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OpenBSD Ports — security/jailkit/pkg MESSAGE

TRUEPREFIX is identical to PREFIX in packages
Delta File
+3 -3 security/jailkit/pkg/MESSAGE
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — news/sabnzbd/pkg MESSAGE, news/sickbeard/pkg MESSAGE

don't use TRUEPREFIX in package info, it doesn't make any kind of sense.

OpenBSD Ports — x11/qt5/qt3d Makefile, x11/qt5/qt3d/pkg PLIST-main

Regen PLIST-main

Spotted by espie@

OpenBSD Ports — lang/php/7.0 Makefile

eurgh, and a missed bump. <steps away from the keyboard>
Delta File
+2 -1 lang/php/7.0/Makefile
+2 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — lang/php/5.6/pkg PLIST-main, lang/php/7.0/pkg PLIST-main

fix plists for revert mysqlnd->libmysqlclient

OpenBSD Ports — lang/php Makefile.inc, lang/php/5.6 Makefile

backout mysqlnd for now, it is utterly stupid and hardcodes /tmp/mysql.sock
if the hostname is "localhost"
Delta File
+18 -12 lang/php/Makefile.inc
+9 -3 lang/php/5.6/Makefile
+27 -15 2 files

OpenBSD Ports — net/icinga/web Makefile

missing \
Delta File
+2 -2 net/icinga/web/Makefile
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — lang/php/7.0 Makefile

Remove the BROKEN-sparc64 marker so we get an up to date build log.
It is very likely that this is not specifically related to phar,
just that this is the only occurrence of actually running a generated
PHP during the build.
Delta File
+1 -3 lang/php/7.0/Makefile
+1 -3 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — mail/roundcubemail Makefile, net/icinga/web Makefile

use MODPHP_PDO_DEPENDS where it makes sense (ports that do require
PDO but it was being defaulted in from pdo_mysql in the main php

hints+ok for ownCloud/nextcloud aja@

OpenBSD Ports — lang/php php.port.mk

Provide MODPHP_PDO_DEPENDS, which builds a pkgspec allowing matching any
PDO types for use in RUN_DEPENDS.

The default allows "mysql pgsql sqlite" with sqlite as the default choice,
which matches previous defaults when pdo_sqlite was part of the main
PHP package, but can be overridden where it is known that a port has
more specific requirements.
Delta File
+9 -1 lang/php/php.port.mk
+9 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — lang/php Makefile.inc, lang/php/5.6 Makefile distinfo

Update to php 5.6.36/7.0.30, add pdo_sqlite (from martijn@),
add pdo_odbc, switch to mysqlnd instead of libmysqlclient (removed
mariadb as a build dep), regen plists on -current, tweak DESCRs,
take maintainer suggested by robert@   OK robert@

OpenBSD Ports — x11/qt4 Makefile, x11/qt4/pkg PLIST-main

put @conflict in standard location
Delta File
+2 -2 x11/qt4/Makefile
+2 -2 x11/qt4/pkg/PLIST-main
+4 -4 2 files

OpenBSD Ports — x11/sakura Makefile, x11/sakura/pkg PLIST

zap common dirs

OpenBSD Ports — x11/transset-df Makefile, x11/transset-df/pkg PLIST

sprinkle @bin markers
Delta File
+4 -4 x11/treewm/pkg/PLIST
+3 -3 x11/wmi/pkg/PLIST
+3 -2 x11/wmctrl/pkg/PLIST
+2 -2 x11/tvtwm/Makefile
+2 -2 x11/tvtwm/pkg/PLIST
+2 -2 x11/vdesk/Makefile
+56 -56 28 files not shown
+72 -71 34 files

OpenBSD Ports — x11/xdg-user-dirs-gtk Makefile, x11/xdg-user-dirs-gtk/pkg PLIST

zap common dirs

OpenBSD Ports — x11/xfce4/exo Makefile, x11/xfce4/exo/pkg PLIST

update-plist nits, mostly common @sample dir/

OpenBSD Ports — x11/xfce4/tumbler Makefile, x11/xfce4/tumbler/pkg PLIST

synch plist (new .mo catalogs)

OpenBSD Ports — net/nedi Makefile, net/nedi/patches patch-nedi_conf


OpenBSD Ports — devel/jenkins/stable distinfo

fix distinfo checksum

Spotted by ajacoutot@
Delta File
+2 -2 devel/jenkins/stable/distinfo
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — devel/py-twisted Makefile distinfo, devel/py-twisted/patches patch-src_twisted_conch_test_test_ckeygen_py patch-src_twisted_internet_test_test_tcp_py

Update py-twisted 17.9.0 -> 18.4.0
ok landry@

OpenBSD Ports — x11/smplayer Makefile distinfo

Update for SMPlayer to 18.5.0

Tested by Josh

OK bket@
Delta File
+2 -2 x11/smplayer/Makefile
+2 -2 x11/smplayer/distinfo
+4 -4 2 files

OpenBSD Ports — devel/py-twisted/pkg PFRAG.no-python3

Fix broken RCS tag

OpenBSD Ports — sysutils/govmomi Makefile distinfo, sysutils/govmomi/patches patch-simulator_os_unix_go

Update to govc-0.18.0.

