pfSense/pfsense 7373049src/etc pfSense-rc, src/usr/local/share/pfSense fix_for_SA-19-10.ufs

Fix #9612: Run fsck -z once during upgrade

pfSense/pfsense 657b6b3src/etc/inc

Remove old code commented out in 2014

pfSense/pfsense bf8aa11src/usr/local/www status_captiveportal_vouchers.php

Initialize array properly

(cherry picked from commit d4393366bc0c30437c234652a2f124e08281acd5)

pfSense/pfsense 9b32254src/usr/local/www status_captiveportal_vouchers.php

Redirect to status_captiveportal.php

(cherry picked from commit 15e8ee8621a552eb7d1b1a7749816846a24ae724)

pfSense/pfsense 875b28fsrc/usr/local/www

Fix #9722: Change voucher shortcut to point to voucher status page

(cherry picked from commit 4baf532b5b834e659f484fc2b79e73fcfd169e46)

pfSense/pfsense 15e8ee8src/usr/local/www status_captiveportal_vouchers.php

Redirect to status_captiveportal.php

pfSense/pfsense d439336src/usr/local/www status_captiveportal_vouchers.php

Initialize array properly

pfSense/pfsense 4baf532src/usr/local/www

Fix #9722: Change voucher shortcut to point to voucher status page

pfSense/pfsense 1836b0ctools/conf/pfPorts make.conf

Enable Multipath in FRR 7. Implements #9545

pfSense/pfsense 11f166dtools/conf/pfPorts make.conf

Ticket #6775: Enable strongswan pkcs11 plugin

pfSense/pfsense 93da47esrc/usr/local/www vpn_openvpn_client.php vpn_openvpn_server.php

Fix #9756: Fix NCP multiple selection

(cherry picked from commit b0595985418416de4fe87063a1e21ffa1d2d5532)

pfSense/pfsense bdb3bb8src/etc/inc

Fix #9716: Enable Italian translation

pfSense/pfsense 47254a6src/etc/inc

Update a couple of Chinese locale codes

pfSense/pfsense 1455535src/usr/local/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES pfSense.po, src/usr/local/share/locale/da/LC_MESSAGES pfSense.po

Update translation files

pfSense/pfsense b822686src/usr/local/share/locale/pot pfSense.pot

Regenerate pot
+10,797-10,4261 files

pfSense/pfsense b059598src/usr/local/www vpn_openvpn_server.php vpn_openvpn_client.php

Fix #9756: Fix NCP multiple selection

pfSense/pfsense e9c0484src/etc/inc

Fix #6263: Deduplicate encryption options on ipsec.conf

On a configuration with multiple P2, all encryption options from all P2
are added to ipsec.conf.  The list could have duplicated itens when
multiple P2 use the same options.  Deduplicate this list.
+15-51 files

pfSense/pfsense 3bfecc8src/etc/inc, src/usr/local/www vpn_openvpn_server.php vpn_openvpn_client.php

Fix #3743: Allow OpenVPN keepalive configuration

- Remove hardcoded 'keepalive 10 60' configuration
- Added 'inactive seconds' option
- Let user configure 'keepalive interval timeout'. It defaults to 10 60
  as it was hardcoded until now
- Let user define ping and chose between ping-exit or ping-restart
- In server mode let user decide to push or not
  ping/ping-exit/ping-restart to client

pfSense/pfsense 4de6f04src/etc/inc

Fix #6846: Properly detect Super Micro C2558/C2758

pfSense/pfsense 3abcd54src/usr/local/www pkg.php

Setup shortcuts for packages. Fixes #9770

pfSense/pfsense f14ab2csrc/usr/local/www pkg.php

Setup shortcuts for packages. Fixes #9770

(cherry picked from commit 37213abe96e83884b4a8ffbbbb7cc759cd2799ec)

pfSense/pfsense 9f2a58bsrc/etc/inc

Remove variable from gettext string

pfSense/pfsense 4597011src/etc/inc

Remove line commented out in 2015

pfSense/pfsense 1889f3esrc/etc/inc

Remove code commented out in 2008

pfSense/pfsense bf03beesrc/usr/local/www services_dyndns_edit.php

Allow Dynamic DNS wildcards for Route53 #9053

(cherry picked from commit 0b230bb2957d32059ea4610965a9507346a1d3e9)

pfSense/pfsense 9133e01src/etc/inc

Fix #9285: Move ping-check option from global to per-subnet

(cherry picked from commit 5197e3e3a3b0ee048785e2ffb4222d7cba4e6c74)

pfSense/pfsense 13980a4src/etc/inc

Add IPsec DH/PFS groups 25/26/27. Implements #9757

(cherry picked from commit 21bee0287caf76bb7ab63ec29b0ecf7435940a06)

pfSense/pfsense a033a44src/usr/local/www wizard.php, src/usr/local/www/wizards openvpn_wizard.xml

Add wizard select_source & use for OpenVPN DH. Fixes #9748

(cherry picked from commit 52f686a97f77cfd00ddb69088bef7164676d4117)

pfSense/pfsense a4bcbc3src/usr/local/www interfaces.php

Add additional DHCPv6 prefix delegation size options to dropdown list on interface 
- implements #9590

