NetBSD/xsrc ggujSnHexternal/mit/twm/dist/man

   Use the upstream-friendly version sent upstream.

   Upstream would prefer to use __datadir__ because it's defined by
   automake, and the default path used for installing system.twmrc.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/xsrc 3VvkoOlexternal/mit/twm/dist/man

   Use the correct path for the twm.systemrc file.

   Thanks robert for the heads up.
+220-2241 files

NetBSD/xsrc LmNPsZMexternal/mit/xorg-server/dist/hw/xfree86/common xf86AutoConfig.c

   Pull up following revision(s) (requested by maya in ticket #152):

        external/mit/xorg-server/dist/hw/xfree86/common/xf86AutoConfig.c: revision 1.14
        external/mit/xorg-server/dist/hw/xfree86/common/xf86AutoConfig.c: revision 1.15

   Match wsfb on x86, too.

   When uefi booting without driver-specific GPU support, wsfb is the only
   choice for a graphical driver.

   While here, combine the wsfb cases.


   Try modesetting on x86, too.

   Not the best option without functional GLAMOR, but it does work.

NetBSD/xsrc wtDGYlSexternal/mit/xorg-server/dist/hw/xfree86/common xf86AutoConfig.c

   Try modesetting on x86, too.

   Not the best option without functional GLAMOR, but it does work.

NetBSD/xsrc 0UJsGfUexternal/mit/xorg-server/dist/hw/xfree86/common xf86AutoConfig.c

   Match wsfb on x86, too.

   When uefi booting without driver-specific GPU support, wsfb is the only
   choice for a graphical driver.

   While here, combine the wsfb cases.

NetBSD/xsrc IBfoIpJexternal/mit/libdrm/dist/intel intel_bufmgr_gem.c

   Undo local diffs.

   Whitespace, and header not needed.

NetBSD/xsrc HHXDf29external/mit/libX11/dist/m4 libtool.m4

   Undo local diff in file we don't use.
+18-241 files

NetBSD/xsrc VJPhA6zexternal/mit/xf86-video-suncg14/dist/src cg14.h cg14_accel.c

   avoid stalling the CPU by letting the SX instruction FIFO drain every couple
   of memory instructions.
   No more missed IPIs when building stuff in an xterm so far...

NetBSD/xsrc ZyGI6A6external/mit/xf86-video-wsfb/dist/src wsfb_driver.c

   Correctly support the case of fbi->fbi_fboffset != 0, which means base
   address of framebuffer is not page-aligned:

   - When mmap framebuffer, fbi->fbi_fboffset is added to the length of
     framebuffer. Otherwise, the last page of framebuffer is not mapped
     properly if (size of framebuffer) <= (page boundary) < (size of
     framebuffer + fbi->fbi_fboffset), since length of mapped area is
     counted from page-truncated address. This results in memory
     corruption in the upper adjacent page, or SEGV.

   - Use fPtr->fbstart (real base address of framebuffer) instead of
     fPtr->fbmem (return value of mmap, i.e., page-aligned base address)
     where appropriate.

   Tested on genfb(4) on Cubietruck, where fbi->fbi_fboffset = 4096.

   No functional changes for majority of framebuffer drivers, whose base
   address is page-aligned.

NetBSD/xsrc KR8YQO4external/mit/xf86-video-wsfb/dist/src wsfb_driver.c

   Add support for 15-bpp framebuffer.

NetBSD/xsrc 6ZvJUZnexternal/mit/freetype/dist ChangeLog, external/mit/freetype/dist/builds/unix config.sub

   merge freetype 2.10.0.

NetBSD/xsrc FtfxNd5external/mit/freetype/dist ChangeLog, external/mit/freetype/dist/builds/unix config.sub

   initial import of freetype-2.10.0

NetBSD/xsrc MfNS0ADexternal/mit/xinput/dist/src xinput.c

   merge xinput 1.6.3

NetBSD/xsrc 6DG4Wydexternal/mit/xinput/dist aclocal.m4 config.sub

   initial import of xinput-1.6.3

NetBSD/xsrc BpkBDamexternal/mit/xf86-video-suncg6/dist/src cg6_driver.c

   remove unused xaaSymbols[]

NetBSD/xsrc gOcpurwexternal/mit/xf86-video-suncg6/dist/src cg6_exa.c

   adjust comment to reality

NetBSD/xsrc 73Y84pXexternal/mit/xf86-video-intel/dist/src intel_list.h

   Pull up following revision(s) (requested by mrg in ticket #1290):

        external/mit/xf86-video-intel/dist/src/intel_list.h: revision 1.2

   merge changes from xorg-server 1.20 list.h into this older version.
   fixes sandy bridge crashing problems for me.

NetBSD/xsrc aqbpZYeexternal/mit/xauth/dist process.c README

   merge xauth 1.1.

NetBSD/xsrc brzY13Gexternal/mit/xauth/dist config.sub config.guess

   initial import of xauth-1.1

NetBSD/xsrc p4zDtwpexternal/mit/libpciaccess/dist README, external/mit/libpciaccess/dist/src common_bridge.c

   merge libpciaccess 0.15.

