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OpenBSD — sys/dev/acpi acpithinkpad.c

prevent dmesg spam from some new windows-only keys found on very new

OK mpi@ miod@
Delta File
+10 -1 sys/dev/acpi/acpithinkpad.c
+10 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net if.c

Stop using the RB-tree in ifa_ifwithaddr() and make it lookup over
all the per-interface lists of addresses.

Teaks and ok bluhm@, ok kspillner@, claudio@
Delta File
+27 -13 sys/net/if.c
+27 -13 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/netinet ip_icmp.c

Do not use the global list of IPv4 addresses in icmp_reflect()...

...but the routing table!

Note that this lookup is redundant with the one done in in_ouraddr()
and we should be able to save this information instead of redoing a
lookup if we need to send an error message.

ok kspillner@, bluhm@, claudio@
Delta File
+28 -31 sys/netinet/ip_icmp.c
+28 -31 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/netinet ip_input.c

Use the routing table instead of the RB-tree for address lookups in

The lookup done in the forwarding case will hopefully be merged with
this one in the future.

ok kspillner@, bluhm@, claudio@
Delta File
+9 -3 sys/netinet/ip_input.c
+9 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/mips64/include atomic.h lock.h, sys/arch/mips64/mips64 trap.c interrupt.c

implement atomic operations using ll/sc, and convert rw_cas and callers of the
pre-existing atomics to match.

tested on sgi (octane) and octeon (erl)
ok miod@ dlg@

OpenBSD — sys/arch/sparc/include atomic.h

implement the atomic_shizz(9) bits.

sparc lacks cool opcodes, but is only uniprocessor, so these are done with
simple critical sections.

tested by miod@ bcook@
ok miod@
Delta File
+107 -3 sys/arch/sparc/include/atomic.h
+107 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/arm/include vmparam.h

Increase text segment size on Arm to 32MB

ok deraadt@ miod@
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/arch/arm/include/vmparam.h
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — distrib/sets/lists/base md.alpha md.amd64, distrib/sets/lists/man mi

sync sets; req by deraadt

OpenBSD — lib/libsqlite3 shlib_version sqlite3.pc, lib/libsqlite3/src sqlite3.h

Bump major to 28, regen .pc and header with new version info.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/sqlite3 shell.c

Merge conflicts.
Delta File
+407 -122 usr.bin/sqlite3/shell.c
+407 -122 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/sqlite3 shell.c

Update the sqlite3 sheel to 3.8.6.

ok landry@
Delta File
+407 -122 usr.bin/sqlite3/shell.c
+407 -122 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libsqlite3/src os_unix.c parse.y, lib/libsqlite3/tool lemon.c

Merge conflicts.

OpenBSD — lib/libsqlite3 VERSION, lib/libsqlite3/ext/fts3 fts3_write.c fts3_expr.c

Update sqlite3 to 3.8.6. A list of changes are available here:

Tested in a bulk and ok landry@
Delta File
+1,411 -408 lib/libsqlite3/src/shell.c
+783 -743 lib/libsqlite3/ext/rtree/rtree.c
+1,009 -422 lib/libsqlite3/src/where.c
+258 -159 lib/libsqlite3/src/expr.c
+269 -96 lib/libsqlite3/src/vdbe.c
+300 -59 lib/libsqlite3/ext/fts3/fts3_write.c
+4,060 -1,514 90 files not shown
+8,090 -3,401 96 files

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/smtpd smtpctl.8, usr.sbin/smtpd/smtpctl Makefile

    Merge from vendor branch sqlite3:
    Update sqlite3 to 3.8.6. A list of changes are available here:
    Tested in a bulk and ok landry@
∈ jmc - 87a771d5 - 2014-09-29 21:56:47

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/smtpd smtpctl.8, usr.sbin/smtpd/smtpctl Makefile

lightly document mailq; ok gilles

OpenBSD — share/mk bsd.README bsd.prog.mk

add LIBRESSL; OK deraadt@
Delta File
+2 -1 share/mk/bsd.README
+2 -1 share/mk/bsd.prog.mk
+4 -2 2 files

