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OpenBSD — usr.sbin/bgpctl irr_parser.c

some people are capitalizing keywords, so ignore case when we test the tokens

OK henning@ benno@
Delta File
+9 -9 usr.sbin/bgpctl/irr_parser.c
+9 -9 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libc/rpc getrpcent.c

Cut the aliases part of /etc/rpc lines before feeding them to strtonum(), for
it will fail otherwise; ok deraadt@ millert@
Delta File
+8 -7 lib/libc/rpc/getrpcent.c
+8 -7 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 bus_space.c copy.S, sys/arch/amd64/include pio.h

We now following the ABI and always clear cld on function entry, so remove
the extra CLD instructions from when that wasn't true

testing miod@ krw@

OpenBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 machdep.c

cpu_busy_cycle_fcn callback has never been used
Delta File
+1 -2 sys/arch/amd64/amd64/machdep.c
+1 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file magic-load.c

Only print MIME warnings when warnings are enabled.
Delta File
+9 -5 usr.bin/file/magic-load.c
+9 -5 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/aviion/aviion av530_machdep.c autoconf.c

Repair boot device detection when booting off the second SCSI controller on

OpenBSD — regress/sys/kern/kqueue Makefile

Disable kq-tun test, as it's been broken for a while and not because of kq
Delta File
+3 -2 regress/sys/kern/kqueue/Makefile
+3 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — gnu/usr.bin/perl MANIFEST Makefile.SH, gnu/usr.bin/perl/lib/unicore TestProp.pl

Apply pre-built unicore patch, remove excess files - perl-5.20.2
Delta File
+62,768 -62,680 gnu/usr.bin/perl/lib/unicore/TestProp.pl
+415 -24 gnu/usr.bin/perl/MANIFEST
+1 -2 gnu/usr.bin/perl/win32/Makefile
+1 -2 gnu/usr.bin/perl/win32/makefile.mk
+1 -1 gnu/usr.bin/perl/pod/perl.pod
+1 -1 gnu/usr.bin/perl/Makefile.SH
+0 -0 gnu/usr.bin/perl/t/lib/feature/arc4random
+63,187 -62,710 7 files

OpenBSD — gnu/usr.bin/perl Makefile.SH Configure, gnu/usr.bin/perl/Cross config.sh-arm-linux

Apply local patches, remove excess files - perl-5.20.2

OpenBSD — gnu/usr.bin/perl MANIFEST makedef.pl, gnu/usr.bin/perl/Cross config.sh-arm-linux

Fix merge issues, remove excess files - match perl-5.20.2 dist

OpenBSD — gnu/usr.bin/perl utf8.c README.macosx, gnu/usr.bin/perl/Cross config.sh-arm-linux-n770

Import perl-5.20.2

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux window.c

Get rid of window_choose_list type.
Delta File
+51 -41 usr.bin/tmux/window.c
+51 -41 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cfg.c key-bindings.c

Fix some char* -> char *.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cfg.c

Use a char **,u_int pair for cfg_causes.
Delta File
+19 -16 usr.bin/tmux/cfg.c
+19 -16 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file magic-load.c

Fail if a \ appears at EOL rather than continuing off the end of the
buffer, from Sebastien Marie.
Delta File
+3 -1 usr.bin/file/magic-load.c
+3 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux status.c server-client.c

Make message log a TAILQ.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cmd.c window.c

Move the functions to convert ids from strings into session.c and window.c.

OpenBSD — share/man/man7 intro.7

double word fix; from david vasek
Delta File
+3 -3 share/man/man7/intro.7
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file magic-test.c

Switch to using the POSIX endian macros, i.e: be64toh vs. betoh64.

ok nicm@
Delta File
+29 -29 usr.bin/file/magic-test.c
+29 -29 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/crypto/x509 x509_lu.c

Don't ignore the reference count in X509_STORE_free.

Based on this upstream commit: bff9ce4db38b297c72a6d84617d71ae2934450f7
which didn't make it into a release until 1.0.2.

Thanks to william at 25thandclement dot com for reporting this!

ok deraadt@ jsing@ beck@

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux tty.c

Explicitly cancel mouse "button" mode, this happens implicitly with some
one of the other things we send with xterm, but not with urxvt. Reported
by sthen@.
Delta File
+3 -3 usr.bin/tmux/tty.c
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/m4 gnum4.c, usr.bin/make buf.c

add check for overflow while doubling (very unlikely in practice, but still
better style code). Problem noticed by deraadt@ in m4.

okay doug@ deraadt@
Delta File
+15 -2 usr.bin/make/buf.c
+5 -2 usr.bin/m4/gnum4.c
+20 -4 2 files

OpenBSD — lib/libssl/src/ssl bs_cbs.c, regress/lib/libssl/bytestring bytestringtest.c

Check for invalid leading zeros in CBS_get_asn1_uint64.

ASN.1 integers cannot have all zeros or all ones for the first 9 bits.
This rule ensures the numbers are encoded with the smallest number of
content octets (see ITU-T Rec X.690 section 8.3.2).

Based on BoringSSL commit 5933723b7b592e9914f703d630b596e140c93e16

ok deraadt@ jsing@

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/bgpctl irr_output.c, usr.sbin/bgpd parse.y rde_filter.c

allow us to write rules that match directly on the peer AS

allow from AS 1 prefix

Also adjust the IRR ruleset output to include the declared peer AS,
instead of hoping they listed their neighbor IP address!

OK benno@
older version OK: claudio@ henning@

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/httpd server_file.c

Prepend files or directories containing ":" with "./" in directory
indexes as per RFC 3986:
A path segment that contains a colon character (e.g., "this:that")
cannot be used as the first segment of a relative-path reference, as
it would be mistaken for a scheme name.  Such a segment must be
preceded by a dot-segment (e.g., "./this:that") to make a relative-
path reference.

