RetroBSD/svn 909wiki, wiki/binaries chipkit-wifi-shield.jpg arduino-ethernet-shield-v3.jpg

Max32: added ethernet and wifi shield images.

RetroBSD/svn 908wiki

Edited wiki page Board_Digilent_Max32 through web user interface.

RetroBSD/svn 907wiki

Edited wiki page Board_Digilent_Max32 through web user interface.

RetroBSD/svn 906wiki, wiki/binaries makerstudio-sd-card-shield-r1.1-guide.pdf makerstudio-sd-card-shield-v1.1-sch.pdf

Max32 page updated.

RetroBSD/svn 905wiki/images max32-pinout.png max32-pinout.ods

Max32 pinout updated.

RetroBSD/svn 904wiki

Edited wiki page Board_Microchip_Explorer16 through web user interface.

RetroBSD/svn 903wiki/images microchip-explorer16.jpg

Added image for explorer16 board.

RetroBSD/svn 902wiki

Created wiki page through web user interface.

RetroBSD/svn 901current/sys/pic32 Makefile, current/sys/pic32/maximite-color MAXIMITE-COLOR MAXCOLOR

Maximite-color config file renamed to match github.

RetroBSD/svn 900current .profile, current/sys/pic32/duinomite-e Makefile

Kernel makefiles regenerated.

RetroBSD/svn 899current/src/cmd/cpp cpp.c, current/src/cmd/smlrc smlrc.c

Changes from GitHub merged into -current.

RetroBSD/svn 898current, current/src/libc/gen modff.c isinff.c

Using -Os option to build more compact libc.
Disabled allocation messages from swap driver.

RetroBSD/svn 897current/src/cmd/as as.c, current/src/cmd/ld ld.c

Assembler and linker: fixed relocation of %hi addresses, particularly
for LA instruction.
SmallerC: get rid of gcc warning on exit() noreturn function.

RetroBSD/svn 896current/include stdarg.h, current/lib Makefile

Fixed build errors on mac.

RetroBSD/svn 895current/src/cmd/smlrc icachec.c icache.ld, current/src/libicache icachec.c icache.ld

Successfully built SmallerC. Icache files moved to src/libicache directory.

RetroBSD/svn 894current Makefile, current/sys/pic32

using relative path to kernel config.

RetroBSD/svn 893current/src/cmd/smlrc smlrc.c lb.c, current/tools/icache ice2aout.c

SmallerC updated. Utility ice2out put into tools directory.

RetroBSD/svn 892current/src/games/battlestar com4.c cmd4.c

Files com1.c etc renamed like cmd1.c, to avoid problems on Windows.

RetroBSD/svn 891current/src/cmd/pstat pstat.c, current/src/cmd/smlrc cgmips.c

Added the kernel configuration for Colour Maximite.

RetroBSD/svn 890current/src/games/phantasia func2.c func1.c

Phantasia updated: no chance, too big.

RetroBSD/svn 889current/src/games/sail globals.c sync.c

Sail game updated.

RetroBSD/svn 888current/src/games/sail doprnt.c Makefile

Sail game ported.

RetroBSD/svn 887current/src/games/warp Makefile Makefile-linux

Warp game updated: too large, does not fit in memory.

RetroBSD/svn 886current/src/games/warp Configure Makefile

Warp updated.

RetroBSD/svn 885current/src/games/battlestar curses.c nightfile.c

Battlestar done.

RetroBSD/svn 884current/src/games/battlestar fly.c init.c

Battlestar compiled - too large to fit in RAM.

RetroBSD/svn 883current/src/games/rogue play.c Makefile-linux

Rogue: mapped arrow key sequences to hjkl keycodes.

RetroBSD/svn 882current/src/games/rogue curses.c Makefile-linux

Compiled rogue for linux.

RetroBSD/svn 881current/src/cmd/smlrc cgmips.c

1) Removed generation of .extern directive.
2) Using .space instead of .fill directive.
3) Need to use %gp_rel macro for LW/SW instructions.

RetroBSD/svn 880current/src/cmd/smlrc smlrc.c cgx86.c

Update of SmallerC from Alexey.

RetroBSD/svn 879current/src/games/trek Makefile getpar.c

Trek game ported.

RetroBSD/svn 878current/src/cmd/cpp cpp.c token.c

Preprocessor: usch renamed to uchar.

RetroBSD/svn 877current/src/games/rogue save.c inventory.c

Rogue: all gcc warnings fixed.

RetroBSD/svn 876current/src/games/rogue level.c curses.c

Rogue updated.

RetroBSD/svn 875current/include alloca.h, current/src/games/rogue machdep.c

Added alloca.h file. Using alloca() in fputs, fprintf and tzname.

RetroBSD/svn 874current/src/games Makefile, current/src/games/rogue doprnt.c curses.c

Rogue fits in memory compiled in mips16 mode, with stripped printf.
Still crashes sometimes with 'object_at(): inconsistent' message.

RetroBSD/svn 873current/include stdarg.h, current/share/smallc hello.c

SmallerC: using standard stdio library with simplified doprnt().

RetroBSD/svn 872current/src/cmd/smlrc stdlibc.c smlrc.c

SmallerC: added output file argument and -v flag, for compatibility with srcc.

RetroBSD/svn 871current/src/cmd/cc cc.c Makefile

Added /bin/srcc utility for smallerc.

RetroBSD/svn 870current/src/cmd/smlrc smlrc.c cgx86.c

Applied SmallerC patch from Alexey: handle preprocessor output line markers.

RetroBSD/svn 869current/src/cmd/cpp token.c cpp.c

Fixed stack overflow in /bin/cpp.
Large data structure was allocated on stack.

RetroBSD/svn 868current/src/cmd/cpp cpp.c Makefile, current/src/cmd/smlrc cgmips.c smlrc.c

Disabled internal preprocessor in SmallerC.
Standalone preprocessor simplified.

RetroBSD/svn 867current/src/cmd/smlrc stdlibc.c Makefile

Fixed stdlibc for SmallerC.

RetroBSD/svn 866current/src/cmd Makefile, current/src/cmd/smlrc smlrc.c cgmips.c

Added SmallerC.

RetroBSD/svn 865branches/newuart/src/games/sail _file, branches/partition-frozen/src/games/sail :file _file

Symbol ':' in filenames replaced by underscore.

RetroBSD/svn 864current/sys/pic32 duinomite-e duinomite-e-uart, current/sys/pic32/duinomite-e Makefile DUINOMITE-E

Add build directories for Duinomite-eMega board.

RetroBSD/svn 863current/src/cmd ps.c

/bin/ps: increase width of TTY field.  Now a name of /dev/ttyUSB0 is
correctly printed as USB0.

RetroBSD/svn 862current Makefile, current/sys/pic32 uart.c gpio.c

Fixed mantis case #3: added power enable pin to uart driver.

RetroBSD/svn 861current/sys/pic32/cfg bare.ld boot.ld

Kernel linker scripts moved to sys/pic32/cfg/ directory.
All kernel makefiles reconfigured.  Deleted sys/pic32/usbboot directory -
all bootloaders are now built along with kernels.
For max32, using a newer mpide-0023-linux-20120903 release.

RetroBSD/svn 860current/sys/pic32 rd_sd.c rdisk.c, current/sys/pic32/cfg

Hopefully fixed SD card power switch