OpenBSD — sys/arch/sparc64/dev vdsp.c

The interrupt handler should now be mpsafe.
Delta File
+5 -3 sys/arch/sparc64/dev/vdsp.c
+5 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/httpd server_fcgi.c http.h

whitespace spotted while studying the code

OpenBSD — usr.bin/at at.c

When setting environment variables in the atrun script, use the
"export foo=bar" form instead of "foo=bar; export foo" since the
former allows the shell to catch variable names that are not valid
shell identifiers.  This will cause /bin/sh to exit with an error
(which gets mailed to the at user) and it will not run the script.
OK miod@
Delta File
+2 -3 usr.bin/at/at.c
+2 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/sparc64/dev vdsp.c

Add locking for our private descriptor message queue.
Delta File
+13 -5 sys/arch/sparc64/dev/vdsp.c
+13 -5 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/sparc64/dev ldc.c ldcvar.h

Add transmit queue locking.

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509_att.c

Previous fix (1.12) would cause a NULL pointer dereference in the error path
if a NULL stack was passed as argument. Fix this by returning NULL early in
that case.

OpenBSD — lib/libressl ressl.c ressl_server.c

Move cipher configuration handling to the shared SSL configuration function
so that applies to both the ressl client and server.
Delta File
+12 -1 lib/libressl/ressl.c
+1 -9 lib/libressl/ressl_server.c
+13 -10 2 files

OpenBSD — lib/libressl ressl.c ressl.h

Add an option that allows the enabled SSL protocols to be explicitly

Discussed with several.

ok bcook@

OpenBSD — sys/arch/luna88k/dev omrasops.c omrasops.h

Use raster(logic) operation, or ROP, function on LUNA frame buffer.

It makes 4bpp wscons putchar ~20% faster.

ok @miod

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/ldomctl ldomctl.8

document that ldom guests now support block devices
Delta File
+5 -4 usr.sbin/ldomctl/ldomctl.8
+5 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — share/man/man4/man4.sparc64 vds.4

document that vds(4) now supports block devices
Delta File
+4 -4 share/man/man4/man4.sparc64/vds.4
+4 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/sparc64/dev vdsp.c

Add support for using block devices in addition to files.

Tested by jasper@.
Delta File
+20 -6 sys/arch/sparc64/dev/vdsp.c
+20 -6 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libressl ressl_config.c

When freeing the config, explicitly call ressl_config_clear_keys() rather
than rerolling our own key clearing code.

ok tedu@
Delta File
+6 -5 lib/libressl/ressl_config.c
+6 -5 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/smtpd table_passwd.c

during a small refactor, we broke table_passwd.

lookup function rely on a parsing function to have a struct passwd members
point to the appropriate position in a buffer... but instead of passing the
buffer, the parsing function uses its own internal buffer which will no
longer be valid upon return.

turns out to work by luck in my tests, not so much when Daniel Adolfsson
tried to use it.

spotted by Daniel Adolfsson <daniel at priv.nu>
Delta File
+13 -8 usr.sbin/smtpd/table_passwd.c
+13 -8 1 file

OpenBSD — distrib/sets/lists/base md.luna88k md.armish, distrib/sets/lists/comp mi


OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509_vfy.c

check_cert(): be sure to reset ctx->current_crl to NULL before freeing it.

X509_STORE_CTX_init(): do not free the X509_STORE_CTX * parameter upon
failure, for we did not allocate it and it might not come from the heap,
such as in check_crl_path() in this very same file where X509_STORE_CTX_init()
gets invoked with a stack address.

ok bcook@

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509name.c

X509_NAME_get_text_by_OBJ(): make sure we do not pass a negative size to
ok bcook@

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509_vpm.c

X509_VERIFY_PARAM_set1_name(): if invoked with NULL as the second
parameter, correctly set param->name to NULL after having freed it.
ok bcook@

OpenBSD — sys/dev/ic wdc.c

correctly decrement the C_SCSIXFER reference count in wdc_xfer flags
if the ata stack xfer free path is called before teh scsi xfer free
path. this fixes a leak.

in the vast majority of uses (eg, filesystems mounted on cd(4) via
atapiscsi(4)) the scsi xfer free is always done first. however, if
you're doing ioctls (eg, cdio(1)), the scsi ref is held over to the
ioctl completion path, so the ata xfer free happens first.

