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pkgsrc — emulators/libretro-dolphin MESSAGE, emulators/libretro-ppsspp MESSAGE

retroarch: Disable PaX MPROTECT to make users' lives easier.

Update MESSAGEs for cores accordingly.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-pkgsrc-2018Q3

ticket #5841
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+4 -1 doc/CHANGES-pkgsrc-2018Q3
+4 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — lang/rust Makefile

Pullup ticket #5841 - requested by ryo
lang/rust: build fix

Revisions pulled up:
- lang/rust/Makefile                                            1.53

   Module Name:        pkgsrc
   Committed By:        ryoon
   Date:                Sun Oct  7 23:12:49 UTC 2018

   Modified Files:
           pkgsrc/lang/rust: Makefile

   Log Message:
   Try to fix "warning: duplicate script for target "pre-build" ignored"

   To generate a diff of this commit:
   cvs rdiff -u -r1.52 -r1.53 pkgsrc/lang/rust/Makefile
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+12 -3 lang/rust/Makefile
+12 -3 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Added emulators/libretro-dolphin version 20180827
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — emulators Makefile, emulators/libretro-dolphin Makefile distinfo

libretro-dolphin: import version 20180827

Libretro is a simple but powerful development interface that allows for
the easy creation of emulators, games and multimedia applications that
can plug straight into any libretro-compatible frontend. This development
interface is open to others so that they can run these pluggable emulator
and game cores also in their own programs or devices.

Dolphin is a Nintendo GameCube and Wii emulator with high compatibility
across the majority of titles for both platforms.

pkgsrc — wm/sawfish Makefile

Homepage has moved, bump revision.
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+3 -3 wm/sawfish/Makefile
+3 -3 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated security/ocaml-safepass to 3.0
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — security/ocaml-safepass PLIST distinfo

Updated security/ocaml-safepass to version 3.0.

Changes include:
- use jbuilder for building
- allow picking different versions of Bcrypt hashes
- use unbuffered IO to read only required number of bytes from /dev/urandom

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Note update of lang/rust to 1.29.1nb2.
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — lang/rust Makefile distinfo, lang/rust/files gcc-wrap

Add pointers to (so far untested) bootstrap kits for sparc64 and earmv7hf.

Prepare wrapper script handling for use of clang (not yet fully verified).

Adjust the cross-compiler wrapper script to improve the handling
when used as the linker:
 * Insert "linker tweaks" before first -L or -l
 * Handle "-L arg" style as well as "-Larg"
 * Add "-Wl,-rpath-link" to the linker tweaks just to be sure...

Delta File
+76 -29 lang/rust/files/gcc-wrap
+31 -5 lang/rust/Makefile
+25 -9 lang/rust/distinfo
+132 -43 3 files

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated security/py-libtaxii, www/py-django-contrib-comments
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+3 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+3 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — www/py-django-contrib-comments distinfo Makefile

py-django-contrib-comments: updated to 1.9.0

Added testing for Python 3.6.
Confirmed support for Django 2.0 and 2.1.
Dropped support for Django < 1.11.
ip_address is set to None when REMOTE_ADDR is empty

pkgsrc — security/py-libtaxii PLIST Makefile

py-libtaxii: updated to 1.1.111

Version 1.1.111:
Update clients.py to work with Python 2.6, 3.3, 3.5, and 3.6.
Add Python 3.6 support.
Handle Unicode- and byte-strings consistently.
Add timeout parameter to call_taxii_service2 (@mbekavac)
Add support for STIX 1.2.
Add user_agent parameter to call_taxii_service2

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

    Updated devel/py-ZopeEvent, devel/py-ZopeSchema, devel/py-ZopeI18NMessageid, 
devel/py-ZopeConfiguration, devel/py-ZopeComponent
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+6 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+6 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — devel/py-ZopeComponent PLIST distinfo

py-ZopeComponent: updated to 4.5

- Add support for Python 3.7.
- Always install zope.hookable as a dependency (the hook
  extra is now empty). zope.hookable respects the PURE_PYTHON
  environment variable, and has an optional C extension.
- Make accessing names that have been moved to zope.interface
  produce a DeprecationWarning.

pkgsrc — devel/py-ZopeConfiguration PLIST distinfo

py-ZopeConfiguration: updated to 4.3.0

- Simplify exception chaining and nested exception error messages.

