OPNSense/tools aa997e9config/19.1 make.conf

config: STUBBY is now the getdns default

OPNSense/tools f309f0bbuild rename.sh clean.sh

build: adapt clean and rename to arm image naming change

OPNSense/tools 124be6fconfig/19.1 make.conf

config: ETCSYMLINK disable

OPNSense/tools bc9c031config/19.1 skim.conf

config: drop php71 from skim list, EoL

OPNSense/tools e987727build arm.sh, config/19.1 SMP-ORANGEPI-PC2 SMP-ODROID-XU3

arm: more device configs (#130)

* Add Orange Pi PC2 device config
* Add Odroid XU3/XU4 device config and update several arm configs
* Update odroid-xu3.conf

OPNSense/tools aec9d0dconfig/19.1 make.conf

www/nginx: add vhost traffic statistics

OPNSense/tools ef08bdebuild arm.sh, device rpi3.conf rpi2.conf

Add RPI 2/3 Firmwares (#128)

OPNSense/tools 1f645fbconfig/19.1 ports.conf

Enable Python2/3 ports

Successfully compiled on arm/arm64

OPNSense/tools 70a7934config/19.1 plugins.conf

config: add netdata plugin

OPNSense/tools 3cfaeedbuild rename.sh

build/rename: typo in vm rename
+2-21 files

OPNSense/tools e939ff8config/19.1 ports.conf

config: add py-speedtest-cli; closes #126

OPNSense/tools c8d9d89config/19.1 plugins.conf

config: add maltrail plugin

OPNSense/tools 28eb44fconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: uh, exciting...

OPNSense/tools e0cb3b3config/19.1 build.conf skim.conf

config: PHP 7.1 -> 7.2

OPNSense/tools 9576bf7config/19.1 src.conf

config: enable bsdinstall for upcoming releases

OPNSense/tools 298118bbuild arm.sh

build/arm: small style fix
+1-21 files

OPNSense/tools 9dcd73ebuild arm.sh common.sh, config/19.1 ports.conf plugins.conf

Add cross build support for aarch64 and RPI3 config (#120)

OPNSense/tools eb8df8econfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: mcrypt PHP module is unused nowadays

OPNSense/tools 456a4c9. Makefile, build plugins.sh common.sh

build/plugins: fix PLUGINSENV propagation

OPNSense/tools 20810d7config/19.1 skim.conf

config: perpare for PHP 7.2

OPNSense/tools 240fad3config/19.1 make.conf

config: correctly bootstrap PRODUCT_ARCH, eval fix

OPNSense/tools 3248ce1config/19.1 make.conf

config: pin down Lua to 5.3, HAProxy mandates it

And so we can avoid having Lua 5.2 in the packages.

OPNSense/tools 2b9fdc5config/19.1 ports.conf

config: add luasocket; closes #116

OPNSense/tools e1c67e6config/19.1 ports.conf

config: typo in previous

OPNSense/tools 0276781config/19.1 ports.conf make.conf

config: asterisk13 -> asterisk16; closes #123

OPNSense/tools a26d020build ports.sh, config/19.1 make.conf

config: use RUST in amd64 only

OPNSense/tools d2d93e7build dvd.sh

build/dvd: subtle breakage in UEFI write for DVD on FreeBSD 11.2
+4-41 files

OPNSense/tools 05ef38bconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: add bird2 package; closes #121

OPNSense/tools 7672c14config/19.1 ports.conf

only build previous for amd64+OpenSSL

OPNSense/tools 63c1cc4config/19.1 ports.conf

add node, npm and yarn to our build.

OPNSense/tools c38b9a4config/19.1 make.conf

config: add MYSQL to freeradius3 port

PR: https://github.com/opnsense/plugins/issues/1092

OPNSense/tools 0c7832bconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: add phpseclib package

OPNSense/tools 0d2047dconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: drop honeybadger due to build failure on latest go

OPNSense/tools 78d1faeconfig/19.1 make.conf

config: proper sort

OPNSense/tools 30f8916composite nightly.sh

composite/nightly: force a dummy rebuild

This allows us to check ports for consistency and even rebuild
it if there are integrity issues.  Also gives us a list of
changed versions at the end just in case we need a particular
rebuild to see if it was picked up or not.

OPNSense/tools 64aaabdconfig/19.1 make.conf

config: enable XAUTH in strongswan

OPNSense/tools 8a363a4config/19.1 ports.conf

config: same here, postgresql portability is broken

OPNSense/tools 6b510f0build rename.sh prefetch.sh

build: remove -dbg handling specialty

Prefetch should use VERSION=dbg-19.1 and rename will detect if it is
a debug set and keep the name in place.

OPNSense/tools 83b2df4. README.md

README: small note about DEVELBRANCH
+5-01 files

OPNSense/tools c9125cdbuild arm.sh

build/arm: whitespace cleanup
+8-91 files

OPNSense/tools 563165e. Makefile, build rewind.sh update.sh

build: make DEVELBRANCH optional; closes #117

OPNSense/tools 4355c16build arm.sh, config/19.1 SMP-RPI2

Kernel and Device config for Raspberry Pi 2 (#119)

OPNSense/tools 268c3e0build update.sh

build/update: typo
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools 2a31eddcomposite nightly.sh

composite/nightly: make scripting easier

OPNSense/tools 0eb3703build kernel.sh

build/kernel: need kernel-toolchain for build #113
+3-01 files

OPNSense/tools ebe6d41config/19.1 SMP-BPI

config: errors anyway, needs src.git fix

OPNSense/tools a999844. README.md, build common.sh base.sh

device: bpi.conf and cross-build docs #113

OPNSense/tools f27651dconfig/19.1 make.conf

config: enable NO_FORGERY in squid3

OPNSense/tools c058582. README.md, build base.sh arm.sh

config: switch to Banana Pi

OPNSense/tools fa47b1dconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: add netdata; closes #100