PC-BSD/projects a7feed6. mainUI.ui pbiBackend.cpp, i18n SoftwareManager_sr.ts SoftwareManager_af.ts

Remove the new AppCafe from the projects tree, was just imported into the main pcbsd build 

PC-BSD/projects 6454857. mainUI.ui mainUI.cpp

Add a new "back" button to the AppCafe browser, and get it working properly.
Add a "developer mode" which will display the raw output of any pkg processes.
Use a unified application details page for both installed/uninstalled applications.
Add the beginnings of the full-system package update methods.
+1,288-1,7303 files not shown
+1,292-1,7309 files

PC-BSD/projects c4d07f4. pbiNgBackend.cpp mainUI.cpp

Completely finish up the jail functionality for the AppCafe browser. It should now 
auto-fill the jail menu with ones that do not have that particular application currently 

PC-BSD/projects 535522b. mainUI.ui mainUI.cpp

Please welcome the ability to install apps/package from the AppCafe directly into a 
running jail. This fully completes the browser side of the application (except for maybe 
some checks/message boxes when installing to a jail).

PC-BSD/projects ddf2460. mainUI.ui mainUI.cpp

Finish cleaning up the browser portion of the AppCafe. That side should be all ready to go 
now aside from some visual changes later as time permits.

PC-BSD/projects 4590669. largeItemWidget.h mainUI.cpp, icons stat-installed.png redflag.png

Cleanup the application summary widgets, so that at a glance you can now tell the type of 
application, its rating, whether it is installed, and whether it is a PC-BSD 

PC-BSD/projects daa856f. mainUI.ui pbiNgBackend.cpp

Make sure the new AppCafe uses the conflict detection in the DLProcess class, and also 
ensure that the application website gets launched as user, not root.
+73-424 files

PC-BSD/projects 577089e. mainUI.cpp pbiNgBackend.cpp

Get the repo statistics updated. It will now list not only the number of applications, but 
also the number of raw packages available.

PC-BSD/projects 73e8471. mainUI.ui pbiDBAccess.cpp

Get the new rating system added into the new AppCafe. When clicked, it will open the wiki 
rating page for that app in the user's default browser.

PC-BSD/projects ed36bc2. mainUI.cpp pbiNgBackend.cpp, icons default-server.png

Get the browser home page setup properly with the AppCafe index file, and update the 
default server icon.

PC-BSD/projects 66bf7a3. mainUI.cpp mainUI.h

Another checkpoint for the new AppCafe. Icons should now be fixed, as well as auto-updates 
of app lists when the viewing options change, and other stuff.
+60-53 files

PC-BSD/projects 092a4c2. mainUI.ui mainUI.cpp

Checkpoint for the new AppCafe. Have the browser details page all fixed up now.

PC-BSD/projects c6b3569. mainUI.cpp pbiNgBackend.cpp

Make sure that pcbsd-base dependencies can not get removed, and auto-generate a list of 
all the applications that will be removed by removing a particular app.

PC-BSD/projects 5dfa752. pbiDBAccess.cpp mainUI.cpp

Get a bunch more information loaded into the AppCafe backend. Still need to use it in the 

PC-BSD/projects 2f288f4. pbiNgBackend.cpp

Get the running process status notifications working properly.
+18-31 files

PC-BSD/projects d7a9e2d. mainUI.ui pbiNgBackend.cpp

Get the new AppCafe into a semi-functional state. It can now add/remove PBI's, but the 
process notifications are still a bit messed up (aside from pending/running).
+123-954 files

PC-BSD/projects 43a6007. pbiDBAccess.cpp pc-softwaremanager.pro

Get the backend database access stuff sorted out, now it is properly reporting the right 
information in a very short time.

PC-BSD/projects 9af404c. empty

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:pcbsd/pcbsd-projects
+0-01 files

PC-BSD/projects 9ed6081. mainUI.ui pbiBackend.cpp, i18n SoftwareManager_th.ts SoftwareManager_ta.ts

Temporarily add the new pc-softwaremanager to the projects tree until I get it finished 

PC-BSD/projects 03aa3ca. empty

initial test
+0-01 files

PC-BSD/projects 79ab2d6. portUtils.cpp

Fix a couple missing semi-colons in the new hints.
+2-21 files

PC-BSD/projects 765bc4d. portUtils.cpp

Add a whole lot more Makefile usage hints to EasyPort
+203-51 files

PC-BSD/projects fa08238. portUtils.cpp makeOptInputDialog.cpp

Fill out the Makefile variables/descriptions, as well a a few more of the variable hints.

