NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip a0ec802libxlsxwriter TODO

libxlsxwriter: Installation fails on macOS
+11-01 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 77dd937bcal Makefile DESCR, bcal/patches patch-Makefile

Import bcal

bcal (Byte CALculator) is a REPL CLI utility for storage expressions,
unit conversions or address calculations. If you can't calculate the
hex address offset for (512 - 16) MiB, or the value when the 43rd bit
of a 64-bit address is set mentally, bcal is for you.

It has a bc(1) mode for general-purpose numerical calculations.

Only 64-bit operating systems are supported.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip e52a137sc-im

sc-im: Upstream defines XLUA itself
+0-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 1e0c32asc-im TODO

sc-im: Clarify TODO with findings
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 4b53685sc-im distinfo, sc-im/patches patch-src_Makefile

sc-im: Fix installed file permissions

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 00b99b5sc-im TODO Makefile, sc-im/patches patch-src_Makefile

sc-im: Use

..instead of removing -dl everywhere, potentially brekaing things.

 - whitespace changes
 - not Void Linux (musl-libc) build failure in TODO

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 1578b80exult-snapshot Makefile PLIST

exult-snapshot: update to exult-20181209

This snapshot is up to the latest git commit.

pkgsrc changes: require c++14 and disable tools for now.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 6e752bedosbox-x distinfo Makefile

dosbox-x: update to dosbox-x-0.82.12

  - MinGW HX DOS builds fixed to accept mouse input properly
    even beyond the 640x480 of the original SDL window
    dimensions. HX DOS seems to use the original dimensions
    of the window even if the window is maximized, thus the
    mouse input issue.
  - Configuration GUI fixed not to restore (unmaximize)
    the window, it's unnecessary.
  - New build scripts for Mac OS X, MinGW, and MinGW HX-DOS,
    under build-scripts in the source tree, to help make
    DOSBox-X releases more timely and consistent.
  - MinGW HX DOS builds now use WS_POPUP style instead
    of WS_OVERLAPPED to avoid window caption redraw
    glitches when in Windows XP.
  - MinGW HX DOS builds fixed to force the SDL window
    maximized at all times. Mapper and Configuration GUI
    interfaces fixed not to call on Windows to SW_RESTORE
    the window, in order to keep it maximized.
  - Steel Gun Nyan PIT/Timer hack revised so that polling
    the timer does not cause an interrupt storm. This
    fixes "God of Thunder" MS-DOS game where entering or
    leaving a house causes the Adlib music to play
    REALLY FAST during the transition effect.

    [46 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 9461abf. Makefile, openfodder-data PLIST Makefile

openfodder-data: import openfodder-data-1.5 as wip/openfodder-data

Cannon Fodder is an action-strategy shoot 'em up game developed by
Sensible Software and published by Virgin Interactive.  The game
is military-themed and based on shooting action but with a strategy
game-style control system. The player directs troops through numerous
missions, battling enemy infantry, vehicles and installations.

This is the data for the engine wip/openfodder.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip f2c2eb6openfodder PLIST Makefile, openfodder/patches patch-Source_stdafx.cpp

openfodder: update to openfodder-1.5

pkgsrc changes: make a separate package for the data
No changelog provided.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 364189dlibrsvg TODO

librsvg: one TODO done, one to go
+0-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 11fa106baresip

baresip: depend on ffmpeg4 instead of ffmpeg3
+6-61 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 470537cbaresip distinfo Makefile

baresip: update to baresip-0.6.0

2018-12-01 Alfred E. Heggestad

        * Version 0.6.0

        * GIT URL:
        * GIT tag: v0.6.0
        * NOTE: Requires libre v0.6.0 or later
                Requires librem v0.6.0 or later

        * config:

          opus_complexity  {0-10}        # Encoder's computational complexity
          opus_application {audio, voip} # Encoder's intended application
          sip_cafile       ca.crt        # trusted Certificate Authorities

        * baresip-core:
          - account: added support for per account mwi using
                     ;mwi=on|off addr-param (#530) (thanks Juha Heinanen)
                    per account support for call transfer (#535)
                    (thanks Juha Heinanen)
          - audio: add audio_start()
                  add audio_started()
                  EBU/ACIP invite handler.

    [58 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip b8f733clibrem distinfo Makefile

librem: update to librem-0.6.0

2018-11-24 Alfred E. Heggestad

        * Version 0.6.0

        * Project URL:

        * avc: new module for Advanced Video Coding (AVC)

        * flv: new module for Flash Video File format (FLV)

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 07986felibre distinfo Makefile

libre: update to libre-0.6.0

2018-11-24 Alfred E. Heggestad

        * Version 0.6.0

        * Project URL:

        * build: add major,minor,patch versions to CFLAGS

        * odict: add high-level odict helper functions

        * rtmp: new module for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

        * uri: add uri_decode_hostport

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip ebe7567. Makefile

-gcr, -midori
+0-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 341853fmidori PLIST Makefile

Remove wip/midori after import.

Now www/midori.
Thanks leot@ for the help!

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 3ee1b5agcr PLIST Makefile

Remove wip/gcr after import.

