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OpenBSD Ports — . INDEX

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OpenBSD Ports — devel/vte3 Makefile, devel/vte3/patches patch-src_vteaccess_c

Fix segfault in gnome-terminal-server process.
This fix from espie@; ok ajacoutot@ jasper@ robert@

(The tree is still locked.)

OpenBSD Ports — mail/dovecot Makefile, mail/dovecot/patches patch-src_login-common_ssl-proxy-openssl_c patch-src_lib-ssl-iostream_iostream-openssl-context_c

fix build after SSL compression removal; from brad@ et al.

OpenBSD Ports — www/firefox-esr-i18n distinfo Makefile.inc

update to firefox-esr-i18n 24.7.0

OpenBSD Ports — www/firefox-esr distinfo Makefile, www/firefox-esr/patches patch-configure_in

update to firefox-24.7.0esr

OpenBSD Ports — . INDEX

sync; 8829
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+604 -657 INDEX
+604 -657 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — www/chromium Makefile

bulk-fix: prevent chromium from picking up installed libv8
okay sthen@
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+2 -2 www/chromium/Makefile
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — security/heimdal Makefile, security/heimdal/patches patch-appl_Makefile_in

Unbreak build.

ok sthen@ jasper@

OpenBSD Ports — www/apache-httpd Makefile, www/apache-httpd-openbsd Makefile

Rename rc scripts of apache-httpd to apache resp. apache2 to get rid
of a conflict with base httpd.

ok sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — devel/cvsweb Makefile, devel/cvsweb/patches patch-cvsweb_conf patch-cvsweb_conf-netbsd

Fix chroot instructions to work with the perl version we ship in 5.6.
While here, drop some obsolete configuration examples and tweak the
default man.cgi URL.
ok espie@

OpenBSD Ports — lang/racket Makefile, lang/racket/patches patch-src_racket_gc_include_private_gcconfig_h

Unbreak Racket on i386 changing the default GC to Senora.

Matthew Flatt (Racket) suggested to change the default GC instead of
to patch the outdated version of Boehm included with Racket.

Problems on i386 reported by sthen@. Tested on amd64 and i386 by me.

OK sthen@ jasper@.

OpenBSD Ports — devel/py-distribute Makefile, devel/py-distribute/pkg PLIST PFRAG.python3

Tweak python3 @conflicts for py-setuptools and py-distribute right.

Spotted by naddy@, rpointel@ (MAINTAINER) agrees with the fix.

okay espie@

OpenBSD Ports — devel/llvm Makefile, devel/llvm/patches patch-include_llvm_Config_config_h_cmake

Fix detection of arc4random.

ok brad@ sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — audio/umurmur Makefile, audio/umurmur/patches patch-src_crypt_c

Skip linuxism to fix build on LP64 archs that aren't amd64.
While here, remove the mistaken NO_TEST.

ok sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — graphics/ffmpeg Makefile, graphics/ffmpeg/patches patch-libavutil_lzo_c

Fix LZO integer overflow issues. CVE-2014-4610

ok sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — devel/boehm-gc Makefile

Work around a missing Makefile rule to derive a .lo from a source file
in a subdirectory; fixes the build on sparc64.

While here, don't run autoconf.  Nothing requires it.

ok jca@
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+5 -5 devel/boehm-gc/Makefile
+5 -5 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — devel/kdevelop Makefile, graphics/digikam-kde4 Makefile

Apply a hammer to kdevelop and digikam-kde4 since OBJECT_DEPENDS
doesn't work as advertised. To be investigated later, and we need
reliable builds now.

okay naddy@ who probably hates those ports now

OpenBSD Ports — mail/mozilla-thunderbird Makefile

Pass --enable-gstreamer=1.0 and add gstreamer1/plugins-base to BDEP, so
that TB is in sync with firefox. Fixes espie's build issue where
configure would choke on missing gst-plugins-base. Bump REVISION-main to
be on the safe side.
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+5 -1 mail/mozilla-thunderbird/Makefile
+5 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — graphics/digikam-kde4 Makefile

Bring back BUILD_DEPENDS+=graphics/opencv,-java hack; will be dealt
properly in OpenCV post-release.

failed again at naddy@'s
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+6 -1 graphics/digikam-kde4/Makefile
+6 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — lang/go Makefile, lang/go/patches patch-src_pkg_syscall_route_openbsd_go

The size of if_msghdr changed with r1.156 of net/if.h, which means that
the various Sizeof*MsgHdr constants are now incorrect. This results in
various problems when attempting to parse the routing messages. Fix this
by respecting the header length returned from the kernel.

