RetroBSD/retrobsd a0c256csrc/cmd/virus virus.c

Virus editor crashed when colon command line exceeded 4 bytes.
Fixed issue #79.
+12-81 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 9d8ad7csys/pic32/duinomite Makefile Config, sys/pic32/duinomite-emega Makefile

Configure gpanel driver for Duinomite board.

RetroBSD/retrobsd a5d7f4esys/pic32 gpanel-ili9341.c gpanel-nt35702.c, sys/pic32/wf32 Config Makefile

Gpanel driver: add support for ILI9481 LCD controller.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 435d3c3src/share/zoneinfo ialloc.c, tools/virtualmips mips.c pic32_dev_spi.c

Fix build errors and warnings in zoneinfo and virtualmips.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 0e39621libc/stdio doprnt.c

Merge pull request #77 from 610t/master

Retern to legacy implement for expr(1) etc.
+2-131 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 7477abelibc/stdio doprnt.c

Retern to legacy implement for expr(1) etc.
+2-131 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 7075769kconfig mkioconf.c, share/zoneinfo zic.c zdump.c

Merge pull request #76 from vasily122/insert-int

insert definitions of INT in some functions

RetroBSD/retrobsd f5452b7kconfig mkioconf.c, share/zoneinfo zic.c zdump.c

insert definitions of INT in some functions

RetroBSD/retrobsd f3dbdc7. rootfs.manifest, cmd Makefile

Got Yacc compiling and running

RetroBSD/retrobsd 66e5cd8., pic32

Fixed UECIDE compiler location detection

RetroBSD/retrobsd 0583055pic32/pontech-quick240 Config

Added PONTECH Quick240

RetroBSD/retrobsd aea2050build Makefile, pic32/duinomite Config

Merge branch 'master' of

RetroBSD/retrobsd 5fde14epic32/duinomite Config, pic32/duinomite-emega Config

Fix bus frequency and gpio configuration for eMega board.

RetroBSD/retrobsd ca67f33build Makefile

Autobuild: add Olimex Duinomite-eMega board.
+1-11 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 20238b7., cmd/ar archive.h

Merge branch 'master' of

RetroBSD/retrobsd 1a7125b., cmd/ar archive.h

Merge pull request #74 from ibara/master

RetroBSD now builds on FreeBSD.

RetroBSD/retrobsd d048ee2., cmd/ar archive.h

RetroBSD now builds on FreeBSD.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 6ddcb56., cmd/basic basic.c

Made elf2aout compilable for windows under linux

RetroBSD/retrobsd 148bb1clibc/stdio doprnt.c

Merge pull request #72 from alexfru/master

Improve *printf()

RetroBSD/retrobsd b2bde49libc/stdio doprnt.c

Improve *printf()

- support %i in addition to %d
- print the sign when printing 0 with %+d

RetroBSD/retrobsd e1d3583libc/gen ldexp.c

Merge pull request #71 from alexfru/master

Fix infinite loop in ldexp(0.0, any).
+2-01 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 21f8d60libc/gen ldexp.c

Fix infinite loop in ldexp(0.0, any).
+2-01 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 6457d87. math.h, libc/gen atof.c ldexp.c

Merge pull request #70 from alexfru/master

Floating point improvements

RetroBSD/retrobsd e5c844e. math.h, libc/gen atof.c ldexp.c

Floating point improvements

- Smaller C: fix a bug in __func__ introduced with
  float-related changes
- make *printf() print floats greater than 1e25
- make *printf() print the plus sign when the format
  includes "+", e.g. printf("%+f\n", 1.0);
- clean up and complete prototypes in <math.h>
- remove non-standard HUGE and LOGHUGE from <math.h>
- add HUGE_VAL to <math.h>
- express some hard-coded limits in terms of constants
  from <float.h>
- uncomment prototypes of several floating point
  conversion functions in <stdlib.h> for Smaller C

RetroBSD/retrobsd 4e90456cmd/smlrc smlrc.c fp.c

Merge pull request #69 from alexfru/master

Floats in Smaller C!