Now security/gcr.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 007f4felibxlsxwriter distinfo, libxlsxwriter/patches patch-Makefile

libxlsxwriter: Add note on upstream PR

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip b9a9561libxlsxwriter Makefile

libxlsxwriter: C++ is only checked for, not used

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 2f0dbd5libxlsxwriter Makefile distinfo, libxlsxwriter/patches patch-Makefile

libxlsxwriter: More upstreamable Makefile patch

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 9b4a87blibxlsxwriter Makefile distinfo, libxlsxwriter/patches patch-Makefile

libxlsxwriter: Add test target

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip f60da65libxls Makefile

libxls: Requires libiconv, declare C++ use

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip f70de95sc-im


Testing revealed that the XLSX export feature actually wasn't built in.
Fixing that in turn showed that the required library wasn't linked in.
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip bd2dff1libxlsxwriter Makefile

libxlsxwriter: Use LFS macros

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 403ba4clibxlsxwriter TODO Makefile

libxlsxwriter: Have minizip use non-64 IO functions

Some platforms have fopen64() and friends but minizip assumes all
non-Apple platforms have them. The alternative is to adjust the check
with every platofrm we find but that seems fragile.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 117eaafdin PLIST Makefile, din/patches

din: Removed and moved to pkgsrc proper.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 9491160. Makefile

din: Removed SUBDIRs entry from Makefile.
+0-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 446b711libxlsxwriter TODO

libxlsxwriter: Add a TODO about implicit declaration of fopen64
+3-01 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 7221919libxls Makefile

libxls: Makefile style
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip cc3c5e8sc-im Makefile

sc-im: Makefile style and tweaks

 - Suggest all options by default (they're small dependencies)

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 5c31486libxlsxwriter Makefile

libxlsxwriter: Use PKGVERSION_NOREV

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 5d153d7sc-im Makefile

sc-im: Uses yacc
+1-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 4e372f8libxls Makefile

Import libxls

C library to extract cell data and some metadata from legacy Microsoft
Excel files.  Also includes an 'xls2csv' tool.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 2194eaclibxlsxwriter PLIST Makefile

Import libxlsxwriter

C library that can be used to write text, numbers, formulas and
hyperlinks to multiple worksheets in a Microsoft Excel 2007+ XLSX file.

It supports features such as full formatting support, merged cells,
defined names, autofilters and charts.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 329268csc-im DESCR

sc-im: Add XLSX writing and XLS reading support

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 88f5f9fswi-prolog-jpl Makefile, swi-prolog-lite PLIST COMMIT_MSG

swi-prolog*: Remove, used to update lang/swi-prolog*

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 912ca78sc-im Makefile

sc-im: Options and other package improvements

 - Options: xlsx (read only), lua
 - TODO for xlsx export and xls import
 - Comments to explain some choices

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 15d2fddsc-im Makefile PLIST, sc-im/patches patch-src_Makefile

Import sc-im

'SC Improved', a curses-based spreadsheet program based on sc.  New
features include undo and redo, colors, sorting, plotting and XLSX

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip d3b8630cliqz PLIST Makefile, cliqz/patches patch-mozilla-release_ipc_glue_CrossProcessSemaphore__posix.cpp patch-mozilla-release_xpcom_build_BinaryPath.h

cliqz: Fixed build in netbsd/amd64.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip da0592dpike8.0

pike8.0: fix path to file (lang -> wip)

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 61791c9pike8.0, pike8.0-Image_TIFF Makefile

pike8.0*: fix path to files (lang -> wip)

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 719336clibvips distinfo Makefile

Bump version to 8.7.2

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 090eb50swi-prolog-jpl Makefile, swi-prolog-lite Makefile

swi-prolog*: swi-prolog is curses agnostic (include

Include generic instead of ncurses bl3: all
curses are gracefully checked in the configure phase.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 1d99d9acompiler-rt-netbsd/patches

compiler-rt-netbsd: Rebase to SVN r. 348747

Merged upstream:
D55471 Add new interceptors for FILE repositioning stream
[compiler-rt] r348744 - Add interceptors for md2(3) from NetBSD
[compiler-rt] r348745 - Add interceptors for the sha2(3) from NetBSD
[compiler-rt] r348747 - Add data types needed for md2(3)/NetBSD interceptors

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip e2c940eswi-prolog-lite distinfo, swi-prolog-lite/patches patch-src_pl-thread.c

swi-prolog-lite: Fix pthread_setname_np() arguments usage

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip a4deaebswi-prolog-lite TODO distinfo, swi-prolog-lite/patches

swi-prolog-lite: Document

(PLBASE is ${PREFIX}/lib/swi-prolog-${PKGVERSION} while @abs_top_builddir@
is a path under ${WRKSRC}.)

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip bd85ccaswi-prolog-lite TODO

swi-prolog-lite: Remove inclusion of ncurses in bl3

Both ncurses and gmp bl3 seems not needed as part of swi-prolog-lite
bl3 (`pkg-config --cflags' and `pkg-config --libs' of swipl also
does not seem to indicate possible needs of them).

Please also note that it is only used by swi-prolog* packages that
already directly include gmp and ncurses bl3.

Remove corresponding entries in the TODO.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 5e4b164bareos Makefile, proxychains-ng Makefile

Removed commented-out PKGREVISIONs

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 822d79emidori COMMIT_MSG

midori: Add a possible COMMIT_MSG

(I think that it is mostly ready to be used to update www/midori.)
+24-01 files