BitRig/src 350f99earch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

pmap cannot wait on pool alloc due to held mutex.

BitRig/src 614fa01arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

Fix logic error related to CANFAIL
+13-131 files

BitRig/src 00e8461arch/arm64/conf generic.arm64

Running HZ too fast on SMP arm makes no sense

Go back to HZ=100 for arm64

BitRig/src 8d6fa04kern kern_sched.c

Hack around an MPlock count problem

Hack around a problem where running kernel had too many kernel
locks on processes when they were trying to go to sleep.
cause unknown. This change is likely just hiding a bug.
+10-11 files

BitRig/src 4964e1aarch/arm64/arm64 cpu.c machdep.c

Enable SMP arm64.

BitRig/src c5270b8arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c, arch/arm64/conf GENERIC files.arm64

hacka hack for dragonboard ehci attachment, not working.

BitRig/src 99f19c7dev/ofw fdt.c ofw_clock.c

Some pieces copied from OpenBSD, believed to be needed for msmehci

Now uncertain, but meh.

BitRig/src 767e3bdarch/arm64/fdt fdt.c, arch/arm64/include fdt.h

more changes from OpenBSD:
Author: kettenis <kettenis at>
Date:   Sat Jul 9 12:31:05 2016 +0000
Add interfaces to look up a device tree node by phandle.

ok patrick@, jsg@, visa@

Author: kettenis <kettenis at>
Date:   Mon May 16 21:12:17 2016 +0000
Introduce OF_is_compatible(9), a convenience function to check the "compatible"
property of an OFW/FDT node.

ok deraadt@, pactrick@

BitRig/src 0fbcadbarch/arm64/fdt fdt.c, dev/ofw openfirm.h

From OpenBSD:
Author: kettenis <kettenis at>
Date:   Sun Jun 12 12:55:42 2016 +0000

Add OF_getpropint() and OF_getpropintarray().

ok visa@, jsg@

BitRig/src c22c5c6arch/arm64/dev msmuart.c

cleanup, improves large receive some.
+14-141 files

BitRig/src 654d380arch/arm64/dev msmuart.c

Working but not well polished msmuart driver.
+188-811 files

BitRig/src 74b9638arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

Do not put kernel top level page table into ttbr0

BitRig/src c2b4b3darch/arm64/arm64 autoconf.c

missing spl0

BitRig/src 1647518arch/arm64/dev msmuart.c

Add working console input.

BitRig/src 39c285barch/arm64/arm64 machdep.c


Move console init later to consinit() (standard location)

clean up some commented code from freebsd, no longer meaningful.

BitRig/src 31f8719arch/arm64/conf files.arm64 generic.arm64, arch/arm64/dev agmemtimer.c agtimer.c

Agtimer (ARM64 architectural timer) works fine on dragonboard, use it.

BitRig/src 16d3f12arch/arm64/conf files.arm64 generic.arm64, arch/arm64/dev agmemtimer.c

agtimer modified to use memory mappings

BitRig/src 64b7d01arch/arm64/include fdt.h

Add macro to make it easy to iterate over children of a node.

BitRig/src ca4ce6aarch/arm64/dev agtimer.c

Fix bug in timer where incorrect register contents may be written

BitRig/src 7291aa4arch/arm64/conf files.arm64 generic.arm64, arch/arm64/dev qgcc.c

Add driver for qcom,gcc-msm8916 (qgcc)

BitRig/src e818cfcarch/arm64/conf generic.arm64

fix indent

BitRig/src 4e27cb2arch/arm64/fdt fdtbus.c

Add some debug to indicate missing clock driver.

BitRig/src 3b6c5bdarch/arm64/conf Makefile.arm64

Create u-boot 'booti' compatible images.

BitRig/src 4e04e1earch/arm64/dev ampintc.c, arch/arm64/fdt fdtbus.c

Match interrupt controller

Ignore additional unknown interrupt controllers.

