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OpenBSD — usr.sbin/ftp-proxy ftp-proxy.8

fix typo; from semarie
Delta File
+3 -3 usr.sbin/ftp-proxy/ftp-proxy.8
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — gnu/llvm/lib/Target/AArch64 AArch64ISelLowering.cpp AArch64Subtarget.h

Disable the Load Stack Guard for OpenBSD on AArch64.  We don't use it
on any other platform and it causes a segfault in combination with our
IR Stack Guard.

"looks reasonable" kettenis@
"looks good to me" stefan@

OpenBSD — gnu/usr.bin/clang Makefile, gnu/usr.bin/clang/clang Makefile

Update clang build infrastructure for LLVM 3.9.1

"go ahead" kettenis@
"just go ahead" deraadt@
"sounds good to me" stefan@

OpenBSD — gnu/llvm Makefile.rules Makefile.config.in, gnu/llvm/autoconf configure.ac config.sub

Merge LLVM 3.9.1

OpenBSD — gnu/llvm configure CMakeLists.txt, gnu/llvm/bindings/go/llvm target.go executionengine_test.go

Import LLVM 3.9.1 including clang and lld.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cmd-kill-pane.c

killp -a should not kill the window if only one pane.
Delta File
+8 -10 usr.bin/tmux/cmd-kill-pane.c
+8 -10 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/doas doas.c

add a geteuid check to make sure we're root before plowing into setauth.
spare some debugging effort in case doas is not installed setuid.
Delta File
+4 -1 usr.bin/doas/doas.c
+4 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/ftp fetch.c

HTTPS proxy support for ftp-ssl.

The install media already allow for plaintext HTTP proxying.  The code
to support CONNECT is short enough.  Reported/fix tested by rpe@,  ok
Delta File
+6 -8 usr.bin/ftp/fetch.c
+6 -8 1 file

OpenBSD — regress/sys/net/pflow ifconfig.ok ifconfig.sh

It's not longer a syntax error to provide a flowdst without a port
number. Drop argument altogether to provoke a syntax error.

OpenBSD — regress/sys/net/pflow ifconfig.sh ifconfig.ok

Remove priority line, ifconfig(8) prints the interface index on the
same line and that changes on every interface creation, messing up the
diff to ifconfig.ok

OpenBSD — sys/dev/acpi dsdt.c acpi.c

Revert aml_rdpciaddr changes; breaks several machines that were working
Delta File
+17 -17 sys/dev/acpi/dsdt.c
+13 -9 sys/dev/acpi/acpi.c
+30 -26 2 files

OpenBSD — sys/arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

Move a splx() in pmap_enter() to handle all return paths.
ok patrick@
Delta File
+2 -3 sys/arch/arm64/arm64/pmap.c
+2 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/arm64/dev simplebus.c

In comparison to armv7, our arm64 port passes the bus space tag as
first argument instead of the bus space cookie.
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/arch/arm64/dev/simplebus.c
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/amd64/conf GENERIC, sys/arch/i386/conf GENERIC

Enable vmmci(4)

OK mlarkin@

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/vmctl vmctl.8, usr.sbin/vmd vmd.c vmd.h

Make it possible to remove VMs from vmd(8)'s internal queue.

The semantics agreed with reyk@ are:

 * ad-hoc created vms, created  with `vmctl start`, are removed once stopped.
 * Stopped VMs defined in a config file are flushed before a `vmctl reload`.

OK reyk@

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/bgpctl parser.c bgpctl.8, usr.sbin/bgpd session.c bgpd.8

Add support for draft-ietf-idr-shutdown

    BGP state = Idle, marked down with shutdown reason "goodbye, we are
    upgrading to openbsd 6.1", down for 00:00:17

developed by Peter van Dijk <peter.van.dijk at powerdns.com> and Job
Snijders <job at ntt.net>, thank you!

OK benno@

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/traceroute traceroute.c traceroute.h

traceroute never sees a timeout when poll(2) returns when it receives
a packet not intended for us. E.g. a ping(8) is running in parallel.
In this case we need to account for the time we already waited.

Pointed out by Gabriel Nieto <gabnietof AT gmail>, thanks!

Looks good to and input millert@

OpenBSD — distrib/sets/lists/comp mi

Delta File
+1 -0 distrib/sets/lists/comp/mi
+1 -0 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 identcpu.c, sys/arch/amd64/include specialreg.h

Disable and lock Silicon Debug feature on modern Intel CPUs

This implements one of the countermeasures against using Direct
Connect Interface (DCI) to debug CPUs via USB3 mentioned in the
"Tapping into the core" talk at the 33c3: identify and disable
the Silicon Debug feature found in Haswell and newer CPUs.

ok mlarkin, deraadt

OpenBSD — lib/libtls tls.c

Delta File
+3 -3 lib/libtls/tls.c
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — share/man/man4 vmmci.4

tweak previous;
Delta File
+3 -4 share/man/man4/vmmci.4
+3 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — regress/sys/arch/hppa/probe probe.c, regress/sys/arch/hppa/sfuid sfuid.c

Let these hppa-specific tests print "SKIPPED" on non-hppa architectures.
Include some missing header files while I'm there.

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/vmd virtio.c

I accidentally committed three lines from the future.
Delta File
+1 -4 usr.sbin/vmd/virtio.c
+1 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/vmctl vmctl.8

Mention attempted graceful shutdown and vmmci(4)
Delta File
+5 -2 usr.sbin/vmctl/vmctl.8
+5 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/vmd virtio.c vmm.c

Add host side of vmmci(4) to vmd(8).

It currently uses the device to request graceful shutdown of a VM on
"vmctl stop myvm" but will be extended for reboot and a other edge cases.