problem found by patrick keshishian who did some excellent work
debugging this and providing the right fix for it.

ok jmatthew@
Delta File
+5 -2 sys/dev/ic/wdc.c
+5 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/sparc64/dev vdsp.c

Properly serialize closing our vnode.  Fixes the occasional panic during
reboot or when restaring ldomd(8).
Delta File
+16 -19 sys/arch/sparc64/dev/vdsp.c
+16 -19 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/kern kern_exec.c sys_pipe.c

Replace uvm_km_alloc(9) and uvm_km_free(9) with the equivalent km_alooc(9)
and km_free(9) calls.

ok tedu@, mlarkin@
Delta File
+10 -5 sys/kern/kern_exec.c
+4 -4 sys/kern/sys_pipe.c
+14 -9 2 files

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/ldomctl config.c

Use TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE when we might delete entries for the list.
Delta File
+4 -4 usr.sbin/ldomctl/config.c
+4 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libressl ressl.h

Wrap long lines and add missing argument name.
Delta File
+6 -4 lib/libressl/ressl.h
+6 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/ssl shlib_version

Bump minor after adding SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain().

ok jsing@ miod@
Delta File
+1 -1 lib/libssl/ssl/shlib_version
+1 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libressl ressl_config.c ressl.h

Provide a ressl config function that explicitly clears keys.

Now that ressl config takes copies of the keys passed to it, the keys need
to be explicitly cleared. While this can be done by calling the appropriate
functions with a NULL pointer, it is simpler and more obvious to call one
function that does this for you.

ok tedu@

OpenBSD — lib/libressl ressl.c, lib/libssl/src/doc/ssl SSL_CTX_use_certificate.pod

Add a new API function SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain() that allows to
read the PEM-encoded certificate chain from memory instead of a file.
This idea is derived from an older implementation in relayd that was
needed to use the function with a privep'ed process in a chroot.  Now
it is time to get it into LibreSSL to make the API more privsep-
friendly and to make it available for other programs and the ressl

ok jsing@ miod@

OpenBSD — sys/netinet ip_carp.c

Remove a limitation that ignored IPv6 link-local addresses on carp(4).
This workaround was needed when the interface link-local address was
still enabled by default to prevent immediate state transition on
interfaces without any configured addresses.  This is not needed
anymore and removing the limitation allows to use carp(4) with
addresses like fe80::2%carp0.

discussed with some
ok mpi@ pelikan@
Delta File
+2 -3 sys/netinet/ip_carp.c
+2 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — regress/lib/libressl/goressl ressl.go

Make the goressl regress test compile again.

OpenBSD — etc netstart

Revert 1.142. Without the down netstart will just print the ifconfig
output because it may end up just calling 'ifconfig $if'. This needs
to be done better and properly tested.
Delta File
+2 -2 etc/netstart
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509_v3.c

X509v3_add_ext(): do not free stuff we did not allocate in the error path.
ok bcook@

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509_trs.c

X509_TRUST_add(): check X509_TRUST_get0() return value before dereferencing it,
for it may be NULL. Do not leak memory upon error.

ok bcook@
Delta File
+23 -15 lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509/x509_trs.c
+23 -15 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509_req.c

Someone (TM) thought it was smart to save memory by using malloc(1) and
manual field fiddling to create an ASN1_INTEGER object, instead of using
M_ASN1_INTEGER_new() which will allocate sizeof(long) bytes.
That person had probably never looked into malloc(3) and never heard of
allocation size rounding.

Thus, replace the obfuscated code with M_ASN1_INTEGER_new() followed by
ASN1_INTEGER_set(), to achieve a similar result, without the need for
/* version == 0 */ comments.

ok bcook@

OpenBSD — share/man/man1 gcc-local.1

document -fstack-shuffle
ok jmc@ tedu@
Delta File
+7 -2 share/man/man1/gcc-local.1
+7 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/kern subr_pool.c

in pool_destroy, enter and leave mutex as necessary to satisfy assertions.
ok dlg
Delta File
+3 -1 sys/kern/subr_pool.c
+3 -1 1 file