- Fix GlobalObject (and GlobalInterface) no longer allowing
  multiple leading dots.

- Add __all__ to all modules listing the documented members of
  the module. Note that this is currently a broad list and may be
  reduced in the future.

- Fix GlobalObject (and GlobalInterface) no longer allowing
  just a single '.'.

- Reach 100% automated test coverage.

- Add support for Python 3.7.

- Drop support for Python 3.3 and remove internal compatibility
  functions needed to support it.

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pkgsrc — devel/py-ZopeI18NMessageid distinfo Makefile

py-ZopeI18NMessageid: updated to 4.2

- Fix the possibility of a rare crash in the C extension when deallocating items.
- Drop support for Python 3.3.
- Add support for Python 3.7.

pkgsrc — devel/py-ZopeSchema distinfo Makefile

py-ZopeSchema: updated to 4.9.3

- Fixed a ReST error in getDoc() results when having "subfields"
  with titles.

- Make sure that the title for IObject.validate_invariants is a unicode

- Fix SimpleTerm token for non-ASCII bytes values.

- Make NativeString and NativeStringLine distinct types that
  implement the newly-distinct interfaces INativeString and
  INativeStringLine. Previously these were just aliases for either
  Text (on Python 3) or Bytes (on Python 2).
- Fix Field.getDoc() when value_type or key_type is
  present. Previously it could produce ReST that generated Sphinx
- Make DottedName accept leading underscores for each segment.
- Add PythonIdentifier, which accepts one segment of a dotted
  name, e.g., a python variable or class.

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pkgsrc — devel/py-ZopeEvent distinfo Makefile

py-ZopeEvent: updated to 4.4

Add support for Python 3.7

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated devel/py-logbook, net/py-py3dns
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+3 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+3 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — net/py-py3dns Makefile distinfo

py-py3dns: updated to 3.2.0

* Rename internal use of async since it is a reserved word in python3.7
* Switch from distutils to setuptools
* Ship test.py in the tarball

pkgsrc — devel/py-logbook distinfo Makefile

py-logbook: updated to 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1
- Fixed deprecated regular expression pattern
- Fixed TimedRotatingFileHandler rotation

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated chat/py-hangups to 0.4.6
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — chat/py-hangups distinfo Makefile, chat/py-hangups/patches patch-setup.py

py-hangups: Update chat/py-hangups to 0.4.6

- raise maximum supported protobuf version
- choose 2FA method automatically when several methods are available

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated devel/py-cython, devel/py-freezegun
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+3 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+3 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — devel/py-freezegun Makefile distinfo

py-freezegun: updated to 0.3.11

* Performance improvements
* Fix nesting time.time
* Add nanosecond property

pkgsrc — devel/py-cython PLIST Makefile, devel/py-cython/patches patch-runtests.py

    py-cython: updated to 0.29
    Features added
    PEP-489 multi-phase module initialisation has been enabled again. Module reloads in 
other subinterpreters raise an exception to prevent corruption of the static module state.
    A set of mypy compatible PEP-484 declarations were added for Cython’s C data types to 
integrate with static analysers in typed Python code. They are available in the 
Cython/Shadow.pyi module and describe the types in the special cython module that can be 
used for typing in Python code.
    Memoryviews are supported in PEP-484/526 style type declarations.
    @cython.nogil is supported as a C-function decorator in Python code.
    Raising exceptions from nogil code will automatically acquire the GIL, instead of 
requiring an explicit with gil block.
    C++ functions can now be declared as potentially raising both C++ and Python 
exceptions, so that Cython can handle both correctly.
    cython.inline() supports a direct language_level keyword argument that was previously 
only available via a directive.
    A new language level name 3str was added that mostly corresponds to language level 3, 
but keeps unprefixed string literals as type ‘str’ in both Py2 and Py3, and the builtin 
‘str’ type unchanged. This will become the default in the next Cython release and is meant 
to help user code a) transition more easily to this new default and b) migrate to Python 3 
source code semantics without making support for Python 2.x difficult.