OK mlarkin@

OpenBSD — share/man/man4 vmmci.4 Makefile

Add vmmci(4) manpage
Delta File
+58 -0 share/man/man4/vmmci.4
+2 -2 share/man/man4/Makefile
+60 -2 2 files

OpenBSD — sys/arch/amd64/conf GENERIC, sys/arch/i386/conf GENERIC

Add vmmci(4) (VMM control interface), a simple guest-side driver for vmm(4) VMs

While we don't have ACPI in vmm(4), we need a simple way to shutdown
and reboot VMs gracefully but the device also allows to add more
direct communications between host and guest later.

OK mlarkin@

OpenBSD — sys/dev/pci pcidevs_data.h pcidevs.h


OpenBSD — sys/dev/pci pcidevs

Add PCI ID for vmm control interface

OK mlarkin@
Delta File
+2 -1 sys/dev/pci/pcidevs
+2 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/conf files

Always compile the mira code if net80211 is included.
Should unbreak the tree on many platforms broken since athn(4) 11n commit.
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/conf/files
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

Call pmap_pte_update() where the vp lookup has already been done
before.  Additionally, simplify pmap_clear_reference() to call
pmap_pte_insert() instead of doing it itself.
Delta File
+8 -13 sys/arch/arm64/arm64/pmap.c
+8 -13 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

Some code already does a vp lookup, so there's no need to call
pmap_pte_insert() which does the same thing again.  Instead, split
the function into two parts, so that those that don't need another
lookup can simply call pmap_pte_update().
Delta File
+23 -23 sys/arch/arm64/arm64/pmap.c
+23 -23 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/arch/arm64/arm64 pmap.c

Rename pte_{insert,remove} to pmap_pte_{insert,remove} to better
fit into the grand scheme of things.
Delta File
+14 -14 sys/arch/arm64/arm64/pmap.c
+14 -14 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux style.c options.c

options_get_style return const too.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux status.c cmd-new-session.c

Make options_get_string return const string.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cmd-detach-client.c server-client.c

Add -E to detach-client to exec a command to replace the client instead
of exiting it, useful if tmux wasn't exec'd itself. From Jenna Magius.

OpenBSD — sys/arch/alpha/alpha machdep.c, sys/arch/arm/arm arm32_machdep.c

Ansify cpu_sysctl() on alpha, arm, arm64, luna88k and sparc64.

OK mpi@

OpenBSD — sys/net pfkeyv2.c pfkey.c

Remove recursive splsoftnet() but use splsoftassert() instead.

Tested by Hrvoje Popovski, ok bluhm@
Delta File
+19 -60 sys/net/pfkeyv2.c
+3 -5 sys/net/pfkey.c
+22 -65 2 files

OpenBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 vmm.c, sys/arch/i386/i386 vmm.c

SVM/RVI: vm_impl_init_svm implementation, create pmap for RVI VMs

OpenBSD — sys/arch/amd64/include vmmvar.h, sys/arch/i386/include vmmvar.h

Starting to merge my old AMD SVM/RVI tree, piece by piece.

SVM/RVI: VMCB structure definitions for amd64/i386

OpenBSD — regress/sys Makefile, regress/sys/kern Makefile

Make mount points and makefiles for file system tests consistent.
Link tests to the build.

OpenBSD — regress/sys/ffs Makefile README, regress/sys/ffs/ffs Makefile

Run the existing tests for FFS also on a NFS mount point.

OpenBSD — regress/sys/nfs mmap-sysctl-copyout.c Makefile

Use a NFS mount via loopback for testing file system operations.
By changing files directly on the server and accessing them on the
client or vice versa, specific kernel behavior can be triggered.
Especially using file mmap(2) over NFS is tested.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/less command.c

Fix the "t" command for the case where we go down by just a few lines:
clear the status before printing content on the last line of the screen.
OK millert@ tom@
Delta File
+1 -0 usr.bin/less/command.c
+1 -0 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/dev/pv xenstore.c

Execute XenStore watch callbacks on a dedicated task queue

Some watch callbacks like xen_hotplug can hog the task queue for
a considerable amount of time due to XenStore interrupt driven
I/O operations and running them on the system task queue causes
problems with other timed operations for instance during boot.

Bug reported and fix tested by ajacoutot@, thanks!
Delta File
+5 -2 sys/dev/pv/xenstore.c
+5 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/dev/ic athn.c, sys/dev/pci if_iwm.c if_iwn.c

Rename ieee80211_mira_node_destroy() to ieee80211_mira_cancel_timeouts().
No functional change.

The previous name was chosen at a time when I could not yet anticipate
what this function would really end up doing.
The new name should make this function's purpose more obvious, especially
where it appears at strategic places in driver code.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/mandoc roff.c

Skipping all escape sequences at the beginning of strings in deroff()
was too aggressive.  There are strings that legitimately begin with
an escape sequence.  Only skip leading escape sequences representing

Bug reported by martijn@.
Delta File
+5 -9 usr.bin/mandoc/roff.c
+5 -9 1 file

OpenBSD — regress/lib/libfuse fuse-opt-add-arg.c fuse-opt-insert-arg.c

Remove more checks testing for empty option strings.

These tests never passed and as recently reported by Helg via
yasuoka@ some fuse plugins depends on this behavior.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/mandoc tree.c mandoc.1

show meta data for -Ttree output
Delta File
+28 -4 usr.bin/mandoc/tree.c
+11 -3 usr.bin/mandoc/mandoc.1
+39 -7 2 files

OpenBSD — regress/sys/ffs run, regress/sys/ffs/tests/chflags 04.t

Print the test description before running each subtest.