(cherry picked from commit 51dc008bfebef50bc4be9ff2a894e176ba013866)

pfSense/pfsense 789b545src/etc/inc

openvpn: cleaning default case handling in switch statements

(cherry picked from commit f93ec3853fc0c01760606994422e9e8fc0d645c9)

pfSense/pfsense 83011d1src/etc/inc

change after review

(cherry picked from commit f08369ec248f2733eb2b69db23aa042e27ec04de)

pfSense/pfsense 83929cesrc/etc/inc

Update text

(cherry picked from commit cef01bcb95add6acc13edb16739e10d7ed8ba6e2)

pfSense/pfsense 45d6f55src/etc/inc, src/usr/local/www vpn_openvpn_client.php vpn_openvpn_server.php

Added tlsauth keydir options to openvpn client and server

(cherry picked from commit 8698f918d170d3836037d3a39b4e1f8aa6389f6d)

pfSense/pfsense 6c203c2src/etc/inc

Deduplicate code in

(cherry picked from commit f7335af377d41262654bdbd7d7cf0e2993fb71d1)
+14-191 files

pfSense/pfsense 22ee846src/etc/inc

Remove unnecessary variable

(cherry picked from commit 1d13560cb36db0d5f7cec9fa9d6295445333ba95)

pfSense/pfsense 1bcb05esrc/etc/inc

Improve efficiency of resync checks.

GW Group changes are checked iff the interface is not the empty string or the interface in 
question is not the same as the OpenVPN interface.

(cherry picked from commit 15f8062b42b3b2849d5dd7fdde9170d4785e84e4)

pfSense/pfsense f5e2f7dsrc/etc/inc

Add ability for OpenVPN instances to resync on IP changes and on boot.

OpenVPN instances resync if interface IP change occurs.
At boot, the interface is the empty string, so resync is mandatory to generate OpenVPN 
files in /var/etc/openvpn.

(cherry picked from commit 7071aab3b2c70bbed531e0f82bedab3273484843)

pfSense/pfsense 2b909besrc/etc/inc

Add else clause for cases when OpenVPN interface file does not exist.

- Prevents potential race condition at startup resulting in failure to start OpenVPN 
- In cases where interface file is not present the openvpn_resync function handles a 
restart correctly.

(cherry picked from commit 614ca41e090ae4ade5df5aaa341c01992bd18137)

pfSense/pfsense c3b023fsrc/etc/inc

Update to allow OpenVPN instances to resync when running on a gateway group.

Implementation now checks if OpenVPN client/server running on gateway group should resync 
when IP changes occur or if cables are unplugged/replugged.

(cherry picked from commit c46d0b12d606b2249f4b5305994e8c3e750634eb)

pfSense/pfsense 86040basrc/etc/inc

Remove deprecated comments since username tag got CDATA

(cherry picked from commit 1dcaf2d816721704bfb05ae2587c09e37c873e71)

pfSense/pfsense 994f803src/etc/inc

Ticket #6195: Use CDATA on username tag

After discuss with JimP we agreed it would be a better approach than
bdaa5235d4 if we add username tag to the list of tags that use CDATA

(cherry picked from commit ce76d1e41bf3673e74041c53c230e6880e890dfa)

pfSense/pfsense b0f317fsrc/usr/local/www interfaces_ppps_edit.php

Fix interface/config alignment on interfaces_ppps_edit.php. Fixes #9741

(cherry picked from commit d81f270454ec66680cb645c0d3c13f9431d9c026)

pfSense/pfsense 88a4139src/etc/inc dyndns.class

Fix handing of DNSimple API response

It seems DNSimple started using HTTP/2, which broke the regex the dnsimple updater was 
using to check for success. I changed it to use the CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE instead.

I noticed several other providers are using the regex status match instead of HTTP_CODE, 
but I didn't touch those. I haven't written any PHP in 20 years, and I don't use those 
providers to test them. This change works for me for DNSimple now.

The HTTP/2 response the API was sending back (missing the "OK" the regex was looking for):

HTTP/2 200 \r\n
server: nginx

Fixes Ticket #9580

(cherry picked from commit 6c7d0571d5bf44350665c844b1d59a37ac6f972e)

pfSense/pfsense 9f36302src/usr/local/www system_advanced_notifications.php

Was failing the check if clicking test notifications twice in a row. So it was saving the 
asterisks and overwriting the current password.

(cherry picked from commit 6176862f98749e15524e02ccaa705b65c498ceed)

pfSense/pfsense 535b07fsrc/etc/inc dyndns.class

Do not use constructor with the same name of class, it's going to be deprecated

(cherry picked from commit d43154fee7d7c2a5a007f36da7d86a94bd197a85)

pfSense/pfsense 0ffbf1esrc/usr/local/www diag_dump_states.php

Fix PHP warning

(cherry picked from commit b94eb4b90540dfb294376d6578aa9e9cbec63be9)

pfSense/pfsense 15d4aedsrc/etc/inc dyndns.class

Fixed #8014

Fixed wildcard variable not being set correctly.
Updated CURLOPT_URL according to provider's documentation.
Added support for MX records.

(cherry picked from commit cedc8184606a4cfdf6cb7542e43d205205005865)

pfSense/pfsense 7112400src/usr/local/www system.php

Add more color choices for login screen

(cherry picked from commit 1fe82d1dc90969fad058819ce6e7b6001382191e)

pfSense/pfsense 5725f53src/etc/inc

Make factory test case insensitive

(cherry picked from commit 552a41fbd37aa61f50e62f29876485c9775345cc)

pfSense/pfsense e553d3dsrc/etc/inc

Revise update check to provide a more consistent version string, and to provide it in JSON 

(cherry picked from commit 819165020041ee46f423a7ead5aca855dac28cdb)