Minix 3/src 4db99f4bin/ed main.c ed.1

Remove building with NOCRYPTO option

Infrastructure change to come in a separate commit.
Patch for CVE-2018-049.
Prevent shell execution with r command.
Check bounds before dereferencing in encryption routines.
Document -S to disable ! commands.

Sync with NetBSD-8

closes #268

Change-Id: I1c2849e0097b0cc9f89beef5ee24ccd9d73b4ee2

Minix 3/src 0578da2bin/dd dd.c

Drop main() prototype. Syncs with NetBSD-8

closes #267

Change-Id: I80a2e3329463e3473fa45fbc20681861a9ba658f
+2-41 files

Minix 3/src c9e73d6etc services

etc/services - sync with NetBSD-8

close #278

Change-Id: I36c2a58bbcdc397e15813740058d05c517a77a60
+14,888-11,2381 files

Minix 3/src 4322f20etc protocols

etc/protocols - sync with NetBSD-8

Change-Id: I443aafe164a9671fcd440c695a481f88b80b3bcb
+224-1711 files

Minix 3/src 93184c8bin/sync sync.8, bin/test test.1

Sync some manuals from bin & sbin with NetBSD-8

Grammar fixes.
Add/correct HISTORY section.

closes #276

Change-Id: I0640104acea9be90f4cbbda34abfb47c8a0b753b

Minix 3/src 8e97a2dsbin/newfs_v7fs newfs_v7fs.8 newfs_v7fs.c

sbin/newfs_v7fs: sync with NetBSD-8

need <sys/stat.h>
Document history.

closes #275

Change-Id: I988a269b1fffc58238008b4aa4bd8d2a56e123c4

Minix 3/src 25d017asbin/newfs_msdos mkfs_msdos.c newfs_msdos.c

sbin/newfs_msdos: sync with NetBSD-8

Allow 0 timestamp.
Grammar fixes.
Use the create_size if given to compute the real size instead of stat'ing
the file again, which might have been larger to start with.
Document history.

closes #274

Change-Id: Ibf881f22f351c7a17488b24a05c2110be1d65ae0

Minix 3/src 609f541bin/stty key.c

bin/stty: sync with NetBSD-8

need <time.h> for time(3)

closes #273

Change-Id: I23c6747e2490192a2ff7b98ce9f55b2e9d45be00
+3-21 files

Minix 3/src df78030bin/rmdir rmdir.c

bin/rmdir: sync with NetBSD-8

NetBSD PR/48182: Fix rmdir -p handling of top-level (root) directory.

closes #272

Change-Id: I5a69ac84ca236ca03feea49dc9c84537147c2d65
+6-21 files

Minix 3/src e8ccbb3bin/ls ls.c

bin/ls: sync with NetBSD-8

NetBSD PR 50997 David Binderman: fix format strings.

closes #271

Change-Id: I27934ac0328b3f774f2adeada3ca6e0d62637821
+7-71 files

Minix 3/src 92435d6bin/df df.c df.1

Sync bin/df with NetBSD-8

closes #270

Change-Id: Ide8717d095ed8e8ae7c942470f2af8c6a169fcc0
+10-102 files

Minix 3/src 02efe53bin/echo echo.c, bin/expr expr.y

Drop main() prototype.

Sync with NetBSD-8

closes #269

Change-Id: I4ce3bcbc1a1dc71745fe77bd581d07aeafc2f01b

Minix 3/src 2529152etc motd

Save the redirect & use HTTPS

Change-Id: I149964614957566d8bf52ba5100d067de6536731
+2-21 files

Minix 3/src 2a40466etc motd

Update post installation article url

Change-Id: I97516481bf3e19b7f03c7e432ff882fc053ff9e8
+1-11 files

Minix 3/src 3d71ae0minix/fs/vbfs vbfs.8

Replace misplaced string VMware with VirtualBox

In the case of vbfs the host is VirtualBox so mentions of VMware must be
copy-paste errors.

closes #264

Change-Id: Ieb1316155be8f8fb81e3e5a2b21147594f6cb4d9

Minix 3/src 03704f4minix/commands/logger logger.c logger.1, usr.bin/logger logger.c logger.1

replace logger with NetBSD version

closes #265

Change-Id: I31cb8e0ae57cc2c18a6aab1d2749818e1656c294

Minix 3/src d189cd4minix/commands/vol vol.1

vol.1: fix typo: larger then -> larger than

Change-Id: I962f05774d9cf8ce4fb441ff7e2765a895649805

Minix 3/src c38c77cexternal/bsd/dhcp/dist/common dhcp-eval.5

dhcp-eval.5: fix typo: greater then -> greater than

Change-Id: I90a91f5392cfe6b07c0fab8ce34c8ceead2ce548

Minix 3/src f94fc08minix/commands/part part.8

part.8: fix typo: other then -> other than

Change-Id: I966376d9d34b30a7bdd87272858d50248ca41221

Minix 3/src 68b3d8cdistrib/sets/lists/minix-games mi, distrib/sets/lists/minix-man mi