NetBSD/xsrc BHaArzbexternal/mit/libpciaccess/dist config.sub config.guess, external/mit/libpciaccess/dist/src x86_pci.c hurd_pci.c

   initial import of libpciaccess-0.15

NetBSD/xsrc 2vCwMaeexternal/mit/libdrm/dist xf86drm.c xf86drm.h, external/mit/libdrm/dist/amdgpu amdgpu_bo.c

   merge libdrm 2.4.99

NetBSD/xsrc fTEuGipexternal/mit/libdrm/dist xf86drm.c, external/mit/libdrm/dist/include/drm i915_drm.h

   initial import of libdrm-2.4.99

NetBSD/xsrc 0aHphnGexternal/mit/libICE/dist README, external/mit/libICE/dist/src icetrans.c

   merge libICE 1.0.10.

NetBSD/xsrc EmMWN8Wexternal/mit/libICE/dist aclocal.m4

   initial import of libICE-1.0.10

NetBSD/xsrc 3d9wWOXexternal/mit/xbiff/dist compile, external/mit/xbiff/include config.h

   merge setxkbmap 1.3.2, xbiff 1.0.4, xclock 1.0.9, xman 1.1.5, and
   xwininfo 1.1.5.

NetBSD/xsrc dVKydjuexternal/mit/xwininfo/dist ChangeLog xwininfo.c, external/mit/xwininfo/dist/man

   initial import of xwininfo-1.1.5

NetBSD/xsrc Pfo8W0vexternal/mit/xman/dist aclocal.m4 config.guess

   initial import of xman-1.1.5

NetBSD/xsrc 1qu9pg9external/mit/xclock/dist ChangeLog configure

   initial import of xclock-1.0.9

NetBSD/xsrc HaYayHwexternal/mit/xbiff/dist configure aclocal.m4

   initial import of xbiff-1.0.4

NetBSD/xsrc RCMcThSexternal/mit/setxkbmap/dist aclocal.m4 config.guess

   initial import of setxkbmap-1.3.2

NetBSD/xsrc YtV3pJJexternal/mit/libepoxy/src egl_generated_dispatch.c glx_generated_dispatch.c

   Fix lint build.

NetBSD/xsrc 5fh7FX0external/mit/xterm/dist xterm.h misc.c, external/mit/xterm/include xtermcfg.h

   update for libXt 1.2.0 const/noreturnification:
   - define GCC_* as supported by all our compilers
   - mark xt_error as noreturn
   - clear the error handler with XtSetErrorHandler(NULL) vs
     ((XtErrorHandler) 0) which avoids missing noreturn issue

NetBSD/xsrc fPqVtg6external/mit/libXt/dist/m4 libtool.m4 ltoptions.m4, external/mit/libXt/dist/src NextEvent.c TMparse.c

   merge libXt 1.2.0

NetBSD/xsrc E2KJZD7external/mit/libXt/dist aclocal.m4, external/mit/libXt/dist/m4 libtool.m4

   initial import of libXt-1.2.0

NetBSD/xsrc lJEQC0Oexternal/mit/libepoxy/dist configure

   update fake configure to libepoxy 1.4.3.
+3-21,4501 files

NetBSD/xsrc JppjAYxexternal/mit/libepoxy/dist/src dispatch_common.h

   fix conditional to avoid redefinition.

NetBSD/xsrc 4WXRSMIexternal/mit/libepoxy/src gl_generated_dispatch.c gl_generated.h

   merge and update for libepoxy 1.4.3.

NetBSD/xsrc sgpGfNqexternal/mit/libepoxy/dist/src dispatch_common.c dispatch_common.h

   merge libepoxy 1.4.3.

NetBSD/xsrc sFFhDQFexternal/mit/libepoxy/dist, external/mit/libepoxy/dist/doc

   initial import of libepoxy-1.4.3

NetBSD/xsrc rkcwQSQexternal/mit/libX11/dist/nls/en_US.UTF-8 Compose.pre, external/mit/libX11/dist/src XlibInt.c Font.c

   merge libX11 1.6.8 and libXi 1.7.10.

NetBSD/xsrc vmAaf4Texternal/mit/libXi/dist aclocal.m4 configure, external/mit/libXi/dist/src

   initial import of libXi-1.7.10

NetBSD/xsrc TX2Bwxvexternal/mit/libX11/dist ChangeLog configure, external/mit/libX11/dist/src

   initial import of libX11-1.6.8

NetBSD/xsrc EyrMjFeexternal/mit/sessreg/dist sessreg.h README, external/mit/sessreg/include config.h

   merge sessreg 1.1.2 and xf86-input-elographics 1.4.2.

NetBSD/xsrc LFO3XHrexternal/mit/xf86-input-elographics/dist aclocal.m4

   initial import of xf86-input-elographics-1.4.2

NetBSD/xsrc d9AXjUbexternal/mit/xcalc/dist math.c actions.c, external/mit/xcalc/dist/app-defaults XCalc

   initial import of xcalc-1.1.0

NetBSD/xsrc CH56pFSexternal/mit/sessreg/dist config.guess config.sub

   initial import of sessreg-1.1.2

NetBSD/xsrc H4F9dj1external/mit/libvdpau/dist/src mesa_dri2.c util.h

   merge libvdpau 1.2.

NetBSD/xsrc g3h5Yh5external/mit/libvdpau/dist config.guess, external/mit/libvdpau/dist/include/vdpau vdpau.h

   initial import of libvdpau-1.2

NetBSD/xsrc ieet5xiexternal/mit/encodings/dist README, external/mit/xorgproto/dist README COPYING-panoramixproto

   merge xorgproto 2019.1 and encodings 1.0.5