XigmaNAS/svn 6661branches/ rc.firmware, branches/ zfsinstall.sh

code changes provided by JoseMR: zfs installer updates and enhancements

XigmaNAS/svn 6660trunk/build xigmanas.files make.sh, trunk/etc rc.firmware

code changes provided by JoseMR: zfs installer updates and enhancements

XigmaNAS/svn 6659branches/ grid_toolbox.php shared_toolbox.php, branches/ access_groups_edit.php

rewrite to DOM and other enhancements

XigmaNAS/svn 6658trunk/etc/inc autoload.php, trunk/etc/inc/common/sphere root.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6657branches/ autoload.php, branches/ root.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6656branches/ grid_toolbox.php grid_properties.php, branches/ access_users_edit.php

add show/hide system users

XigmaNAS/svn 6655branches/ passdb, trunk/etc/rc.d passdb

use full path

XigmaNAS/svn 6654branches/ passdb, trunk/etc/rc.d passdb

revert use full path

XigmaNAS/svn 6653branches/ passdb, trunk/etc/rc.d passdb

use full path

XigmaNAS/svn 6652branches/ grid_properties.php, trunk/etc/inc/system/access/user grid_properties.php

wrong class hint

XigmaNAS/svn 6651branches/ properties_access_users.php, branches/ ObsoleteFiles.inc

remove obsolete files

XigmaNAS/svn 6650trunk/etc rc.firmware, trunk/etc/install zfsinstall.sh

code changes provided by JoseMR: zfs installer updates and enhancements

XigmaNAS/svn 6649branches/ access_users_edit.php access_users.php, trunk/www access_users_edit.php access_users.php

rewrite access user, add public keys for ssh

XigmaNAS/svn 6648branches/ raki, trunk/etc/rc.d raki

add public key script for users

XigmaNAS/svn 6647branches/ access_publickey_edit.php access_publickey.php, trunk/www access_publickey_edit.php access_publickey.php

add public key for root

XigmaNAS/svn 6646branches/ grid_toolbox.php, branches/ grid_toolbox.php row_properties.php

rewrite access user, add public key for root

XigmaNAS/svn 6645branches/ raki, trunk/etc/rc.d raki

script for root authorized_keys install

XigmaNAS/svn 6644branches/ user.php, trunk/www/quixplorer/_include user.php

fix password bug after changing permissions

XigmaNAS/svn 6643branches/ config.inc, branches/ userdb passdb

use standard enable flag instead of introducing another flag

XigmaNAS/svn 6642branches/ fmperm userdb, trunk/etc/rc.d fmperm userdb

query inactive flag

XigmaNAS/svn 6641branches/ property.php, trunk/etc/inc/common/properties property.php

enhance field access evaluation

XigmaNAS/svn 6640branches/ property_list.php, trunk/etc/inc/common/properties property_list.php

init options

XigmaNAS/svn 6639branches/ setting_properties.php, branches/ grid_toolbox.php

rewrite to DOM and other enhancements

XigmaNAS/svn 6638branches/ ObsoleteFiles.inc, trunk/etc/install ObsoleteFiles.inc

remove leading slashes

XigmaNAS/svn 6637branches/ diag_infos_smart.php, trunk/www diag_infos_smart.php

add extraoptions

XigmaNAS/svn 6636branches/ minidlna.in, trunk/build/ports/minidlna/files minidlna.in

prepare for DOM

XigmaNAS/svn 6635branches/ diag_routes.php, trunk/www diag_routes.php

rewrite to DOM

XigmaNAS/svn 6634branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade php to 7.3.4.

XigmaNAS/svn 6633branches/ grid_properties.php row_properties.php, trunk/etc/inc/services/nfsd/root grid_properties.php row_properties.php

refactor method names

XigmaNAS/svn 6632branches/ ObsoleteFiles.inc, branches/ services_nfs_share.php services_nfs_share_edit.php

remove obsolete files

XigmaNAS/svn 6631branches/ services_nfs.php, trunk/www services_nfs.php

disable nfsuserd and nsfv4_server

XigmaNAS/svn 6630branches/ Makefile distinfo, branches/ patch-syncthing_build.go

Upgrade syncthing to 1.1.1.

XigmaNAS/svn 6629branches/ config.inc, branches/ grid_properties.php

config upgrade for nfsd

XigmaNAS/svn 6628branches/ config.inc globals.inc, trunk/etc/inc config.inc globals.inc

config upgrade for nfsd

XigmaNAS/svn 6627branches/ grid_toolbox.php, branches/ grid_toolbox.php

rewrite nfsd

XigmaNAS/svn 6626branches/ tftpd.in, trunk/build/ports/tftp-hpa/files tftpd.in

fix missing single quote character

XigmaNAS/svn 6625branches/ ftp_curl-options, trunk/build/ports/options/files ftp_curl-options

update options files

XigmaNAS/svn 6624branches/ lang_gcc8-options, trunk/build/ports/options/files lang_gcc8-options

update options files

XigmaNAS/svn 6623branches/ xigmanas-el.po xigmanas-de.po, trunk/locale xigmanas-el.po xigmanas-de.po

update translations

XigmaNAS/svn 6622branches/ row_toolbox.php, trunk/etc/inc/system/rcconf row_toolbox.php

remove parameter, they are not required for row-based forms

XigmaNAS/svn 6621branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.45.0.

XigmaNAS/svn 6620branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

amend  hide/show siblings

XigmaNAS/svn 6619branches/ wui2.php, trunk/etc/inc wui2.php

refactor hook methods

XigmaNAS/svn 6618branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

0 is not the same as 0px for Microsoft

XigmaNAS/svn 6617trunk/locale xigmanas.pot

update pot file

XigmaNAS/svn 6616branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade zoneinfo to 2019a.

XigmaNAS/svn 6615branches/ services_nfs.php, trunk/www services_nfs.php

remove duplicate input

XigmaNAS/svn 6614branches/ setting_toolbox.php shared_toolbox.php, branches/ services_nfs.php

add auxparam for mountd configuration

XigmaNAS/svn 6613branches/ mountd, trunk/etc/rc.d mountd

enhance parameters

XigmaNAS/svn 6612branches/ gui.css, trunk/www/css gui.css

apply style only to specific elements