import games/worms from NetBSD

closes #261

Change-Id: I83e978c24a632c851772787695c0af6c5b2d09c6

Minix 3/src 081c95adistrib/sets/lists/minix-games mi, distrib/sets/lists/minix-man mi

import games/worm from NetBSD

closes #262

Change-Id: I63674a1e5457bbb3d30708e12f25c30487d70324

Minix 3/src fb9c64bdistrib/sets/lists/minix-games mi, distrib/sets/lists/minix-man mi

import games/wtf from NetBSD

closes #260

Change-Id: Ia3bbe28d77dff7f21fe7de3d0c03a65f6681049c

Minix 3/src 2ffe8daminix/man/man8 usage.8

usage.8: fix typo: slower then -> slower than

Change-Id: Ifc23506f857ef748f50c5e5d3143b034c0086032

Minix 3/src 8e2f9ecminix/kernel proc.c

Fixed tiny spelling error in proc.c

an returned -> and returned

closes #255

Change-Id: I936e95c6d026f83f66a48120aa9a331b8797b89c

Minix 3/src a513517bin/cat cat.c

Sync with cat.c from netbsd-8

When cat is invoked with -se, print a '$' on blank lines.

Change-Id: I1bdcced967261a231eab93e8d28736f9f52f53fd
+10-171 files

Minix 3/src 7377a59bin/date date.1, bin/dd dd.1

Sync with manuals from netbsd-8 branch.

Change-Id: I82fdb7486ae4f0f8f622046538806471bfb17c1d

Minix 3/src 145839bexternal/gpl2/gmake/patches 0001-support-latest-glibc.patch, external/gpl3/gcc/patches 0004-fix-gcc-inlines.patch

Fix Compilation on Ubuntu 18.04

 * Fix Compilation of GCC on Ubuntu 18.04
   Apply the following patch:;a=patch;h=ec1cc0263f156f70693a62cf17b254a0029f4852

 * Fix GNU make build on new GNU glibc systems

Change-Id: I44fcdc23b037a53d8cf50ec09ba9f210a1e127c8

Minix 3/src 03ac74eexternal/public-domain/sqlite/lib Makefile, minix/net/lwip addr.c


Change-Id: I1250744d54b75d6380393afe848a6eb8c5dc894d

Minix 3/src 35b65c5distrib/sets/lists/minix-tests md.evbarm, minix/tests Makefile

minix/tests/arm: naive tests to cause data aborts

Some assembly code to cause unaligned access as well as
segmentation faults to exercise the data abort path.

Change-Id: Ie419114b76a8db849537a94fda781019cf14d50d

Minix 3/src 0dd719fminix/kernel/arch/earm exception.c, minix/kernel/arch/earm/include archconst.h

kernel/arm: send SIGSEGV to processes

On second thought, handle unknown faults caused by processes by sending
SIGSEGV to them instead of bringing the whole system to a grind.

arm/archconst: use values defined in armreg.h

Change-Id: Ieed5bb06910ab0c8eef1e68b0b4eec680867acd3

Minix 3/src 5e9e5b9share/mk use -mno-unaligned-access on ARM

Without this option, gcc may emit code accessing unaligned memory. This,
and the fact that SCTRL.A (System Control Register - Alignment Check) is
set to 1 in Minix causes data aborts when such code is encountered.

This was the cause of #104. The `minix-service' executable caused
unaligned memory accesses calling into getpwnam(). These then trigger
data abort exceptions. On ARM, these were previously forwarded to `vm'
as pagefaults. However, `vm' did not properly handle them, but instead
allocated one page for the faulting address (over and over again) and
then resumed the process at the faulting instruction (over and over
again). This behavior masked the whole story as an OOM.

Below the assembly version getpwent.c in which unaligned memory
accesses are even highlighted...

 341         ldr     lr, [sp, #48]
 342         cmp     lr, #0
 343         bne     .L46
 344         ldr     r0, [r4]        @ unaligned
 345         add     r1, r7, #5
 346         str     r0, [sp, #4]    @ unaligned
 347         ldr     r4, [sp, #4]

    [10 lines not shown]

Minix 3/src 7c3424cminix/kernel/arch/earm exception.c, minix/kernel/arch/earm/include archconst.h

kernel/arm: do not treat all data aborts as pagefaults

For now, distinguish alignment, translation and permission faults.
The first kind of faults cause the kernel to send SIGBUS to the
process causing the fault, the latter two are forwarded to `vm' as
pagefaults. Previously, any data abort was forwarded to `vm' as
a pagefault, resulting in hard to debug issue #104.

Any unhandled fault status results in a disaster. This seems
better than naively hoping `vm' can do something about it.