While here add a "/" to the end of directory names, this saves us one
redirect round trip.

Found the hard way & "functionality wise, OK" ajacoutot@
RFC pointer & OK benno@
Delta File
+5 -3 usr.sbin/httpd/server_file.c
+5 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/bgpctl irr_parser.c

handle an IRR record of "export ... action X" the same way we handle
"import ... action X".

OK benno@ henning@
Delta File
+3 -1 usr.sbin/bgpctl/irr_parser.c
+3 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/dev/pci azalia_codec.c

Add quirk for Cirrus Logic CS4208 which is needed for MacBookAir6,1.
ok deraadt@ jung@ ratchov@
Delta File
+8 -1 sys/dev/pci/azalia_codec.c
+8 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux server.c server-fn.c

Convert clients list into a TAILQ.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cmd-if-shell.c cmd-run-shell.c

Set working directory for run-shell and if-shell.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/vi/common recover.c exf.c, usr.bin/vi/ex ex_cscope.c tag.h

struct timespec/clock_gettime(3) conversion for vi(1).

ok guenther@

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cmd-set-option.c

Allow choice options (multiple states) to be toggled between states 0
and 1.
Delta File
+28 -16 usr.bin/tmux/cmd-set-option.c
+28 -16 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/pwd_mkdb pwd_mkdb.c

Write (uid_t)-1 as -1 instead of UID_MAX in the v7 passwd file.
OK deraadt@
Delta File
+26 -7 usr.sbin/pwd_mkdb/pwd_mkdb.c
+26 -7 1 file

OpenBSD — lib/libutil passwd.c

Use strtonum() instead of strtoul() when parsing uid/gid so we get
consistent handling of negative ids on 32bit/64bit systems.
The only negative uid/gid allowed is -1 which is special-cased
so it can be preserved when writing the new master.passwd file
instead of being written as an unsigned number.  OK deraadt@
Delta File
+51 -48 lib/libutil/passwd.c
+51 -48 1 file

OpenBSD — share/man/man4 ucom.4, share/man/man7 hier.7

no more tip(1); ok nicm
Delta File
+3 -3 share/man/man4/ucom.4
+3 -3 share/man/man7/hier.7
+6 -6 2 files

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux client.c

Set up signal handler earlier so that we don't get zombies, reported by
Delta File
+4 -4 usr.bin/tmux/client.c
+4 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file file.1

Document -h, and bring some consistency to the option descriptions. ok jmc
Delta File
+7 -5 usr.bin/file/file.1
+7 -5 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file file.1

tweaks; ok nicm
Delta File
+10 -7 usr.bin/file/file.1
+10 -7 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/i386/i386 autoconf.c

Enable PAE mode for those CPUs that support it. This allows us to use the
NX bit for userland and kernel W^X. Unlike the previous c.2008 PAE
experiment, this does not provide > 4GB phys ram on i386 - PAE is solely
being used for NX capability this time. If you need > 4GB phys, use amd64.

Userland W^X was committed yesterday by kettenis@, and we will shortly
start reworking the kernel like we did for amd64 a few months back to get
kernel W^X.

This has been in snaps for a few days and tested by kettenis and myself
as well.

ok deraadt@, kettenis@
Delta File
+1 -3 sys/arch/i386/i386/autoconf.c
+1 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/i386/i386 pmapae.c

Make sure we keep the whole recursive mapping of the PDP instead of just the
mapping for the first page when tearing things down.  Seems to fix the last
bug mlarkin@ has been chasing for a while.

ok mlarkin@
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/arch/i386/i386/pmapae.c
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — distrib/sets/lists/base mi, distrib/sets/lists/man mi


OpenBSD — share/man/man5 remote.5

Trim down remote(5) to reflect what is supported by cu(1).

ok sthen jmc
Delta File
+16 -272 share/man/man5/remote.5
+16 -272 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/cu cu.1

remove the old tip SCCS note
Delta File
+2 -4 usr.bin/cu/cu.1
+2 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin Makefile, usr.bin/tip cmds.c tip.1

Remove tip(1), superseded by cu(1).

ok deraadt sthen bmercer
Delta File
+0 -976 usr.bin/tip/cmds.c
+0 -558 usr.bin/tip/tip.1
+0 -520 usr.bin/tip/tip.c
+0 -431 usr.bin/tip/value.c
+0 -228 usr.bin/tip/tip.h
+0 -210 usr.bin/tip/tipout.c
+2 -517 7 files not shown
+2 -3,440 13 files

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file file.c file.1

Do not attempt to use ~/.magic if running as root (or issetugid()).
Delta File
+19 -17 usr.bin/file/file.c
+4 -2 usr.bin/file/file.1
+23 -19 2 files

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file magic-test.c

move an ugly space
Delta File
+2 -2 usr.bin/file/magic-test.c
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file file.c

We need to loop over the files once to work out the width of the labels
before testing them.
Delta File
+17 -8 usr.bin/file/file.c
+17 -8 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file file.c file.h

Trying to drop privileges means we can't handle ARG_MAX arguments, so
remove it for now.
Delta File
+14 -26 usr.bin/file/file.c
+1 -4 usr.bin/file/file.h
+15 -30 2 files

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file magic-load.c text.c

Add a couple of missing spaces (style nits).

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file file.c

Use symbolic constants for st_mode flags, no binary change.
Delta File
+3 -3 usr.bin/file/file.c
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/file file.c

If ~/.magic exists but can't be used, fail rather than silently falling
back to /etc/magic.
Delta File
+5 -1 usr.bin/file/file.c
+5 -1 1 file