BitRig/src 08dca28kern init_main.c

Add new copyright year.
+1-11 files

BitRig/src 162f298arch/arm64/arm64 arm64_iobus.c pmap.c

Allow iobus to detect the need for 'early virtual space'

BitRig/src e261c48arch/arm64/fdt fdt_machdep.c fdt.c, arch/arm64/include fdt.h

Change console to use chosen, allow aliases

Enables dragonboard console.

BitRig/src 7d93deearch/arm64/conf files.arm64 generic.arm64, arch/arm64/dev msmuart.c msmuartvar.h

Console driver for Dragonboard (Qualcomm apq8016)

Derived from IMX serial driver.

NOTE: driver is not complete, only console output is tested.

BitRig/src 438e48darch/arm64/arm64 machdep.c

remove gdb_ waitcount debug code.

BitRig/src dc6eefearch/arm64/arm64 locore.S

Add arm64 'kernel' signature, cleanup

Depending on platform fdt may be passed on x0 or x2,
this also contains a change that moves the x0 content to x2 in
case this platform doesn't init the x2 if passed a NULL x2, where
the kernel later expects the fdt pointer.

BitRig/src 206a155arch/arm64/fdt fdt_machdep.c

Changes to work with Dragonboard.

BitRig/src 185d97aarch/arm64/arm64 sig_machdep.c

Fix array bounds overflow, reported from OpenBSD's jsg@ and patrick@

BitRig/src 5a6309fhostctl Makefile, hotplugd Makefile

Allow hostctl and hotplugd to build on arm64

BitRig/src 02b2684sets/lists/base md.arm64 md.amd64, sets/lists/comp md.arm64

Sets fixups for arm64

Moves vmd and vmctl to md since it is only for amd64
Add pubkeys for 2.0 and 2.1

BitRig/src 12b239csets maketars

Revert "Allow tarballs to be created for a specified architecture."

This reverts commit 75bc3f884d6808ee15b66a59de6101499eebd62a.

This does not work for the normal case, RELEASE gets reset to empty.
Revert until fix is found.
+0-121 files

BitRig/src 006ab29arm64/ramdisk Makefile

Fix case of filenames and load address.

BitRig/src a571f4d. Makefile

Missing arm64 dir ref.
+1-11 files

BitRig/src 9d60801mkuboot copy_elf.c mkuboot.c

Improve support for arm64

Recognize and allow arm64 arch target.
Recognize and ignore PT_STACK segments in binary.
Recognize and encode NetBSD load format.

BitRig/src 26ba039libunwind/src config.h

Proper arm64 define for libunwind

BitRig/src e54c29dspecial/installboot Makefile

Add stub for arm64.

BitRig/src 11bbcf8arch/arm64/arm64 machdep.c

update vend more appropriately.

BitRig/src 2579f3carch/arm64/conf Makefile.arm64

Kernel load address must be aligned the same as mapped.

BitRig/src e8f62b7arch/arm64/arm64 machdep.c

Cap memory at 2GB for the moment.

Need to investigate why more memory causes things to blow up.
Might need to implement uvm_grow.

BitRig/src 14615f6arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

introduce a new structure to determine if a PA is memory for cache

Turns out that memory is stolen from the kmem mappings and entered
causing the mappings to be cache inhibited. This results in very
poor performance and possibly other problems.

BitRig/src 164011darch/arm64/arm64 machdep.c

move msgbuf allocation so it is closer to std va <-> pa mappings

BitRig/src ab06f7earch/arm64/arm64 locore.S

Cleanup, enable cache on memory.

BitRig/src ead0e05arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

Update copyright year.

BitRig/src a9dff33arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c locore.S, arch/arm64/include armreg.h pte.h


BitRig/src e4b4f25arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

flush based on pted va.

XXX -shouldn't his match the passed in va!?!

BitRig/src c7d00bcarch/arm64/conf generic.arm64

Align kernel to 2MB (level 2 page table entry mapping).