PC-BSD/projects d12d6bc. mainUI.cpp mainUI.h

Get all the tabs save button(s) enabled/disabled/working properly.
+57-32 files

PC-BSD/projects 74c7d03. makeOptInputDialog.cpp mainUI.cpp

Get the new MakeOptInputDialog class working now. It is now working fine, I just need to 
add the rest of the special port option types for proper hints.

PC-BSD/projects 91b85ca. makeOptInputDialog.ui makeOptInputDialog.cpp

Add the new MakeOptInputDialog class for allowing the user to set/select a makefile option 
(with EasyPort recommendations/hints). This is not finished yet.

PC-BSD/projects 75974ac. mainUI.cpp mainUI.ui

Get a bunch more of the mainUI functionality working on EasyPort. Now it should let you 
save the Makefile as well as generate the distinfo for the port when in the editor.
+109-224 files

PC-BSD/projects d60ae3b. newPortWizard.ui newPortWizard.cpp

Get all the newPortWizard recommendations working - now a simple Port can be 
auto-generated from the wizard.

PC-BSD/projects 43b740d. newPortWizard.cpp newPortWizard.h

Get the new port wizard integrated and working partially. Still need to implement the 

PC-BSD/projects ed7b6c8. newPortWizard.ui mainUI.ui

Get the main GUI loading the other files now, and also add the new Port wizard GUI (not 
connected yet).

PC-BSD/projects 42bc3fb. mainUI.ui portUtils.cpp

Get EasyPort semi-working (it now lets you load/display a port).
+255-1234 files

PC-BSD/projects 01aa974. portStruct.cpp portStruct.h

Add the new portStruct backend to EasyPort. Now I need to start tying the backend into the 

PC-BSD/projects 98ccca1. mainUI.ui EasyPort.qrc, icons right.png info.png

Add a couple new icons to EasyPort, and update the makefile editor GUI

PC-BSD/projects 9287cfc. portUtils.cpp portUtils.h

Write up a bunch more of the backend utilities for EasyPort.
+170-74 files

PC-BSD/projects db5bd75. mainUI.cpp portUtils.cpp

Start putting together the static portUtils class, and get the first menu options working 
(opening external resources in a browser and quit)
+118-25 files

PC-BSD/projects 80c34ae. mainUI.cpp mainUI.h

Fix a couple compilation warnings with the new EasyPort initial files. It will now start 
up the GUI just fine, even though nothing is written/connected yet.
+3-23 files

PC-BSD/projects 4ae95ac. mainUI.ui EasyPort.pro

Add all the pieces to let EasyPort compile/run (even though it doesn't do anything yet)

PC-BSD/projects 8d854a4. mainUI.ui

Add a new project: EasyPorts - this will become a simple utility to create/edit FreeBSD 
+329-01 files

PC-BSD/projects 541f931. LPMain.cpp LPMain.ui, i18n LifePreserver_hu.ts LifePreserver_af.ts

Remove the lp-gui and lp-tray from the projects tree, it is in the main src-qt4 tree now.

PC-BSD/projects eb30fda. LPMain.cpp LPMain.h

Add a "waitbox" to the GUI that will display a notification while a long process is 
+54-52 files

PC-BSD/projects 4774e2c. LPMain.cpp LPMain.ui

Get the configuration UI plugged into the new main UI. Pretty much everything is done now. 
Just need to test and make minor improvements as necessary.
+47-253 files

PC-BSD/projects b66d0f2. LPGUtils.cpp LPMain.cpp

Get the package/extract home dir working properly now. It will currently exclude any 
*flashplayer* file, but I can narrow that down or add additional excludes later if 
+44-164 files

PC-BSD/projects ef2151aimages refresh.png

Add in the missing refresh.png image
+0-01 files

PC-BSD/projects af3a84e. LPMain.cpp

Add output dialogs to the disk attach routine.
+2-21 files

PC-BSD/projects b98ade4. LPGUtils.cpp LPMain.cpp

Clean up the new device detection routine - only show full disks that are not currently in 
+12-32 files

PC-BSD/projects 9a02460. LPMain.cpp LPGUtils.cpp

Get the new disk attach functionality working (needs testing)
+19-43 files

PC-BSD/projects 81e5a73. LPMain.cpp LPBackend.cpp

Get all the disk operations (detach/online/offline) operational (still needs testing). 
Also clean up the tray icons that we don't need anymore.

PC-BSD/projects d4b29ffimages refresh.png

Oops, add the new refresh.png image to git as well
+0-01 files

PC-BSD/projects 2c4335e. LPTray.cpp LPWatcher.cpp

Add the tray option to manually refresh the messages - now we are not forced to wait five 
minutes when doing testing on zpool status changes

PC-BSD/projects 3da8c20. LPMain.cpp LPMain.ui

Add the parsing for a cancelled scrub to the lp-gui, and also add in the fully functioning 
scrub cancellation button.