RetroBSD/retrobsd bfc3125cmd/smlrc smlrc.c fp.c

Floats in Smaller C!

double is an alias for float. IOW, only 32-bit
single precision floats are supported. This isn't
conformant, but OK for some embedded systems (e.g.
RetroBSD) and simple compilers like this.

Also, the following operators are not supported with
floats at the moment: ++, --, +=, -=, *=, /=.
But +, -, *, /, =, ||, &&, ?:, !, comparison, casts,
if/while/for are OK.

RetroBSD/retrobsd fa094d1libc Makefile, libc/runtime floatunsisf.c fixunssfsi.c

libc: add missing functions __fixunssfsi() and __floatunsisf().

RetroBSD/retrobsd b7a3d6ffsutil Makefile, pic32/pinguino-micro Config Makefile

Enable uarts for pic32-retrobsd board.
Fix build issues with fuse library path on Mac OS X.

RetroBSD/retrobsd fb05f20cmd/emg main.c buffer.c

Merge pull request #66 from ibara/master

Update to emg-2.0

RetroBSD/retrobsd e050ac6cmd/emg main.c buffer.c

Update to emg-2.0

RetroBSD/retrobsd 8dd0fb4examples/gpanel flappy.c

Flappy game: reduce flickering.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 6028db7pic32 gpanel-spi.c

Gpanel spi driver: read ID4 register to identify the ili9341 chip.
+47-91 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 6d501bfexamples/gpanel flappy.c

Update flappy game.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 0920504pic32 gpanel-ili9341.c gpanel-spi-ili9341.c

Move ILI9341 defines to a separate include file.

RetroBSD/retrobsd ac9ef0epic32 gpanel-spi.c gpanel-spi-ili9341.c, pic32/wf32 Config-adafruit Config

Add sgpanel driver: a generic TFT LCD graphics panel with SPI interface.
Currently only ILI8341 chip is supported.

RetroBSD/retrobsd e073fcbpic32 sd.c

SD driver: print information about the CMD6 function groups.
+18-41 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 0507073pic32 sd.c

SD driver: use CMD6 command to switch the card into high-speed mode.
+82-181 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 76cb491examples/gpanel flappy.c

Flappy Bird game: save high score to a file.
+137-851 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd f3f28ceexamples/gpanel flappy.c, libgpanel fill_triangle.c

Fix bug in gpanel fill triangle routine.

RetroBSD/retrobsd e3c86f0. rootfs.manifest, examples/gpanel flappy.c Makefile

Update Flappy Bird game.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 7503ce7. rootfs.manifest, examples/gpanel flappy.c Makefile

Add Flappy Bird game.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 1a1daf1pic32 gpanel-ili9341.c

Update ILI9341 LCD driver.

RetroBSD/retrobsd a40bceeinclude gpanel.h, libgpanel fill_triangle.c Makefile

Extend gpanel library with fill rectangle routine.

RetroBSD/retrobsd e67e939. rootfs.manifest, games aclock.c Makefile

Add aclock game.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 9027547pic32 gpanel-st7781.c

Mend a font direction in ST7781 portrait unside down mode.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 7c2aa43pic32 gpanel-st7781.c gpanel.c

Fix bug in ST7781 driver. Set landscape mode by default.

RetroBSD/retrobsd 8988b8binclude gpanel.h, pic32 gpanel-nt35702.c gpanel-ili9341.c

Reuse ili9341 routines for nt35702 display.

RetroBSD/retrobsd d2940a8pic32 gpanel-ili9341.c gpanel-nt35702.c

Fix screen orientation in the ILI9341 LCD driver.

RetroBSD/retrobsd be1726apic32 gpanel.c

Draw a BSD logo on the LCD display at start.
+37-11 files

RetroBSD/retrobsd 2fd36d9include gpanel.h, pic32 gpanel-s6d04h0.c gpanel.c

Update ILI9341 LCD driver.