Improve incremental rebuild by not auto chasing dep updates.

This will now only rebuild a package if `pkg upgrade` would [re]install

This also fixes fetching packages and then deleting them due to
incremental decisions [1].

- This uses pkg's PKG_NO_VERSION_FOR_DEPS to avoid writing out specific
  versioned dependencies in the packages.  This combined with the bulk
  -S behavior of skipping recursive delete is sufficient for proper
  packages.  The recursive delete was originally put in because of the
  deps problems (for `pkg add`) [1] but also just uncertainty.

- This (and `pkg upgrade` already) relies on PORTREVISION chasing when a
  dependency update requires rebuilding consumers.  If a shared library
  dependency soversion is updated then Poudriere _will_ rebuild and `pkg
  upgrade` will reinstall as well.

    [45 lines not shown]
+185-134 files

FreeBSD/poudriere fcf3c4bsrc/etc poudriere.conf.sample

Document MAX_EXECUTIME_TIME_pkgname
+2-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere ac2a81asrc/share/poudriere

Merge pull request #1155 from yurivict/add-MAX_EXECUTION_TIME

Allow MAX_EXECUTION_TIME be customized for individual packages
+1-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 32c700csrc/share/poudriere

Allow MAX_EXECUTION_TIME be customized for individual packages

This is needed to allow more time for www/chromium build,
among potential other uses.
+1-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 5664babsrc/share/poudriere/include

Revert "pkgqueue_get_next: find(1) in the queue should not fail"

This reverts commit 11baebf76e601909c8326c3478ce47e0b6d216dd.

The find(1) is racy. The callers handle the situation properly.

        find: unbalanced/run:qt6-quicktimeline-6.6.3: No such file or directory
        [00:07:25] Error: [92639] /usr/local/share/poudriere/ Failed to search queue
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FreeBSD/poudriere fd1931esrc/share/poudriere

Generate the upgrade image too

While generating the full firmware image (full disk image), we need to generate the upgrade-only image too (OS partition) to be used to upgrade older installed firmware.
+1-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 0f882b1src/share/poudriere

Set a GPT label for EFI partition

This allow to easly update the EFI loader and sync with a standard FreeBSD install.
+1-11 files

FreeBSD/poudriere d13dcd8src/share/poudriere


Use exact same label as with bsdinstaller
+1-11 files

FreeBSD/poudriere fd09f8bsrc/share/poudriere

Enable space optimisation and disable minfree on read-only firmware images

There is no need to kept 8% space on read-only filesystem.
And while here, optimize it for space too.

Example of free space improvement:
Filesystem  Size    Used   Avail    Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/md0    899M  749M  78M    91%          /tmp/firmware.before
/dev/md1     899M  749M  149M  83%         /tmp/firmware.after
+6-61 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 2735b0dsrc/share/poudriere

Use gptboot.efi in place of loader.efi to support bootme and bootonce

loader.efi ignores the GPT attributes bootme and bootonce: So after upgrading firmware image the system is still wrongly booting the first UFS partition found and not the new one.
Using gptboot.efi fix this behaviour.
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FreeBSD/poudriere d75f4e1src/share/poudriere

testport: Fix -c

This does not handle MOVED.

Reported at
+2-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 6b02356src/share/poudriere

testport: Don't fetch port being tested
+6-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 3b1775ftest-ports/default/Mk

test-ports: Remove some bogus ignored files
+0-5,7152 files

FreeBSD/poudriere a94cfcdtest

tests: Don't run git-log from 'make test' for Poudriere in ports

This results in a very long lookup that returns nothing
+2-11 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 3f33775src/poudriere-sh mapfile.c, test

mapfile: Fix crash when closing redirects

Fixes: 14698abf348b1cc6ff3692238d54b4a929a4eb0d
+18-02 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 79e3edcsrc/share/poudriere

Restore code incorrectly dropped for subpackages

Fixes:  270784e04a8efd0e83178ab19cd0a2e876fc3905
(cherry picked from commit 6e83ed1eb28dc33af9972ee311f507b0d374e1d4)
+1-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere a9d91cesrc/share/poudriere

Trim a recent stray space, and ignore os-release start error

(cherry picked from commit 16d94ad4fbb68913a4a4c90a3d59d704f4108816)
+2-21 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 564f23asrc/share/poudriere


Some build system try to extract OS values from /etc/os-release, so populate it.

(cherry picked from commit 48d15c2a0aff88816ad255d5beefc9ca0c04727b)
+3-01 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 3bae338src/share/poudriere

jail: use make.conf in jail creation

Fixes #895

(cherry picked from commit 06ae66ffda4615875beb0bcf447f59c0ae87ecce)
+2-11 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 40e4e0ftest

runtest: Support skipping longer build tests

(cherry picked from commit 3716383468cd31586ff5f9ca45505a1188967986)
+8-11 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 30f701c. .cirrus.yml

cirrus: Skip longer build tests.

This is because we keep exceeding our resource allocation.
A LOT more build tests are coming. We need basic tests for
PR automation.

(cherry picked from commit b17d43f4462f5ac5186ec3d200ce16b3409db25b)
+2-21 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 69d06b1src/share/poudriere

download_from_repo: Use same ABI check as delete_old_pkg

This fixes fetching a package that has its ABI changed to NOARCH
and then immediately deleting it.

(cherry picked from commit a656392b661fd309f71d9ce0884853663f1baaf1)
+5-31 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 8ac14aasrc/etc poudriere.conf.sample

Update poudriere.conf.sample

(cherry picked from commit 98d85ec1ff3fee1a5be43c2911c258dc8c1e4d5a)
+2-21 files

FreeBSD/poudriere aad7631src/etc poudriere.conf.sample

fix git url documentation in poudriere.conf.sample

(cherry picked from commit f1a1b015a6a7fb7fa8200c4809586dc617d320fa)
+2-21 files

FreeBSD/poudriere 791f23csrc/share/poudriere

pkgclean -u: Rework to avoid layer violation in do_confirm_delete().

Fixes: b691ab8927673a5b36126e991f8c9e1ae5a601bf
(cherry picked from commit 7c39d9685ae6e4b3f6ffeef713126d290e7d8a42)
+17-174 files

FreeBSD/poudriere f93d3c1src/share/poudriere

Add missing quotes

(cherry picked from commit 35d362460d360105906ba66e82bb1b4f62ec4d5a)
+4-41 files