ÆrieBSD/src 9fc9ee4pcc/cc cc.c, pcc/ccom gcc_compat.c builtins.c

update from amster repo with local mods to cc.c

ÆrieBSD/src cbc60e7pcc/ccom trees.c cgram.y, pcc/cpp cpp.1 cpp.c

sync with master repo

ÆrieBSD/src d0d4600ld ld.c ld2.c, nm nm.c

use elf_chk_header()

ÆrieBSD/src 981cb99libelf elf.c elf_symload.c

split off some funcs and also add the header checker

ÆrieBSD/src d651a3ereadelf readelf.c

forgotschen to write teh initial note -- 12 hours work with 'bout 35 beers; also add i386 
reloc type
+46-21 files

ÆrieBSD/src b3a084areadelf readelf2.c

fix printf types
+6-61 files

ÆrieBSD/src 7384c0creadelf readelf.c readelf2.c

add rcsids

ÆrieBSD/src 5535e95. Makefile, readelf readelf.c readelf2.c

make it do -a and relocs

ÆrieBSD/src 3c0eb8cld hppa.c

work out most of the relocs 'cept for plabels
+153-651 files

ÆrieBSD/src cb89f3fld ld.c ld.h

select arch based on magic and class for archs that play same magic for both country and 
+19-212 files

ÆrieBSD/src b3869e7kern uipc_syscalls.c, sys socket.h

add MSG_NOSIGNAL; from obsd

ÆrieBSD/src 0df96ffgzsig key.c gzsig.1

update from obsd

ÆrieBSD/src 14d5aeald hppa.c

missed the .note change here
+3-31 files

ÆrieBSD/src da79525tcpdump print-gtp.c CHANGES

get changes from obsd; remove stale files

ÆrieBSD/src 24bff5blibpcap gencode.c CHANGES

get changes from obsd; remove ancient CHANGES file

ÆrieBSD/src 84963f1netinet6 mld6.h mld6.c

Add some MLDv2 definitions from FreeBSD.
+114-142 files

ÆrieBSD/src 5a16a0dnetinet icmp6.h

+1-01 files

ÆrieBSD/src 9b288b0pcc/cxxcom init.c stabs.c

remove rcsids

ÆrieBSD/src 966794epcc/cxxcom pftn.c trees.c

c++ compiler work in progress from the master repo

ÆrieBSD/src bc7e63bpcc/ccom Makefile.inc

keep cpp flags in CPPFLAGS

ÆrieBSD/src 99655b2pcc/arm code.c, pcc/cc cc.c cc.1

update from master repo

ÆrieBSD/src 13ba4cccompat/linux linux_sysent.c linux_syscall.h


ÆrieBSD/src 395a1f6arch/i386/i386 linux_machdep.c sys_machdep.c, arch/i386/include linux_machdep.h

make linux set-thread-area work

ÆrieBSD/src 36cba69dev/usb if_zyd.c usbdevs_data.h

pull more recent version from obsd

ÆrieBSD/src 65e604cdev/usb usbdevs

add a few more zyd devs
+14-11 files

ÆrieBSD/src 89dc69ecalendar/calendars calendar.birthday


ÆrieBSD/src 67ac2a9libF77 f77lib.h complex, libI77 fio.h fmt.h

missed a couple

ÆrieBSD/src d27e41dlibF77 erf.c sinh.c

f77 support libs from ragge

ÆrieBSD/src baad687libI77 lread.c fmt.c

Repo copy files

ÆrieBSD/src fb17632. Makefile

f77 support libs from ragge
+1-11 files

ÆrieBSD/src 38382c8pcc/amd64 local2.c local.c, pcc/mip regs.c optim2.c


ÆrieBSD/src 7024cb7pcc/amd64 local.c, pcc/cc cc.c

update from the master repo

ÆrieBSD/src 29259bcpcc/ccom trees.c ccom.1, pcc/mip regs.c

update from master repo

ÆrieBSD/src 8b6a385ld ld2.c

scan the whole space of local vars renaming for the degenerate gcc cannot name locals 
+14-61 files

ÆrieBSD/src d616fa4ld ld2.c

skip filename entries earlier before locals are converted
+5-51 files

ÆrieBSD/src 95f4e66pcc/ccom trees.c pass1.h

update from master repo

ÆrieBSD/src b17d4abpcc/amd64 local.c code.c, pcc/ccom trees.c cgram.y

update from the master repo

ÆrieBSD/src 406c396pcc/ccom trees.c, pcc/mips code.c

update from master repo

ÆrieBSD/src ba9988fcalendar/calendars calendar.computer

happy bday msdos

ÆrieBSD/src 515ab8fkern kern_exit.c

fix sys_wait4() return
+1-21 files

ÆrieBSD/src f81ad54ld hppa.c ld.h

some work in progress hppa support
+326-104 files

ÆrieBSD/src ecea9fdld syms.c

skip section-relative syms on undefined checks
+3-11 files

ÆrieBSD/src 0042200ld amd64.c arm.c

generate _etext and _edata for the wonderful world of linux software
+9-33 files

ÆrieBSD/src f41d1eeld ld.c

fake -gc-sections and make trace trace libs search as intended and fix the lib dirs search
+8-91 files

ÆrieBSD/src d4ec6cclibc/sys stack_protector.c

do not pull in half a libc with just a stack protector; pedro ok

ÆrieBSD/src b70647blib/libc/stackprotector ssp.c Makefile

Repo copy files

ÆrieBSD/src 3922ca7lib/libc Makefile

actually do not recurse into the smashing test
+1-11 files

ÆrieBSD/src bb98540lib/libc Makefile

smashing test
+1-11 files

ÆrieBSD/src b76e381pcc/amd64 code.c, pcc/i386 code.c

sync from master repo

ÆrieBSD/src eed2598awk awk.1 FIXES

update via openbsd
+245-1236 files not shown
+257-13812 files