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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

correct my login name, thanks leot.
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+2 -2 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated lang/perl5 to 5.28.0nb2
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — lang/perl5 Makefile distinfo, lang/perl5/patches patch-caretx.c

lang/perl5: $^X fallback work when platform-specific technique fails

Apply 03b94aa47e981af3c7b0118bfb11facda2b95251 from upstream make $^X
fallback work when platform-specific technique fails.


pkgsrc — emulators/libretro-cap32 Makefile

libretro-cap32: use c99.
Delta File
+2 -1 emulators/libretro-cap32/Makefile
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated x11/slim to 1.3.6nb2
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — x11/slim Makefile distinfo, x11/slim/patches patch-slim.conf

slim: do replace PREFIX (+= vs =) in slim.conf
don't pass -noretro because unmodified xorg doesn't support this and
errors out (this happens with pkgsrc xorg, netbsd base xorg is undoing
a commit to support it)


pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Mention addition of sysutils/u-boot-de0-nanosoc version 2018.05
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — sysutils Makefile, sysutils/u-boot Makefile

Glue in u-boot-de0-nanosoc
Delta File
+2 -1 sysutils/Makefile
+2 -1 sysutils/u-boot/Makefile
+4 -2 2 files

pkgsrc — sysutils/u-boot-de0-nanosoc Makefile DESCR

Add Altera DE0 NanoSoC u-boot

pkgsrc — devel/go-tools Makefile PLIST

Move analyze into $GOTOOLDIR.

This means it does not pollute the command namespace, and you can call it
as "go tool analyze".

Needs v1.19 of lang/go/go-package.mk.
Delta File
+8 -1 devel/go-tools/Makefile
+2 -2 devel/go-tools/PLIST
+10 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — lang/go go-package.mk

Correct definition of GOTOOLDIR, remove PREFIX.

GOTOOLDIR was not updated to use the versioned go directories.
Delta File
+2 -2 lang/go/go-package.mk
+2 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — doc TODO

doc/TODO: + squid-4.3

+ squid-4.3.
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/TODO
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated emulators/libretro-mupen64plus to 20181013
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — emulators/libretro-mupen64plus distinfo Makefile, emulators/libretro-mupen64plus/patches patch-GLideN64_src_Log.cpp

libretro-mupen64plus: update to 20181013


* pkgsrc patch upstreamed.
* HLE RSP updated.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated emulators/libretro-gambatte to 20181013
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — emulators/libretro-gambatte distinfo Makefile, emulators/libretro-gambatte/patches patch-libgambatte_libretro_net__serial.cpp

libretro-gambatte: Update to 20181013.


* pkgsrc patch accepted upstream.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

    Updated www/py-django-admin-rangefilter, devel/py-ruamel-yaml, 
Delta File
+4 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+4 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — devel/py-ruamel-yaml PLIST distinfo

    py-ruamel-yaml: updated to 0.15.72
    - fix regression on explicit 1.1 loading with the C based scanner/parser
    - fix regression on explicit 1.1 loading with the C based scanner/parser
    - fix regression where handcrafted CommentedMaps could not be initiated
    - fix regression with non-root literal scalars that needed indent indicator
    - tag:yaml.org,2002:python/object/apply now also uses __qualname__ on PY3
    - reverted CommentedMap and CommentedSeq to subclass ordereddict resp. list,
      reimplemented merge maps so that both dict(**commented_map_instance) and JSON
      dumping works. This also allows checking with isinstance() on dict resp. list.
    - fix issue with dump_all gobbling end-of-document comments on parsing
    - fix issue with parsabel, but incorrect output with nested flow-style sequences
    - fix issue with loading Python objects that have __setstate__ and recursion in 

    [83 lines not shown]

pkgsrc — devel/py-typing-extensions distinfo Makefile

py-typing-extensions: updated to 3.6.6

Sync with Python 3.6.6

pkgsrc — www/py-django-admin-rangefilter distinfo Makefile

py-django-admin-rangefilter: updated to 0.3.8

- Compatibility Django 2.1

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated net/py-scp, textproc/py-jsbeautifier
Delta File
+3 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+3 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — textproc/py-jsbeautifier distinfo Makefile

py-jsbeautifier: updated to 1.8.7

Unknown changes

pkgsrc — net/py-scp distinfo Makefile

py-scp: updated to 0.12.1

Fix progress callback failing when it is an instance or class method

Fix README.rst for PyPI
Add possibility of getting the peer IP and port from the progress callback
Make putfo() work with file-like objects that don't provide getvalue()
Delta File
+5 -5 net/py-scp/distinfo
+2 -2 net/py-scp/Makefile
+7 -7 2 files