Change-Id: I526f575bb2681e087e20fd49c5c0846cdd450c31

Minix 3/src a27e58eminix/drivers/tty/tty/keymaps abnt2.src

Fix brazilian ABNT2 keymap

This adds two missing keys (0x73 and 0x7e) and fixes KP_PERIOD (it
should type a comma, not a period), as mentioned in

Closes #247

Change-Id: Id85d04e36adcaa1a502cac8e5013396ea92502fe

Minix 3/src 4667c87minix/servers/pm main.c

remove a duplicate include

removed #include <minix/type.h> duplicate

Closes #246

Change-Id: Icd575c452d562eb601133157a77d9d995ce043e9

Minix 3/src 2117e99minix/man/man8 usage.8

Update usage man page: remove reference to /usr/ast

This directory no longer exists, probably since the netbsd file layout

Closes #244

Change-Id: Ie4e3761dbf3adbdd76cb6323f920a4abab6b29d5

Minix 3/src 9866ad3minix/fs/mfs stadir.c misc.c

fs/mfs: Remove a few assert.h includes

Those are unnecessary.

Closes #241

Change-Id: I26db0f07c65e7d078e642001b97e6d4313e6660a

Minix 3/src 24f3305minix/usr.sbin/mkfs.mfs mkfs.c

mkfs.mfs: fix typo in error message

Closes #242

Change-Id: I91ec2b36b2abfa897a43c97d886578fd28a5c768

Minix 3/src b2ee070sys/dev/pci pci_subr.c

pci server crashes during boot on Qubes OS

I tried to launch Minix3 in Qubes OS. While there is no problem to boot
minix as a qube (in Qubes OS terminology) before 3641562, it fails with
the commit (and after). I didn't digg into PCI handling but this change
fixes the problem. Minix handles NULL case from pci_subclass_name.

Change-Id: I162424d92b613598e6eb845a71f90a02e31041db

Minix 3/src 39d31d9releasetools

ARM: Remove dependency on mtools

Instead of formatting the image, and then using the mtools to copy on it
the boot partition files, we use makefs to directly generate the

Change-Id: I468e3100842177f3f55edbfdb910941bafa576ba

Minix 3/src b67d2aesys/arch/i386/include multiboot.h

Fixed broken multiboot struct

Change-Id: Ib59fb04a45c4417588bf204a5a6e6306f5097e22

Minix 3/src d4dd651minix/drivers/net/dp8390 ne2000.c 3c503.c, minix/drivers/net/e1000 e1000.c

replace tickdelay with micro_delay to be quantum-agnostic

Change-Id: Ie449d797389a178372035d797c84b02d636788cd

Minix 3/src 3e2c6c9minix/fs/isofs inode.c super.c

isofs: support directories with many entries

In particular, remove the hardcoded limit of 4096 entries in a single
directory, as there are (at least) real DVDs out there with more
entries than that.  The implementation of this change requires a
second pass on large directories; performance optimizations are left
to future work.

Change-Id: Ia865ac95797fa2dd36b086779c3f1fef6b2f6a6f

Minix 3/src 502e7ffminix/drivers/storage/at_wini at_wini.c

at_wini: bump hardcoded ATAPI limit to DVD size

at_wini was previously hardcoded to present ATAPI devices as having a
size of 800 MiB, which was enough for CDs but not for DVDs.  This
patch increases the device size to 8500 MiB, which should be large
enough to cover all DVDs.

Change-Id: I7d3192e4ecd0708a655663c1007ff517ed969580

Minix 3/src d5e4fc0arch/i386/stand/boot Makefile.boot

Fix Makefile.boot small issue sync'ing with NetBSD

Change-Id: I4f8cbfb9d4b6be8b31ce705cbecc4b12b7e1fe45

Minix 3/src 9f81acbmit/lua/dist/src luaconf.h

Fix lua

As reported by Jean-Baptiste Boric, lua would refuse to start,
throwing an error about incompatibility of numeric types.

This resolves #160.

Change-Id: I5cd6c3b2a35c7023946e4d14d4feedaaecb956fb

Minix 3/src 9624407kernel profile.c, kernel/arch/i386 direct_tty_utils.c pre_init.c

header cleanup

Change-Id: I4e169911591c56e91c301c5cb0bb3ea2d8140cf2

Minix 3/src c1d4abecommands/pkgin_cd, commands/setup


Change-Id: I513c16b0691897f3c665532d50ed398967f3e4d0

Minix 3/src 66e071a.

Add releasetools/

This script uses the image generation framework to create a pkgsrc CD
image, useful for MINIX installations without Internet connectivity.

Change-Id: Ife037f6b6958e38986afad0632f37999ecbb2b55
+52-01 files

Minix 3/src 0884854. image.functions

Rework package bundling mechanism

Setting PACKAGE_DIR without PACKAGES will default to bundling all
packages in PACKAGE_DIR. PKG_INFO is also mandatory now.

Change-Id: Iaf02221ec91e9c54dc8caec6e9a01bccfc65cc31
+53-391 files

Minix 3/src 1915559kernel clock.c

Removed unused variable and cleaned whitespaces

Change-Id: Iaaf6b6f5f49f2d2599a3422250ad7e6e41838b82
+7-81 files