XigmaNAS/svn 6877branches/ xigmanas.files, trunk/build xigmanas.files

add mpsutil and mprutil Utility for managing LSI Fusion-MPT 2/3 controllers

XigmaNAS/svn 6876branches/ Makefile, trunk/build/ports/e2fsprogs Makefile

add missing lib

XigmaNAS/svn 6875trunk/build/ports/options/files net_samba48-options net_samba410-options

update option file

XigmaNAS/svn 6874branches/ gui.css navbar.css, trunk/www/css navbar.css gui.css

remove some custom properties

XigmaNAS/svn 6873trunk/build/ports/copy-ports/files/virtualbox-ose pkg-plist, trunk/build/ports/copy-ports/files/virtualbox-ose/files patch-src_VBox_Additions_freebsd_vboxvfs_vboxvfs__vnops.c patch-src_VBox_Additions_freebsd_vboxvfs_vboxvfs__prov.c

use python3 on virtualbox-ose

XigmaNAS/svn 6872trunk/build/ports Makefile python2

cleanup python2 and samba48

XigmaNAS/svn 6871trunk/build/ports/samba410 Makefile, trunk/build/ports/samba410/files patch-vfs_freebsd samba.in

Upgrade samba to 4.10.8.

XigmaNAS/svn 6870trunk/build make.conf

set min versions

XigmaNAS/svn 6869trunk/build/ports/vbox Makefile

adjust makefile for vbox install

XigmaNAS/svn 6868trunk/build/ports Makefile, trunk/build/ports/python2 pkg-state

add python3 port

XigmaNAS/svn 6867branches/ ttys, branches/ config.inc

enable autologin for liveusb/livecd boot

XigmaNAS/svn 6866trunk/locale xigmanas.pot

update pot
+335-641 files

XigmaNAS/svn 6865trunk/build CHANGES

update CHANGES

XigmaNAS/svn 6864branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade devcpu-data to 1.24.

XigmaNAS/svn 6863branches/ make.sh


XigmaNAS/svn 6862branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

bugfix for IE

XigmaNAS/svn 6861branches/ system.inc, branches/ index.php

improve status page

XigmaNAS/svn 6860branches/ tabs.css, trunk/www/css tabs.css

for IE lovers

XigmaNAS/svn 6859branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade msmtp to 1.8.5.

XigmaNAS/svn 6858branches/ navbar.css, trunk/www/css navbar.css

for IE lovers

XigmaNAS/svn 6857branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade dialog to 1.3-20190808.

XigmaNAS/svn 6856branches/ make.conf


XigmaNAS/svn 6855branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

for IE lovers

XigmaNAS/svn 6854branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade mDNSResponder to 878.260.1.

XigmaNAS/svn 6853branches/ Makefile

adjust make file

XigmaNAS/svn 6852branches/ CHANGES, branches/ Makefile

Upgrade rrdtool to 1.7.2.

XigmaNAS/svn 6851branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade zoneinfo to 2019c.

XigmaNAS/svn 6850branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade syncthing to 1.2.2.

XigmaNAS/svn 6849branches/ dns_ldns-options, trunk/build/ports/options/files dns_ldns-options

update option files

XigmaNAS/svn 6848branches/ CHANGES, trunk/build CHANGES

Upgrade virtualbox-ose to 5.2.32.

XigmaNAS/svn 6847branches/ CHANGES, trunk/build CHANGES

update CHANGES

XigmaNAS/svn 6846branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade php to 7.3.9.

XigmaNAS/svn 6845branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade nano to 4.4.

XigmaNAS/svn 6844branches/ multimedia_ffmpeg-options, trunk/build/ports/options/files multimedia_ffmpeg-options

update option files

XigmaNAS/svn 6843branches/ distinfo, branches/ patch-misc__Makefile.in patch-e2fsck__unix.c

Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.45.3.

XigmaNAS/svn 6842branches/ lang_gcc9-options lang_gcc8-options, trunk/build/ports/options/files lang_gcc9-options lang_gcc8-options

update option files

XigmaNAS/svn 6841branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade bash to 5.0 P11.

XigmaNAS/svn 6840branches/ CHANGES

update CHANGES

XigmaNAS/svn 6839branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

add classes

XigmaNAS/svn 6838branches/ zfs.inc, trunk/etc/inc zfs.inc

add guid

XigmaNAS/svn 6837branches/ util.inc, trunk/etc/inc util.inc

improve function get_mount_fsid

XigmaNAS/svn 6836branches/ system.inc, branches/ index.php

rework layout

XigmaNAS/svn 6835branches/ properties_system_advanced.php, branches/ system_advanced.php

add meter setting

XigmaNAS/svn 6834branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

add classes

XigmaNAS/svn 6833branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

add classes

XigmaNAS/svn 6832branches/ system.inc, trunk/etc/inc system.inc

add missing value

XigmaNAS/svn 6831branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

add classes

XigmaNAS/svn 6830branches/ system.inc, trunk/etc/inc system.inc

add cpu model to sysinfo

XigmaNAS/svn 6829branches/ navbar.css, trunk/www/css navbar.css

add custom properties

XigmaNAS/svn 6828branches/ wui2.php, trunk/etc/inc wui2.php

remove tabnav inline style