GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5684.0-ALPHA/conf packages, 4.0-ALPHA/extra

Updatihg to the last change

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5674.0-ALPHA/extra/ghostbsd userbm

Adding userbm for user book mark

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5664.0-ALPHA/conf ghostbsd.defaults.conf, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

Adding fix for pc-sysinstall

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5654.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/pc-sysinstall/backend

Removing rc_halt to avoid error for dd

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5644.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

Adding a scrip to prepar partition.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5634.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/pc-sysinstall/backend

Changing way to edit partition

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5624.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/pc-sysinstall/backend

Updatihg to the last pc-sysinstall version

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5614.0-ALPHA/extra/ghostbsd rc.conf.extra, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/gnome custom.conf

Changing path for starting

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5604.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi


GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5594.0-ALPHA/extra dm, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/dm slim.conf custom.conf

Commiting custom.conf

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5584.0-ALPHA/conf packages, 4.0-ALPHA/extra

Commiting custom.conf

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5574.0-ALPHA make_system, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

Commiting a bunch of update and fix for the installer and livecd

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5564.0-ALPHA/conf packages, 4.0-ALPHA/extra

backup the code

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5554.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

ading more shell and place bash ass default utille fish problem is slove

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5544.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

adding virgul

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5534.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi fix tmp path

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5524.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

Installer passing data fix

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5514.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

commit change

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5504.0-ALPHA make_system, 4.0-ALPHA/conf ghostbsd.defaults.conf

Adding new GENERIC kernel and a bush of fix for the system.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5494.0-ALPHA/extra, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/mate org.mate.background.gschema.xml

Adding fix for the default wallpaper.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5484.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

Adding fix for entire disk window.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5474.0-ALPHA/extra/installer/gbi

Adding last change before debuging.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5464.0-ALPHA/extra installer

adding installer.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5454.0-ALPHA/extra, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/mate ghostbsd.xml

Updating ghostbsd.xml with new wallpare.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5444.0-ALPHA/extra/ghostbsd/wallpapers 8316747767_5dab0b0f9c_o.jpg blood_of_the_mountain.jpg

renaming wallpaper shorter.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5434.0-ALPHA installer

Merging new installer

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5424.0-ALPHA/extra installer

removing old vertion of the installer

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5414.0-ALPHA/conf packages, 4.0-ALPHA/extra

Update pkg

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 540installer/gbi

commithing last update of code. before merging in 4.0 repos

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5394.0-ALPHA/packages/packages.d utils-x

Removing bxpkg and adding spideroak

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5384.0-ALPHA/extra

Replacing fish in root for the default shell

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 537installer/gbi

Adding code for installation progress and disk parttioning during installation and for 
other script in the installer.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5364.0-ALPHA/extra/mate org.mate.background.gschema.xml

Replacing fish in root for the default shell

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 535installer/gbi

Adding code for installation progress and disk parttioning during installation.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 534installer/gbi

removing deprecated file.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 533installer/gbi

commting code for better progres bar progres and text progres

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 532installer/gbi

Adding code for creating and  modifing partition

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 531installer/gbi

Adding code for creating MBR slice partition

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 530installer/gbi

Adding code for creating MBR and GPT partition

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 529installer/gbi

Adding code for creating MBR and GPT partition

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5284.0-ALPHA/extra/ghostbsd wallpapers, 4.0-ALPHA/extra/ghostbsd/wallpapers the_shelter_wallpaper_other_nature_wallpaper_2560_1600_widescreen_1040.jpg 201204012011131455.jpg

Adding new wallpapers

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5274.0-ALPHA/conf packages ghostbsd.defaults.conf, 4.0-ALPHA/conf/amd64 GHOSTBSD

Changing pkg_add for pkgng to install Package in the livecd

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5264.0-ALPHA/tool

Changig pkg_add for pkg install and pkg_create for pkg create in and

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5254.0-ALPHA make_system pkglist, 4.0-ALPHA/tool ports

Adding change to build system from ports

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 5244.0-ALPHA pkglist, 4.0-ALPHA/packages/packages.d utils

Adding mc and nano in the package.

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 523installer/gbi

Commiting code for create mbr lable mount point

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 522. 4.0-ALPHA, 3.0-packages/ghostbsd-packages/ghostbsd-installer Makefile

Adding 4.0-ALPHA

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 521installer/gbi

Commiting code for partition editor tool

GhostBSD/ghostbsd 520installer/gbi


GhostBSD/ghostbsd 519installer/gbi

Commiting code for auto partition