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FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin Makefile sesutil, head/usr.sbin/sesutil sesutil.c sesutil.8

Add a new sesutil(8) utility

This is an utility for managing SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) device.

For now only one command is supported "locate" which will change the test of the
external LED associated to a given disk.

Usage if the following:
sesutil locate disk [on|off]

Disk can be a device name: "da12" or a special keyword: "all".

Reviewed by:        mav
MFC after:        1 month
Relnotes:        yes
Sponsored by:        gandi.net
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3544
Delta File
+225 -0 head/usr.sbin/sesutil/sesutil.c
+73 -0 head/usr.sbin/sesutil/sesutil.8
+6 -0 head/usr.sbin/sesutil/Makefile
+1 -0 head/usr.sbin/Makefile
+0 -0 head/usr.sbin/sesutil/
+305 -0 5 files

FreeBSD — head/share/misc organization.dot

Update ports-secteam roster

Approved by:        delphij
Delta File
+1 -1 head/share/misc/organization.dot
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/mips/rmi iodi.c files.xlr, head/sys/mips/rmi/dev/nlge if_nlge.c

Remove rge driver from Broadcom XLR

nlge(4) is supposed to deprecate rge(4) for Broadcom XLR when it was
introduced 5 years ago.

rge doesn't build on -CURRENT due to MII changes. All the XLR kernel confs
use nlge. Let's get rid of the old driver for FreeBSD 11. We can use
10-STABLE or SVN to go back and look at the old driver if needed.

Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3339
Submitted by:        kevin.bowling at kev009.com

FreeBSD — head/sys/dev/mii miidevs brgphy.c

Add more BCM gigabit PHYs

Gleaned from a public header file. 5402 and 5404 look like they may be
used on embedded devices. 5478 and 5488 are switch PHYs. 5754 change is just
to note a product alias.

Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3338
Submitted by:        kevin.bowling at kev009.com

FreeBSD — head/sys/dev/e1000 if_em.c if_em.h

em(4): Add Skylake/I219 support.
- driver rev 7.5.2
- use new functions em_flush* for i219 devices

Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3163
Submitted by:        erj jfv
Reviewed by:        jfv
MFC after:        1 month
Relnotes:        Yes
Sponsored by:        Intel Corporation

FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin/ntp config.h

Turn on RAWDCF by default.

Suggested by:        ian
Approved by:        roberto
MFC after:        1 week
Delta File
+1 -1 head/usr.sbin/ntp/config.h
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/dev/e1000 e1000_ich8lan.c e1000_nvm.c

e1000: Shared code updates
-    Fix compiler warning in 80003es2lan.c
-    Add return value handler for e1000_*_kmrn_reg_80003es2lan
-    Fix usage of DEBUGOUT
-    Remove unnecessary variable initializations.
-    Removed unused variables (complaints from gcc).
-    Edit defines in 82571.h.
-    Add workaround for igb hw errata.
-    Shared code changes for Skylake/I219 support.
-    Remove unused OBFF and LTR functions.

Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3162
Submitted by:        erj
MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        Intel Corporation

FreeBSD — head/secure/libexec/sftp-server Makefile, head/secure/libexec/ssh-keysign Makefile

Remove remnant from USEPRIVATELIB removal

Sponsored by:        gandi.net

FreeBSD — head/sys/dev/e1000 if_igb.c if_igb.h

igb(4): Update and fix HW errata
- HW errata workaround for IPv6 offload w/ extension headers
- Edited start of if_igb.c (Device IDs / #includes) to match ixgbe/ixl

Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3165
Submitted by:        erj
MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        Intel Corporation
Delta File
+57 -145 head/sys/dev/e1000/if_igb.c
+60 -5 head/sys/dev/e1000/if_igb.h
+117 -150 2 files

FreeBSD — projects/ifnet/sys/netinet if_ether.c in.c, projects/ifnet/sys/netinet6 nd6.c in6.c

Fix compilation failures after head/ merge.

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.sbin/binmiscctl binmiscctl.c

MFC r277853

Check for invalid length or more than max length for the interpreter, instead
of the validity of the string pointer holding the interpreter.

Submitted by:        sson

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/x86/include specialreg.h, stable/10/sys/x86/x86 identcpu.c

MFC r276834

Update Features2 to display SDBG capability of processor.  This is
showing up on Haswell-class CPUs

From the Intel SDM, "Table 3-20. Feature Information Returned in the
ECX Register"

11 | SDBG | A value of 1 indicates the processor supports
IA32_DEBUG_INTERFACE MSR for silicon debug.

Submitted by:        jiashiun at gmail.com

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/ixgbe if_ix.c

MFC r286238

A misplaced #endif in ixgbe_ioctl() causes interface MTU to become
zero when INET and INET6 are undefined.

PR:                162028
Submitted by:        hoomanfazaeli at gmail.com pluknet
Delta File
+3 -3 stable/10/sys/dev/ixgbe/if_ix.c
+3 -3 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/netinet tcp_subr.c tcp_var.h

Make tcp_mtudisc() static and void. No functional changes.