Makes regress pass again...

ok sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — lang/go Makefile distinfo, lang/go/patches patch-api_next_txt patch-api_except_txt

Update lang/go to version 1.3.

ok matthew@ naddy@ sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — x11/gtk+3 Makefile, x11/gtk+3/patches patch-gtk_Makefile_in

Properly include stock icons in the library.
Originally reported by maja@

ok sthen@ jasper@

OpenBSD Ports — infrastructure/bin portbump

The sort(1) is more clever than me.
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+1 -1 infrastructure/bin/portbump
+1 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — infrastructure/bin portbump

Print understandable error in case we didn't find where to place new
REVISION mark instead of cryptic Perl warnings.
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+11 -1 infrastructure/bin/portbump
+11 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — tests/portbump t3.sample, tests/portbump/t3 Makefile

Fix test, it should test addition and not changing REVISION.

OpenBSD Ports — tests/portbump t3.sample Makefile, tests/portbump/t3 Makefile Makefile.inc

Add regression test for portbump under x11/gnome.

OpenBSD Ports — infrastructure/bin portbump

Expand list of "trigger" variables in portbump. Fixes running portbump
under x11/gnome as seen by ajacoutot@.
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+16 -1 infrastructure/bin/portbump
+16 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — tests/portbump t1.sample t2.sample, tests/portbump/t1 Makefile

Remove RCS IDs, they confuse diff(1) (no, -I doesn't help here).
If anyone cames with a better solution, be my guest.

not a release-critical, so same rules apply to portbump as to portcheck.

OpenBSD Ports — tests/portbump/t2 Makefile.inc

Forgot to commit previously.

not a release-critical, so same rules apply to portbump as to portcheck.
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+420 -0 tests/portbump/t2/Makefile.inc
+420 -0 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — graphics/digikam-kde4/patches patch-extra_kipi-plugins_common_libkipiplugins_CMakeLists_txt

This ought to be a real fix; the problem is that both "core" Digikam app
and KIPI plugins do generate gitversion.h, using different targets. And,
of course, I've used the wrong one... Realized that when the build
finally borked on my i386. Now builds fine.

okay espie@

OpenBSD Ports — devel/p5-TAP-Parser Makefile distinfo, devel/p5-TAP-Parser/patches patch-Build_PL

Remove p5-TAP-Parser, superseded by p5-Test-Harness.

Unmarked conflict initially noticed by naddy@

okay afresh1@ (MAINTAINER), sthen@.

OpenBSD Ports — devel Makefile

Unlink p5-TAP-Parser.
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+1 -2 devel/Makefile
+1 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — www/conkeror Makefile

Bump REVISION, forgotten when updating xulrunner...... even if there's a
comment there saying so. *sigh*
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+2 -2 www/conkeror/Makefile
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — devel/quirks Makefile, devel/quirks/files Quirks.pm

Add tcpcat removal to quirks.

okay naddy@

OpenBSD Ports — mail/mozilla-thunderbird Makefile

And bump SO_VERSION here too
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+2 -2 mail/mozilla-thunderbird/Makefile
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — www/mozilla-firefox Makefile

Darn, forgot to bump shlib major in previous...
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+2 -2 www/mozilla-firefox/Makefile
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — mail/thunderbird-i18n distinfo Makefile.inc

Update to thunderbird-i18n 31.0

OpenBSD Ports — mail/mozilla-thunderbird Makefile distinfo, mail/mozilla-thunderbird/patches patch-mozilla_ipc_chromium_src_base_dir_reader_bsd_h patch-mozilla_content_media_gstreamer_GStreamerLoader_cpp

Update to thunderbird 31.0/lightning 3.3.

- See https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/31.0/releasenotes/
- Fixes MFSA 2014-56->66 (except 60)
- Move i386 to build with gcc to be in sync with other mozillas
- Remove patch-mozilla_content_media_gstreamer_GStreamerLoader_cpp,
  merged (#927898)
- Remove patch-mozilla_ipc_chromium_src_base_debug_util_posix_cc,
- Remove patch-mozilla_ipc_chromium_src_base_dir_reader_bsd_h, merged
- Remove patch-mozilla_js_src_ctypes_libffi_configure and
  patch-mozilla_js_src_ctypes_libffi_src_x86_freebsd_S, merged (#928381)
- Add patch-mozilla_media_libvpx_Makefile_in for libvpx hack on
  amd64/clang (#982693)
- Add patch-mozilla_gfx_skia_moz_build &
to fix build on i386 (#1028827)

