PC-BSD/pcbsd 652ce9d. README.md

Update README.md
+1-11 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd 329d1a5. README.md

Remove (Coming Soon) from SysAdm issues tracker
+1-11 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd 73e2b83. README.md

Move TrueOS website link.
+1-21 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd 08a279e. README.md

Update README.md

Clean up text formatting on PCBSD info.
Add TrueOS general project info.
+120-211 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd 114c57cpcbsd-utils/pc-extractoverlay/ports-overlay/usr/local/share/xsessions 02Lumina.desktop

Backport fix for new Lumina on 10.3

PC-BSD/pcbsd 0aac6e4pcbsd-utils/pc-extractoverlay/ports-overlay/usr/local/share/xsessions 02Lumina.desktop

Backport fix for new Lumina on 10.3

PC-BSD/pcbsd 428a3f4conf port-make.conf

Enable LibreSSL by default the "new" way

PC-BSD/pcbsd fec6e46pc-zmanager zmanagerwindow.cpp

Update zmanagerwindow.cpp

Fix spelling

PC-BSD/pcbsd faf9f3econf/trueos installcd-packages

Don't install grub2-pcbsd for trueos

PC-BSD/pcbsd 4392c43conf installcd-packages

Don't need grub2-pcbsd installed

PC-BSD/pcbsd 95aca02conf installcd-packages iso-packages

Prune a few from ISO creation

PC-BSD/pcbsd 9117d31conf port-make.conf

Fix building curl on CURRENT

PC-BSD/pcbsd 872b079conf essential-packages-iso

Expand out port names for poudriere

PC-BSD/pcbsd 0b8c975conf essential-packages essential-packages-release

Rename essential-packages

PC-BSD/pcbsd 52a9d85pcbsd-utils/pc-updatemanager pc-updatemanager

Belay that last commit, we are sticking with pkg 1.7.2 for the
remainder of 10.3 lifecycle

PC-BSD/pcbsd 18b3ee0pcbsd-utils/pc-updatemanager pc-updatemanager

Another day, other pkg change that causes breakage...

PC-BSD/pcbsd 22e92ebconf essential-packages-release essential-packages

Add essential-packages-iso and essential-packages-release

PC-BSD/pcbsd 85fbd7edocs controlpanel.rst support.rst

Remove bug reporting from Control Panel chapter and prep section for how to report a bug.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 64e4817pc-controlpanel/items/tools pcbugreport.desktop, port-files pkg-plist

Remove bug reporting utility. Fixes #15962.

PC-BSD/pcbsd ae548addocs preinstall.rst, docs/images checksum.png

Some updates for Windows 10.

PC-BSD/pcbsd f5a624edocs conf.py pcbsdlogo.png

Add new logo and .ico file.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 5629cb8docs support.rst

Update repo names.
+4-41 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd f39207bconf port-make.conf

Disable setting GSSAPI_BASE for ftp/curl

PC-BSD/pcbsd f16107bdocs/themes/pcbsd_style layout.html, docs/themes/pcbsd_style/static/css pcbsd_style.css

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/pcbsd/pcbsd

PC-BSD/pcbsd 05af3c2conf port-make.conf

Fix building ftp/curl

PC-BSD/pcbsd c3dc0c1conf port-make.conf

Fix building ftp/curl

PC-BSD/pcbsd 30edca6docs/themes/pcbsd_style layout.html, docs/themes/pcbsd_style/static/css pcbsd_style.css

Language menu addition
- Added a pure css menu for selecting different language options of the PCBSD handbook.
- Verified accurate links for the menu options.
- Added basic styling to stay within the PCBSD themeing.

PC-BSD/pcbsd bb15b80conf port-make.conf

Don't hard-set ruby version which breaks port builds

PC-BSD/pcbsd abaaadcdocs controlpanel.rst

PEP8 this section. Screenshots are blocked by #15964.
+185-851 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd a8cd476docs sysadmclient.rst

Fix broken reference.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 0570be8docs controlpanel.rst, docs/images display3.png display4.png

Add back display screenshots and PEP8 this section.

PC-BSD/pcbsd ed98f86docs controlpanel.rst, docs/images ldap1.png ldap2.png

Add back AD/LDAP images and format for PEP8.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 1e52f82docs sysadmclient.rst

More slash&burn and PEP8 stuff. Definitely a big WIP.
+145-1971 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd 9d75abbdocs sysadmclient.rst

Rip out CLI stuff for now until we figure out where to put it (probably it's own chapter).
+74-6531 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd f9dbe27docs sysadmclient.rst

Start to update this chapter and add some more headings for future edits.
+73-1191 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd af6ad45docs advanced.rst postinstall.rst

Resolve broken internal references.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 00a4835docs preinstall.rst, docs/images vbox1.png vbox2.png

Editorial review of Preinstallation chapter. Add back some images. PEP8 except for 
sections that still need to be rewritten.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 1b14da7docs introduction.rst

Editorial review of introduction. While here, format to 72chars for PEP8 compliance.
+188-911 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd 77dd83cfreebsd-update/patches/9.1-RELEASE 10-pefs.patch 2-SA-13:03.openssl.patch, freebsd-update/scripts build.subr

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:pcbsd/pcbsd

PC-BSD/pcbsd e20069aconf port-make.conf

Enable the x11-drivers/xf86-input-evdev MULTITOUCH option in the PC-BSD package repo. This 
driver is not as good as the synaptics driver (yet), but does have touchscreen 
detection/support unlike the synaptics driver.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 7dd5bfadocs postinstall.rst

Add placeholders for images that are changing.
+24-241 files

PC-BSD/pcbsd 92ae1f6docs install.rst, docs/images install1d.png

Add updated screenshot and put in placeholders for screenshots that will change.

PC-BSD/pcbsd ad69c57conf essential-packages iso-packages, pc-installgui installer.cpp

Add the new misc/pcbsd-meta-hunspell package to the iso/installer.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 803abe7docs controlpanel.rst preinstall.rst

Start to switch to TrueOS. This is a WIP and some sections have been ignored for now until 
they can be switched over, removed, or rewritten.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 97635f5docs conf.py trueos.rst

Start the switch to TrueOS.

PC-BSD/pcbsd ea8c198docs/images install1b.png

Update initial installer image.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 2e49e56conf port-make.conf

Turn off the global PulseAudio option. This is causing all sorts of strange audio issues 
on apps which have traditionally worked fine.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 26810d8conf iso-packages, pc-installgui installer.cpp

Clean up which packages are included/installed by default.

PC-BSD/pcbsd 329f6e3pcbsd-utils/xtrafiles/local/share/pcbsd/conf rc.conf.pcbsd

Fix upgrades when the wrong /etc/defaults is set

PC-BSD/pcbsd f216e29install-overlay/etc rc.conf

Enable webcamd