Sponsored by:        Nginx, Inc.

FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin/ctld kernel.c

Another addition to r287455.
Delta File
+0 -1 head/usr.sbin/ctld/kernel.c
+0 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin/ctladm ctladm.c

Addition to r287455.
Delta File
+0 -1 head/usr.sbin/ctladm/ctladm.c
+0 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/netinet sctp_output.c

Don't leak memory in an error case.

MFC after:        1 week
Delta File
+5 -0 head/sys/netinet/sctp_output.c
+5 -0 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/netinet sctputil.c

Add a NULL pointer check to silence the clang code analyzer.

MFC after:        1 week
Delta File
+3 -0 head/sys/netinet/sctputil.c
+3 -0 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/cam/ctl ctl_backend_block.h ctl_backend_block.c

Remove some dead code.

FreeBSD — head/contrib/file/src readelf.c

Fix build.
Delta File
+1 -1 head/contrib/file/src/readelf.c
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/contrib/file configure ChangeLog, head/contrib/file/magic/Magdir elf make

MFV r287451 + 287452: file 5.24 + fix for bin/181436.

PR:                181436
MFC after:        2 weeks

FreeBSD — vendor/file/dist/magic/Magdir make

Apply vendor changeset e64bdc5 to address FreeBSD bin/181436.
Delta File
+11 -5 vendor/file/dist/magic/Magdir/make
+11 -5 1 file

FreeBSD — vendor/file 5.24

Tag file 5.24.
Delta File
+0 -0 vendor/file/5.24/
+0 -0 1 file

FreeBSD — vendor/file/dist configure ChangeLog, vendor/file/dist/magic/Magdir elf map

Vendor import of file 5.24.

FreeBSD — stable/10/release Makefile.vagrant

MFC r287368:
 Remove '-' separating OSRELEASE and SNAPSHOT_DATE for vagrant
 builds, and prepend it to SNAPSHOT_DATE to prevent a trailing '-'
 in the final box name for a release build.

Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — head/tests/sys/vm mmap_test.c

Add more mmap tests related to character devices.
- Add cdev-related tests for bad args.
- Add two simple tests cases for mapping /dev/zero that test for
  MAP_ANON-like behavior.

Reviewed by:        alc, kib
MFC after:        1 week
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3323
Delta File
+103 -8 head/tests/sys/vm/mmap_test.c
+103 -8 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/9/usr.bin/bluetooth/btsockstat btsockstat.c

MFC r287345:

Drop group privileges after opening the kvm descriptor, otherwise, the code
would not drop privileges as expected.

While there also add checks for the drop and bail out immediately if we

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.bin/bluetooth/btsockstat btsockstat.c

MFC r287345:

Drop group privileges after opening the kvm descriptor, otherwise, the code
would not drop privileges as expected.

While there also add checks for the drop and bail out immediately if we

FreeBSD — head/bin/setfacl setfacl.1, head/lib/libc/posix1e acl_add_flag_np.3 acl_support_nfs4.c

Expose an interface to determine if an ACE is inherited.

Submitted by:        sef
Reviewed by:        trasz
MFC after:        2 weeks
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3540

FreeBSD — head/sys/netinet sctp_input.c

Fix a bug where two SHUTDOWN_ACK chunks were sent if a SHUTDOWN chunk was
received acking all outstanding data.
Delta File
+15 -10 head/sys/netinet/sctp_input.c
+15 -10 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/etc/mtree BSD.tests.dist

Put timeout directory in correct place

FreeBSD — head/lib/libprocstat libprocstat.c, head/lib/libutil kinfo_getfile.c

Detect badly behaved coredump note helpers

Coredump notes depend on being able to invoke dump routines twice; once
in a dry-run mode to get the size of the note, and another to actually
emit the note to the corefile.

When a note helper emits a different length section the second time
around than the length it requested the first time, the kernel produces
a corrupt coredump.

NT_PROCSTAT_FILES output length, when packing kinfo structs, is tied to
the length of filenames corresponding to vnodes in the process' fd table
via vn_fullpath.  As vnodes may move around during dump, this is racy.


 - Detect badly behaved notes in putnote() and pad underfilled notes.

 - Add a fail point, debug.fail_point.fill_kinfo_vnode__random_path to
   exercise the NT_PROCSTAT_FILES corruption.  It simply picks random
   lengths to expand or truncate paths to in fo_fill_kinfo_vnode().

 - Add a sysctl, kern.coredump_pack_fileinfo, to allow users to
   disable kinfo packing for PROCSTAT_FILES notes.  This should avoid
   both FILES note corruption and truncation, even if filenames change,

    [16 lines not shown]

FreeBSD — stable/10/etc/mtree BSD.tests.dist, stable/10/usr.sbin/fstyp Makefile tests

MFC r286964

Add ATF functional tests for fstyp(8).  No ZFS or GELI tests yet.
Delta File
+6 -0 stable/10/usr.sbin/fstyp/Makefile
+2 -0 stable/10/etc/mtree/BSD.tests.dist
+0 -0 stable/10/usr.sbin/fstyp/tests/
+8 -0 3 files

FreeBSD — head/sys/ofed/include/linux linux_compat.c mm.h

Currently the Linux character device mmap handling only supports mmap
operations that map a single page that has an associated vm_page_t.
This does not permit mapping larger regions (such as a PCI memory
BAR) and it does not permit mapping addresses beyond the top of RAM
(such as a 64-bit BAR located above the top of RAM).