Tested at least with 28.0b1, 30.0b1, 31.0b1 and 31.0b2 during this cycle..
and even starts on sparc64!

ok sthen@ jasper@ naddy@

OpenBSD Ports — www/firefox-esr-i18n distinfo Makefile.inc

update to firefox-esr-i18n 31.0

OpenBSD Ports — www/firefox-i18n distinfo Makefile.inc

Update to firefox-i18n 31.0
Delta File
+158 -158 www/firefox-i18n/distinfo
+2 -2 www/firefox-i18n/Makefile.inc
+160 -160 2 files

OpenBSD Ports — devel/xulrunner/24 Makefile distinfo

Update to xulrunner 24.7.0.

It is way too late to start moving stuff to an hypotethical xulrunner
31, so let's stay on the esr24 branch for this one - less important...

ok sthen@ jasper@ naddy@

OpenBSD Ports — www/firefox-esr Makefile distinfo, www/firefox-esr/patches patch-ipc_chromium_src_base_dir_reader_bsd_h patch-intl_icu_source_Makefile_in

Update to firefox-esr 31 (technically the same as firefox 31).

The reasoning to update www/firefox-esr is simple: the esr31 branch will
be supported for the next 56 weeks, while the esr24 branch will die in
12 weeks - this way, 5.6-stable will receive updates.

- See https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/31.0/releasenotes/
- Fixes MFSA 2014-56->66
- Add libvpx hack for clang build (#982693)
- Build against gstreamer1
- Add skia patches for i386/sse3 (#1028827)
- Add intl install patch (#990196)
- Remove patch-ipc_chromium_src_base_debug_util_posix_cc, merged (#927810)
- Remove patch-ipc_chromium_src_base_dir_reader_bsd_h, merged (#909005)
- Remove patch-js_src_ctypes_libffi_src_x86_freebsd_S, merged (#928381)

ok sthen@ jasper@ naddy@

OpenBSD Ports — www/seamonkey Makefile

Bump REVISION-main to account for mozilla.port.mk dependency change.
Unfortunately, sm 2.28 is delayed upstream again, so will miss this
Delta File
+2 -1 www/seamonkey/Makefile
+2 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — www/mozilla-firefox Makefile distinfo, www/mozilla-firefox/patches patch-gfx_skia_trunk_src_opts_opts_check_SSE2_cpp patch-gfx_skia_moz_build

Update to firefox 31.0.

- See https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/31.0/releasenotes/
- Fixes MFSA 2014-56->66
- rm/add aboutcerterror/aboutCertError.xhtml patch, corresponding code
  moved - i'm still pondering why we keep that patch..
- remove patch-browser_branding_official_Makefile_in, merged (#992613)
- remove chunk 1 of patch-configure_in, merged (#991686)
- improve skia/i386/sse3 patches from #1028827, for something simpler and
  closer to what will be commited upstream
- fix README to point users to gstreamer1-plugins-libav instead of
  gstreamer-ffmpeg, reminded by jturner@ a while ago

ok sthen@ jasper@ naddy@

OpenBSD Ports — www/mozilla mozilla.port.mk

Ensure we depend on nss 3.16.2 for gecko 31 updates.
Set PORTHOME to ${WRKSRC}, since the build system creates a ~/Desktop
dir for some reason (from ajacoutot@)

This commit (and all the upcoming moz-related ones) are ok jasper@ sthen@ naddy@
Delta File
+4 -2 www/mozilla/mozilla.port.mk
+4 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — mail/cyrus-imapd Makefile, mail/cyrus-imapd/pkg PLIST README

Install pop3d.8 as cyrus-pop3d.8 so it doesn't conflict with mail/pop3d.

ok sthen@ zhuk@ "It's fine for me" ajacoutot@

OpenBSD Ports — net/ucspi-tcp Makefile, net/ucspi-tcp/pkg PLIST

Add @conflict markers for (removed) tcpcat and (old version of) freedt.

okay sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — sysutils/freedt Makefile, sysutils/freedt/pkg PLIST DESCR

The recordio script (simple "ratelimit -r" wrapper) being removed
to avoid conflict with net/ucspi-tcp. For the same reason the argv0
is renamed to fargv0.

okay sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — net/tcpcat Makefile distinfo, net/tcpcat/pkg DESCR PLIST

Remove net/tcpcat. We have similar nc(1) in base, and it conflicts with

okay espie@ and sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — net Makefile

Unlink tcpcat.
Delta File
+1 -2 net/Makefile
+1 -2 1 file