OpenBSD Ports — devel/jenkins/devel Makefile distinfo

Update jenkins-devel to 2.122

ok jasper@

OpenBSD Ports — devel/jenkins/stable Makefile distinfo

Update jenkins-stable to 2.107.3

Jenkins Security Advisory 2018-05-09:

ok jasper@

OpenBSD Ports — devel/dlib Makefile distinfo, devel/dlib/pkg PLIST

Update dlib to 19.12
Delta File
+18 -16 devel/dlib/pkg/PLIST
+3 -3 devel/dlib/Makefile
+2 -2 devel/dlib/distinfo
+23 -21 3 files

OpenBSD Ports — devel/qbs Makefile distinfo

Bugfix update qbs-1.11.1
Delta File
+2 -2 devel/qbs/Makefile
+2 -2 devel/qbs/distinfo
+4 -4 2 files

OpenBSD Ports — www/liferea Makefile distinfo, www/liferea/patches patch-src_ui_liferea_shell_c

Update to liferea-1.12.3
ok aja@

OpenBSD Ports — math/octave Makefile distinfo, math/octave/patches patch-configure

update to octave 4.4.0

OpenBSD Ports — net/wireshark Makefile distinfo, net/wireshark/patches patch-wsutil_inet_addr_h patch-CMakeLists_txt

update to wireshark-2.6.1

OpenBSD Ports — sysutils/salt Makefile, sysutils/salt/files vmctl.py pf.py

address deprecation warnings for salt.utils.which

OpenBSD Ports — security/lastpass-cli Makefile distinfo, security/lastpass-cli/patches patch-config_c

Update to lastpass-cli-1.3.1.

This update fixes an issue with intermediate certificates resulting in
a fatal error (https://github.com/lastpass/lastpass-cli/issues/409).
Taken a patch from upstream to fix an issue resulting in a segmentation
fault (https://github.com/lastpass/lastpass-cli/pull/411)

While here change MAINTAINER mail address.

OK sthen@

OpenBSD Ports — x11/gtk+4 Makefile distinfo, x11/gtk+4/patches patch-modules_printbackends_meson_build patch-gtk_updateiconcache_c

Import gtk+4-3.93.0.

Not hooked up yet because it's needs an updated libepoxy that matthieu@ should
be able to commit soon.

Some GNOME stuff (at least) will slowly start moving to gtk+4 in the near future
so let's get this in early so we can start to play with it. Yes, this is
obviously a development release, a stable gtk+4 is not officially out yet.

OpenBSD Ports — x11/gtk+3 Makefile, x11/gtk+3/pkg README-main

evince -> evince-previewer

OpenBSD Ports — multimedia/gstreamer1/plugins-base Makefile

Add graphene support.

OpenBSD Ports — graphics Makefile

Delta File
+2 -1 graphics/Makefile
+2 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — graphics/graphene Makefile distinfo, graphics/graphene/pkg PLIST DESCR

Import graphene-1.8.0.

Graphene contains optimizations for speeding up vector operations,
those optimizations are optional, and used only if both Graphene
was compiled with support for them and if the system you're running
on has them.

ok robert@

OpenBSD Ports — infrastructure/bin update-plist

so $d2 is not necessarily absolute, d2=dirname(d2) may loop on d2 = '.'
infinite loop on a few ports (very few)

also, be more specific on the exact prefix, depending whether the prefix
string  includes the trailing /  in its expansion (MODPY_PYCACHE) or not.
Delta File
+32 -10 infrastructure/bin/update-plist
+32 -10 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — net/wireshark Makefile

devel/mozjs17 -> devel/spidermonkey52
Delta File
+6 -3 net/wireshark/Makefile
+6 -3 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — x11/gtk+3 Makefile

Drop useless comment.
Delta File
+1 -2 x11/gtk+3/Makefile
+1 -2 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — x11/gtk+3 Makefile

mozjs17 -> spidermonkey52
Delta File
+8 -4 x11/gtk+3/Makefile
+8 -4 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — x11/xfce4/xfce4-whiskermenu Makefile distinfo, x11/xfce4/xfce4-whiskermenu/pkg PLIST

Update to xfce4-whiskermenu 2.2.0.

OpenBSD Ports — textproc/solr Makefile distinfo, textproc/solr/pkg PLIST

update to solr-7.3.1, if you aren't restricting to local-only traffic
then you probably want this ..

CVE-2018-8010: XXE vulnerability due to Apache Solr configset upload

OpenBSD Ports — graphics/ImageMagick Makefile distinfo, graphics/ImageMagick/pkg PLIST

update to ImageMagick-6.9.9-47, seems to fix crashes seen in geo/postgis
build and probably others.

noting here just for the sake of it, my test case reduced to:
convert -size 200x200 xc:none -draw "path 'M 110,190 M 70,40'" tmp0.png

OpenBSD Ports — devel Makefile

Delta File
+2 -1 devel/Makefile
+2 -1 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — devel/py-dtopt Makefile, devel/py-dtopt/pkg PLIST

add python3 flavor

OpenBSD Ports — www/owncloud Makefile

http -> https
prodded by jca@
Delta File
+4 -4 www/owncloud/Makefile
+4 -4 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — sysutils/amazon-ssm-agent Makefile distinfo

Update to amazon-ssm-agent-2.2.607.0.

OpenBSD Ports — x11/gnome/libdazzle Makefile distinfo

Update to libdazzle-3.28.2.

OpenBSD Ports — devel/quirks Makefile, devel/quirks/files Quirks.pm

Register git-bz removal.