Instead of using a single OBJT_DEVICE object and passing the physaddr via
the offset as a hack, create a new sglist and OBJT_SG object for each
mmap request. The requested memory attribute is applied to the object
thus affecting all pages mapped by the request.

Reviewed by:        hselasky, np
MFC after:        1 week
Sponsored by:        Chelsio
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3386

FreeBSD — stable/10/lib/libutil kinfo_getallproc.3 kinfo_getfile.3, stable/9/lib/libutil kinfo_getallproc.3 kinfo_getfile.3

MFC 283622:
Add <sys/user.h> to the SYNOPSIS of the kinfo_get*() functions since these
functions all return types that are defined in that header.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/kern init_main.c

MFC: r287183, r287264, r287265

Export kern.features.invariants when kernel is compiled with invariants.
Delta File
+4 -0 stable/10/sys/kern/init_main.c
+4 -0 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/dev/ciss ciss.c

r249170 was just plain wrong.  The effect of the change is to always
delete a logic volume on status change which is NOT what we want here.

The original code is correct in that when the volume changes status
the driver will only delete the volume if the status is one of the
fatal errors.  A drive failure in a mirrored volume is NOT a situtation
where the volume should dissapear.

Reported on freebsd-scsi@:

MFC after:        3 days
Delta File
+3 -5 head/sys/dev/ciss/ciss.c
+3 -5 1 file

FreeBSD — head/share/mk bsd.port.mk bsd.port.subdir.mk

Avoid sub-shell for realpath(1) for bmake by using its built-in :tA.

MFC after:        2 weeks
Approved by:        portmgr (implicit)

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/ipmi ipmi.c ipmi_smic.c, stable/9/sys/dev/ipmi ipmi.c ipmi_kcs.c

MFC 281941:
Watchdog drivers need to support rearming the watchdog in contexts which
are not permitted to sleep.  Only use the IPMI watchdog with backends
which poll driver-initiated requests to meet this requirement.

In practice this means that watchdogs will no longer be used on systems
that use the SSIF backend.

FreeBSD — stable/9/sys/dev/ipmi ipmi_isa.c ipmi_smic.c

MFC 248705,253812,253813:
- Unlock IPMI sc while performing requests via KCS and SMIC interfaces.
- empirical testing showed that 3 seconds is just too slow for GET_DEVICE_ID
  to return on newer Dell hardware.  Bump to 6 second timeouts until someone
  has a better idea on how to handle this
- Check for ipmi_attached in ipmi_isa_probe as a suggested alternative to
  ipmi_isa_attach.  This keeps unintended but harmless noise about "ipmi1"
  from appearing in the boot up sequence.

FreeBSD — head/sys/cam/ctl ctl.c ctl_error.c

Small UA cleanup.

FreeBSD — head/sys/cam/ctl ctl.c

Fix copy-paste bug introduced in r275458.

MFC after:        3 days
Delta File
+1 -1 head/sys/cam/ctl/ctl.c
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin/ctld ctld.8, head/usr.sbin/iscsid iscsid.8

Use proper term in the ctld(8) and iscsid(8) man pages.

MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin/ctld ctl.conf.5

Simplify the introductory example in ctl.conf(5) down to absolute
basics.  The more complicated cases - like how to use physical
ports - are explained later, in the "EXAMPLES" section.

MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation
Delta File
+1 -7 head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctl.conf.5
+1 -7 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sbin/dumpfs dumpfs.8

The dumpfs(8) utility doesn't actually use disktab(5); remove it
from "SEE ALSO".

MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation
Delta File
+0 -1 head/sbin/dumpfs/dumpfs.8
+0 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/lib/libc/posix1e acl_strip.c

Fix acl_strip_np(3) breakage introduced in r279962.

MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation
Delta File
+11 -9 head/lib/libc/posix1e/acl_strip.c
+11 -9 1 file

FreeBSD — head/lib/libc/posix1e acl_init.c

Fix the way acl_init(3) uses posix_memalign(3) - the latter doesn't
set errno.

MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation
Delta File
+3 -1 head/lib/libc/posix1e/acl_init.c
+3 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — head/usr.bin/ypcat ypcat.1, head/usr.bin/ypmatch ypmatch.1

Rename YP to NIS in the manpages.

Approved by:                bapt (mentor)
Differential Revision:        D3555

FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin/yppoll yppoll.c yppoll.8

Sync with the latest code from OpenBSD.

Approved by:                rodrigc (mentor)
Differential Revision:        D3550